Popeyes® | Hot Honey Crunch Tenders Review! 🔥🐔 | Peep THIS Out! ⚜

YouTube and social media peep this out guys it’s Ian K back again with another one for ya this time returning to Popeyes
to check out their newest promo which looks to take care of some of the heavy
lifting for us this month by drizzling some of their all-new red hot honey
sauce on some of their tasty chicken strips that’s right guys it looks like
we don’t necessarily have to dip into the sauce this month because it’s
actually drizzled on top with what they’re calling their hot honey crunch
tenders but of course they still give you an extra side of it that’s always a
plus because I can’t wait to give this a shot on one of their world-famous
biscuits so guys let’s not waste any more time and very curious to see how
amazing the flavor is going to be on these but first we got to get right up
on it for that closer look let’s peep this out it’s the newest promo from
Popeyes guys the all-new hot honey crunch tenders and I gotta tell you
guys right off the bat these are 3 very large chicken strips smothered in
some of their all-new red hot honey sauce I am really digging the color
contrast of that really delicious crispy coating along with the sauce itself it
does look really really tasty but then again Popeyes usually does and for $5.00 that is a pretty sizable portion of chicken here guys along with the
usual side that it comes with and because these strips are so large you
can’t even really see it but I’ll actually come up on top here we’ve got a
lone French fry hanging out on top guys some of their cajun fries I decided to
go with their always awesome as well as the usual Popeyes biscuit I am
absolutely looking forward to checking out this new red-hot honey sauce with it
but guys a very awesome presentation I’m very excited to see how this red-hot
honey sauce is on all this good stuff here it’s the all new hot honey crunch
tenders here at Popeyes let’s peep out the flavor crispy golden Popeyes
goodness drizzled with that red hot honey sauce glistening in the sun I am
already digging how this looks how about you it’s the new hot honey crunch
tenders from Popeyes on a super hot day here in Southern California wow that is
some nice sweet heat that’s instantly building in intensity right now in the
background guys starts off with a light sizzle in the beginning you get some
sweetness from the honey and then it really starts picking up in the back wow
that is really very strong but I’m definitely diggin’ it it’s Popeyes so
you already know the chicken is going to be pretty tasty guys the coating is the
same I actually opted for the spicy coating on this one here so that’s
actually adding a little bit overall to what I’m feeling right now
but I do have to say the red-hot honey sauce is really adding a nice burn to
this this is actually really really nice and the fact that they drizzle it on
here for you means that you really don’t have to add anything extra unless you
really want to guys but as you guys can see a very thick and juicy chicken strip
for sure here guys drizzled with some very very tasty sauce man I’m still
getting that intensity in the back of my throat right now let’s just keep going
with it mmm I’m really diggin that combination of sweet plus heat the heat
itself is really elevated this time around it really hangs around just a
little bit more and I guess I should expect that because I’m actually tasting
a little bit more cayenne and just come around so it really is hanging out in
the background more than it should and visibly you can see it looks a little
bit more heated hopefully you guys can see in this close-up the sauce itself is
packing a little extra heat guys it’s noticeably redder than normal and you
can see there are a lot more clusters of spice in this one it really is
delivering that heat on top of the sweetness and that’s awesome you know we got to get some of this red-hot honey sauce on the biscuit let’s do it mmm
instantly instantly Wow of course the honey rocks on this the sweetness is
coming through loud and clear and you get a nice burn coming up on the back
end with this one initially in the beginning like with the chicken but more
on the back end but man that is super flavorful the butteriness of the biscuit
is also adding to the overall flavor so with that creaminess alone you’re
getting the heat you’re getting the sweet you’re getting everything together
and it’s just a hearty chew on this one guys absolutely delicious
so I think you can tell by now the red-hot honey sauce is really going to
be the star of the show and what we already know is some pretty tasty
chicken from Popeyes guys it goes amazingly well it’s absolutely one of my
favorite sauces out so far from them this year and I’m really diggin how the
heat itself just really hangs around after you take the bite they’re really
really tasty and that’s all in addition to what it does to the flavor they’re
awesome biscuits anyway but what do you guys think do these hot honey crunch
time to do it for ya this time around from Popeyes and it is something that
you’re looking forward to trying out even if you love Popeyes in general drop
a comment down below and definitely let me know and as for the overall score I’m
going to have to give the hot honey crunch tenders here at Popeyes of rock
solid 9 out of 10 it’s the same Popeyes that you know and love with the addition
of a really really tasty sweet and hot sauce at the same time guys and I really
like the fact that it’s drizzled on this time around so presentation-wise it
definitely looks pretty cool and the value for what you get over here at
Popeyes for that $5.00 in my opinion is an absolute plus the quantity of food is
pretty solid just make sure if you’re having this on a hot day like I am right
now you actually have some water on hand me you’re gonna thank me for it and those are my thoughts on this one as I close out another episode of peep this out
guys and like I always say I’ve got new content every single week here on my
channel so while you stay tuned for the next review coming real soon in the
meantime stay frosty hey guys and real quick let me send a special shout out
and thank you over to Veronica and her amazing team at the Popeyes location in
San Gabriel California at the corner of Valley and San Gabriel guys thank you so
much for the advance look at this particular combo as well as the amazing
customer service as always I greatly appreciate it you guys rock keep up the
great work alright guys I’ll talk to you soon

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