Popeyes® | Cookies & Cream Crunch Pie Made with Oreo® | Food Review! ⚜🍪

peep this out guys it’s Ian K back
again with another one for ya this time headed back into popeye’s to check out
their latest dessert treat featuring most everyone’s favorite cookie that’s
right it’s the new cookies and cream crunch pie made with Oreo and it looks
pretty fantastic so let’s scoop one up through that drive-thru yeah peep this
out can I get that new cookies and cream crunch pie made with Oreo and that’s it
beautiful thanks it’s never too early in the day for dessert is it naaaah
thank you my friend alright we’ll see ya alright guys let’s peep this out we’ve got another challenger for the
fast food dessert throne coming from Popeyes guys feast your eyes on the
all new cookies-and-cream crunch pie made with Oreo and I’m already digging the
chunks of Oreo that are in the middle of this it looks really really inviting
already if not legit because of the name brand I’ve been using here guys but very
very nice presentation what we’ve got is that Oreo cookie crust that you guys see
on the very bottom a nice whipped middle in there with chunks of Oreo cookies and
then in the very top we’ve got some chocolate drizzle and some more crushed
pieces of Oreo as well but for a little under 2 bucks that is not a bad value
the size is fairly decent for what you get and again it is that name-brand
quality that I’m expecting because it’s the Oreo name but let’s give this one a
shot guys it’s the all-new cookies and cream crunch pie made with Oreo here at
Popeye’s let’s peep out this flavor yes sir definitely diggin the size of
those Oreo cookie pieces on the inside let’s dive in it’s the cookies and cream
crunch pie made with Oreos here at Popeye’s hmm and definitely creamy it is
wow that is very thick it’s almost got the consistency of a cheesecake guys
very similar to the one from BK actually but a lot richer and flavor Wow very
very strong flavor on this one very much liking the hints of cookies and cream
for sure mmm yeah this is definitely reminding me more of cheesecake than it
is cookies and cream but the flavor is really really nice and very very rich
you know it actually tastes like a cross between cheesecake and ice cream with a
very dense filling and the Oreo cookies play extremely well with it the flavor
is very strong and a light drizzle on the very top at the very end of it
really comes up nicely as well yeah I really like the light drizzle on this
because you can really taste it at the very end it’s a nice little complement
to the overall chocolatey flavor in general and I guess with this being
cookies and cream I guess it’s a little redundant because Oreos technically are
cookies and cream I mean you have the cream filling and then the cookies it
pretty much is the same but I’m liking the fact that it’s real Oreo cookies and
you can taste chunks of them it’s not just a little bit’s in the very top it’s
chunks in the middle and they’re pretty sizable mmm really good I’m telling you
if you were a blind folded right now you’d be hard-pressed to tell me this wasn’t
cheesecake because it really does taste like that I guess it keeps the
consistency because it’s not ice cream and being that it is kind of warm
outside right now it’s still holding its composure and I like that because it’s
still holding its own along with the thickness one more quick shot of this
one guys the Oreo crust lights this one up pretty nicely and if you guys are fans
of Oreos in general you have a lot to look forward to with this one there is
plenty of Oreo flavor and nice chunks have been in the middle overall a very
solid dessert that really gets the job done and the price is definitely right
for what you get here and hey and it’s actually got some pretty slick packaging
to go with what’s overall a pretty tasty dessert but what do you guys think do
you think there’s all new cookies and cream crunch pie made with Oreo delivers
the goods over here at Popeyes cuz I can tell you from a price standpoint aside
from the flavor it absolutely does cuz the price does seem pretty right to me
but what do you guys think drop those comments down below and definitely let
me know and as for the overall score I’m gonna have to give the all-new cookies
and cream crunch pie made with Oreo here at Popeyes or rock-solid 9 out of 10 the
only way that I can see to make this one better is to charge maybe a dollar more
and beef up the size but like I said what you do get over all does deliver
and the quality of what you’re getting definitely delivers guys get a lot of
nice Oreo flavor on this one with a pseudo Cheesecake like consistency and
plenty of Oreo chunks in the middle and if you guys are Oreo aficionados like I
am you already know this is gonna be something you’re gonna want to try I’d
highly recommend you do and those are my thoughts on the latest dessert treat
over here at Popeye’s as we close out another episode of peep this out guys
and like I always say I’ve got brand new content every single week here on my
channel so while you stay tuned for that next review coming real soon in the
meantime stay frosty alright so who actually has the license to make a
full-on Oreo pie a lot of these places say pie made with Oreo but they don’t
actually say Oreo pie if you guys actually know the answer to that drop
that comment down below I am very curious to know but in the meantime I’ll
definitely settle for what they try and come out with even if it doesn’t have
the quote-unquote official name of Oreo pie alright guys until next time I’ll
talk to you soon

36 thoughts on “Popeyes® | Cookies & Cream Crunch Pie Made with Oreo® | Food Review! ⚜🍪”

  1. Speaking of Burger King, their parent company owns Popeyes also. Maybe they sourced the pie from the same place.

  2. That cookies and cream Oreo crunch pie looks so mouth watering wow food porn for sure good on you ian for this one always happy with all your YouTube videos

  3. This is going to be tough.  I'm hooked on their friend apple cinnamon pies(reminds me so much of the old days when McDonalds had fried apple pie) that I hate to get anything else.  But this looks really good-so I'm going to have to try it.  Have to say I cringed a bit when you first started saying it at the drive-thru but now it's no biggie-you do what you can for your channel.  Thanks for the review.

  4. Fun fact….Oreos are accidentally vegan!! That slice wasn't, but the cookie…totally is!! Groovy review Ian!!👏😸. Never too early for pie either….lol.

  5. That looks amazing if Popeyes here in Canada has that available I will try this for sure, yummy. Great review Ian thanks for reviewing this 👍👌

  6. darn, i went to bk for burger last night but the popeye is right next to bk. Is oreo crunch pie thicker or bigger than bk's?

  7. I like your food content Ian. Would you ever be interested in collabing sometime or want to be a guest on my podcast ?

  8. Popeyes® unveils their latest sweet treat and it features one of the most iconic cookies ever! It's the New Cookies & Cream Crunch Pie Made with Oreo®! Get up close and personal with it right here in this detailed review!

  9. Thanks for the upload, Ian! Great review as usual and that dessert looks pretty good! Stay frosty, my friend! 😊

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