Power of Praise Epic POWERFUL Praise | Christian Motivation Sermon Praising God When it Hurts

rooting for my team three and thirteen
when they were three and thirteen 1998 I believe Ray Rhodes was the coach we had
you had to be a real fan to be able to stick through those times and I did when
we got to the point just a couple years ago they Super Bowl champions
thirteen and three thirteen and three was their record and so they went from
that three and thirteen to the thirteen and three and I wouldn’t let you know
that I’ve been rooting for my team even when they were bad what happens in the
three or thirteen season after the season it whatever sport you you watch
or whatever it might be maybe your team lost and is out of it maybe it’s
basketball whatever it is your team lost they’re out of it and there’s always
that that period afterwards where there’s this word that starts with an H
that comes in I mean I’m talking about if you were real fan if you’re a real
fan that’s why you hope you you hope they’re gonna pick the right person in
the lottery you hope they’re gonna pick the right people you hope they’re gonna
get the right free agent you you are hoping in your team and if you’re a true
fan that hope doesn’t go away that even when things are down and when things
look bleak you still hold on to hope
and I’m thinking and I was looking at this in the Bible in Psalm 137 Psalm 137
is a psalm that is talking about the Babylonian captivity he says by the
rivers of Babylon there we sat down we wept when we remembered Zion and we hung
our harps upon the Willows and in the midst of it for there those who carried
us captive required of us a song and those who plundered us were pirate of us
mirth saying sing us the songs of Zion and then he said how shall we sing the
Lord’s song in a foreign land how shall we sing the Lord’s song in a
foreign land I emphasized in here that they hung up their harps on the Willows
you remember Judah was taken into captivity Babylonians they came in and
they pillaged everything they tore down the temple they tore down the walls they
tore down establishments and things that that were there probably from their
youth and this is probably a song of one of the
temple worshipers and it says that this temple worship her person who
consistently worship and praise God matter of fact that was their profession
they hung up their harvests they put it up saying look I have no song in my
heart I have no ability to praise because of the circumstances that are
around they said how can we sing a song of the Lord
in a foreign plane what I really want to talk about is the fact that maybe
sometimes some of us get to that same point where because situations are
happening in our lives because it looks like you know things are bad it looks
like maybe God has even given up on us baby
it looks like and all of a sudden our whole emotional state changes that is
sometimes it’s hard to be optimistic to praise God what it looks like things are
now not working out in our favor sometimes there’s a thinking out there
that’s put out there about Christianity that if you’re a Christian all of a
sudden there will be no problems that once you come to Christ and you’ll be
free of the problems and the issues and all those type of things that stress is
just automatically gonna disappear that problems are just gonna automatically
disappear that you won’t have to struggle with those things anymore and
sometimes it’s the struggle that even brings us to Christ there’s nothing
wrong with that as long as we have the right mindset
Jesus says you’re gonna follow me pick up your cross and follow me he’s not
giving us this road that there’s not going to be any trials and troubles
along this path no he’s just promising that he’ll be with us as we go through
the trials and the troubles amen and so sometimes we kind of get that same
struggle where we’re going through the things that we’re going through maybe
the doctor gave us that bad reports maybe foreclosure is not just uh a
possibility but it’s a probability maybe my money is funny but my change is
also strange maybe your work in those two jobs for a
little pay don’t have enough to catch up on the rent the car now breaks down the
dog now gets sick the goldfish keep staring at you because you can’t even
afford to put the flakes in the bowl and he’s staring at you talk my feed me and
you’re going through all these type of things just trying to keep ends meet and
then also at the same time wondering is there anything I mean lord have you
forsaken me Lord you know is there a song in your heart for God and maybe you
say how can I praise God how can I praise God when I’m going through all
this stuff I want you to turn to Acts chapter 16 in Acts chapter 16 25 to 34
we see Paul and Silas Paul and Silas were arrested flogged imprisoned for
causing a public nuisance they it healed this girl this woman with the spirit of
divination and and all of a sudden it caused an uproar and now they were
arrested they’re flogged they’re beaten they’re thrown into jail and I want you
to understand this to thee these are men of God these are men of God sometimes we
eat one as I stated with some people think that because you’re a Christian
all of a sudden you’re not gonna have to go through stuff matter of fact you’re
not gonna have to go through painful stuff you’re not gonna have to go
through some of the darkest times of your life kind of stuff
but here are Christians that were just doing what God called them to do know
how to preach my word take it to all the world and here they’re doing exactly
what God called them to do and yet persecution is upon them and so here
they are beaten flag thrown into jail going into the inner cell and it says
that about midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God
midnight because the reality is that every one of us has a midnight midnight
is the darkest out midnight represents that darkest hour and and here they are
at midnight when you think that misses the people have been beaten I’ve been
thrown to the inner self not forcible something wrong buffered or
something when you’ve done something wrong you
kind of expected hey this is just what it is
but when you’re doing things right brother the sisters can can we come in a
little closer sometimes we’re doing the right things
and I’m you ever said this why is this happening me I’m doing the right things
all I’m doing I’m going to work I’m I’m serving God I’m given as I prosper I’m
I’m doing the right things and yet even sometimes doing the right things trouble
can come to us at midnight it says Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns
to God during their darkest hour there was something from within them that
caused him to sing see I believe the God wants us to sing I believe that this is
an expression this is a means by which that men this fruit of our lips gives
gives glory and honor to God that it’s just something that he desires and he
wants from each and every one of us and I believe it doesn’t come out it doesn’t
matter fuss itself outward unless it’s on the inward Jesus said from the
abundance of the heart the mouth speaks what’s in you is going to come out and
oftentimes the tests oftentimes reveals what’s in you what’s coming out when
there’s hardships what’s coming out when the problems are there what’s coming in
how is that manifesting yourself because usually that’s the problem is there’s
something maybe unsettled needs to be worked on within but here
they are the same situation and yet look at this where they are singing praises
to God here’s Paul and Silas in the prison
they could have been complaining they could have had that was me saw why are
we in this situation all we were doing what was good but I said they’re singing
and praising hymns to God so loudly so loud
that the others heard you know don’t try it you don’t have to contain your praise
Amen your praises isn’t free for you I mean it isn’t for others it’s to God
they sang so loudly others heard that praise and I want to let you know that
there is a testimony in that that there was a testimony in that there that that
speaks you know when when it looks like you should be cursing God when it looks
like you should give up on God when it looks like you should give up on life
when it looks like not me you know everything is crumbling all around you
and yet there is still a song the praise in your heart I’m telling you that there
are other people that are listening there are other people that are looking
there are other people that are going to be affected by how you react to that
situation the other prisoners heard and not only did the other prisoners here
God heard God opens those doors he let them out
and then even with that that testimony and loud this jailer to look at this
situation to not only to praise what they had done with it what’s the source
of this it’s ours what can I do to be saved
obviously you are somebody that’s attached to somebody or some great power
how can I be saved I’m just trying to say that there is there is a great
testimony to how you go through your struggles and how you deal with your
struggles one that met your children they’re looking howdy how do you deal
with failure how do you deal when the chips and things are just crumbling
around people were looking God is looking and how you deal with it
and there’s this word that we throw out here called faith what is faith faith is
the substance of the evidence of things not seen
I want you to think about that for a moment faith is I trust God not what I
see faith is I trust God not what I see and oftentimes what happens is we trust
what we see and kind of push the out of sight we believe in god we trust’ and
die but during those times where it’s tough when the troubles come when this
form is beating down upon us sometimes what we do is like Peter we see the
storm take our eyes off of Jesus and see the storm that is right there in front
of us and forget the god of the storm Paul was imprisoned again yet again once
again doc we’re doing something wrong but for doing something right
the paws of President and in Philippians 4 10 to 13 he says I rejoice greatly
that at last you were new new concern for me
indeed you were concerned but you have no opportunity to show it so now I’m not
saying this because I’m in need for I’ve learned to be contemptible whatever the
circumstances I know what it is to be in need and I know what it is to have
plenty and I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation
whether well fed or hungry whether living in plenty or in blocks business for me price pregnancy I’ll say look I have gone through some
tough times I’ve had times where I had absolutely nothing me he said I’m
thankful that right now you’re sending me this gift here he was imprisoned in
prison uni commissary and and and they needed
he needed funds he needed funds to be able to eat something I didn’t get that
I you needed funds to eat and the churches were doing it but very
sporadically and he’s saying I’ve learned something through his time that
there there’s times when when your gift to me comes and and if my hope in my
jewelry is only in the gift and the gift when I get the gift then that’s when my
joy and my happiness is and then when there is nothing left it’s gone he said
no no no that’s not how I operate I operate that when I have a lot I’m happy
and when I have a little more nothing I’m Hannah
he’s saying it is not the stuff that is the source of my happiness in my
children it is not the circumstances it is not
that that my health is right or my finances and right and my fooling my
stocks are up and and my children are doing well and and I’m in line you I
want all of that stuff I do I do halos up there and living them no I’m
glad all that stuff but what do you say is that does not make me happy I’ve learned
that that when when you when I have a whole bunch of they solution because my foundation is on Jesus Jesus
sustains Jesus gives me strength and through that strength I can do all
things I can operate I can live I can move on I can keep going because he
continually is my living bread he is my living water he feeds me he
replenishes me he does that you know imagine if we had that that same that
same type of faith as Paul that instead of cursing our storms that we are
looking at the clouds looking for the lights instead of drowning in our
troubled waters we we rise up out of those waters and even like Peter walk on
that same storm instead of adopting an attitude that we can add that we can’t
we start looking for the possibilities where we can if our talk and our
thoughts and our actions and our songs and our conversation with others
displays this optimism and hope not in our current storm but in our the
greatness of our God I mean I’m imagine we started imagine
how that would look in our lives imagine how our children will look at us imagine
the type of legacy you leave for your children and the mindset that they
remember you that even when all things they look like you should have gave up
you didn’t instead of you should have given up you drop to your knees
and you talk to your god imagine that being the image in the memory that they
have 20 30 40 50 even when you’re gone that’s the testimony that you leave
behind the testimony of faith that continues to
live on in their lives and they see that look I don’t give up because of the
circumstances no I fight I I give it over to God as
the song says I take my burdens to the Lord and
their God loves you no matter what you’re going through in life he doesn’t
forsake us because of this if you’re his he doesn’t forsake you in times of
trouble while it might feel that man you’re earning that fire he’s there with
you like like he was with with Shadrach Meshach and Abednego in the fiery
furnace he’s there with them Dodd’s with that’s with you he wants to continue to
encourage you and I think if we look at life that type
of way that you can always find something even in the worst of
circumstances to be able to praise God about y’all believe that you

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