Popeyes® | Smokehouse Boneless Wings Review! ⚜🐔

peep this out guys it’s Ian K back
again with another one for ya swinging on through to Popeyes today guys to take a look at the latest promo they’ve got going this month the smokehouse boneless
wings and as usual they’ve got a special limited edition dipping sauce to go with
it so let’s hit that drive-thru and scoop it up yeah peep this out let me go
for smokehouse boneless wings the $5 combo without a drink and a side of the
new ragin Cajun barbecue ranch sauce please let’s go with the fries thank you
Popeyes is always popping off with these $5 meal deals every single month let’s
see if this one’s a little different Hey yes this is supposed to have some
hickory pecan goodness in it huh yes nice nice can’t wait to try it thank you
so much have a good one see ya alright so the question is is
this gonna have some ragin flavor let’s peep this out it’s the latest promo from Popeye’s
Louisiana kitchen this month gang the smokehouse boneless wings and it also
promises to be yet another crispy situation here as always from Popeyes
always nice and fried nice and golden-brown what we’ve got in this $5
combo are six of their boneless wings aka glorified chicken nuggets infused
with hickory pecans smoke and that should definitely do something to the
all-white meat that’s on the inside of these nuggets here and I’m really
looking forward to trying that and you know what I’m no math major but it looks
like I’ve actually got seven nuggets here so score one for the home team
that’s always a bonus when you get a little bit of extra in there for sure
there and as usual we’ve got one of their world-famous biscuits and I
decided to go with the cajun fries the big draw with this one dipping sauce
wise is the ragin Cajun barbecue ranch so we’ll definitely see exactly what
that does to the flavor but I’m already digging the presentation it smells like
classic Popeyes also and we all know that smell is pretty heavenly but there
you go it’s the smokehouse boneless wings $5.00 promo here at Popeye’s
Louisiana kitchen let’s peep out this flavor now I’m not smelling anything
different other than the amazing Popeyes aroma that fried goodness that we all
know and love guys let’s see exactly how this one fairs in the taste department
it’s the smokehouse chicken nuggets aka the boneless wings here at Popeyes ooo
that’s got a little bit of heat and I was not expecting that at all I thought
I was gonna get a little bit more of the hickory and pecan flavor that this is
infused with but when it’s leading with is some heat upfront and then you get
some of the crunchy goodness that we already know from Popeyes I’m not really
getting any of the Hickory in the pecan yet but man it’s actually pretty
surprising hmm that is really tasty Cajun spicing
though hopefully you can kind of see that in the very back around the meat
itself guys it’s got some red tinting going around the meat there and that is
easily gonna be the Cajun spicing to identify there but guys a lot of bread
and goodness on this one but I’m not getting any Hickory or any pecan flavor
whatsoever and the white meat while being just a little on the dry side as
expected is still pretty tasty it’s definitely a hearty little bite for sure
on each of these but man it has really got a little bit more heat going for it
than anything else so these boneless wings are spicy on
their own what is this ragin Cajun barbecue ranch sauce gonna do to it well
let’s find out well as expected it looks like a kicked-up ranch with some Cajun
spicing to give it a light reddish tint in color let’s go for it did well you
can easily see the Cajun spice thing on the inside of this ranch that darkens it
up guys and obviously it is going to stick to the coating of the chicken
pretty nicely and considering the heat that these boneless wings have already
and very curious to see what this is gonna add overall but it does look
pretty nice nice and creamy mmm smooth very very smooth and tangy not so much
heat mmm that is really good ranch is always my go-to anyway but you
know what this is actually coming up with a little bit of heat on the back
end so the ranch itself is initially cooling everything in here including the
heat that’s in the boneless wings themselves and then it kind of sneaks up
on you at the end it’s a little tangy it’s got a little zip to it but honestly
pretty nice guy is definitely pretty nice compared to their standard blackened ranch which I really like but I’m really diggin the fact that the spicing
is kind of being kept at bay a little bit there until the very end without the
sauce though I got to say you’ll notice it right away quickly it’s got some heat
to it here’s another cross-section shot of one
of these boneless wings guys as you can see the red in the middle is gonna be
the thing you’re gonna be looking forward to with this if you like a
little bit of heat in your chicken this is definitely something unexpected and
while I’m not getting any Hickory or pecan flavor I am definitely diggin the
overall flavor of what these boneless wings have to offer there just very
meaty and definitely flavorful especially with that ragin Cajun
barbecue ranch sauce hey but those are just my thoughts on this one what do you
guys think you guys think the smokehouse boneless wings are something truly
different from Popeyes and if you’ve had these already what did you think of the
overall heat level on top of the quote-unquote hickory pecan and few
smoked flavor drop those comments down below and definitely let me know and as
for my overall score I’m gonna have to give the smokehouse boneless wings here at Popeyes a pretty decent 7.5 out of 10 this was pretty decent
for what it was I mean guys it’s Popeyes its crispy fried gold and goodness that
we all know and love it’s just the smokehouse name itself kind of gives you
the idea that you’re gonna get a little bit more variation in flavor and in this
case I really wanted to get a little bit more of that hickory pecan infused flavor
that they were pushing but as it stands it really just seems like it’s just a
really really nicely spiced type of chicken nugget like they usually have
anyway with a pretty decent ranch sauce to go with but again it is still pretty
tasty and for $5.00 it is a pretty decent value not bad and those are my
thoughts on the latest from Popeyes this month as we close out another episode of
peep this out guys and like I always say I’ve got brand new content every single
week here on my channel so while you stay tuned for that next review coming
real soon in the meantime stay frosty hey and real quick I just wanted to take a
moment to not only wish each and every one of you guys a very happy and safe
Halloween I also wanted to express a huge heartfelt thank you to every single
one of you guys for helping my channel achieve over 12,000 subscribers you guys
are the heartbeat of my channel and it only feels me to make the very best
content that I can so thank you thank you thank you to all my new subscribers
and everyone that’s been hanging with me since the beginning there is a lot more
fun stuff to come a lot of fun things to look forward to as well and until next time
I’ll talk to you soon

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