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welcome to peep this out reviews with Ian K stay frosty so after a semi less than stellar experience checking out popeyes spicy new chicken sandwich recently it looks like many of you wanted to me to go back to give this one another shot and we’re doing just that as we zoom in on the chick fil a style wrapping this one comes in to go in on the classic version of the chicken sandwich and guys already I am diggin the presentation of this this is looking super thick already very lovely situation here we’ve got that toasted brioche bun let’s pop it and see what we’ve got please be awesome please be awesome and it looks pretty awesome wow that is a huge piece of hand battered white meat chicken guys looking really nice and it is literally exploding off of this bun we’ve got a little bit of that mayo action in here we’ve got some toasted goodness of course on the bun on the inside as you can see little bit of the butter goodness as well and let’s take a look under this patty guys cuz this is a huge piece of chicken we’ve got the barrel cured pickles here and they are looking very lovely nice and thick two slices of them here and there’s a little more of that mayo looks like its seeped down but guys a very lovely situation very hot on this one too right now this chicken looks pretty fantastic very excited to get into this one I have a feeling it’s gonna be an amazing experience it’s the classic chicken sandwich brand new here at popeyes let’s peep out this flavor man this thing is already winning guys the size of this in my hand right now is pretty amazing for $3.99 look at the size of this chicken this completely blows away the spicy version that I did recently and I’m so glad that I’m actually doing this right now because I’m so in the mood to give this a shot but hey as always before we begin if you guys are fans of high quality delicious looking food reviews like this delicious looking thing here right now make sure to hit that subscribe button down below and don’t forget to tap that bell icon so you can be notified as soon as new content drops every week guys I’m going into this one hard core right now let’s go for a huge bite this is a huge piece of chicken Oh All day long mmm oh my god thank you thank you so much oh this is so good so good ‘ya know when I ordered this actually asked if every piece of chicken was hand breaded to order and they actually said it was guys so this is ultra fresh right now and they fact that it’s not premade at all it’s actually hand breaded on-site you can taste that quality this is absolutely a delicious sandwich right now completely blows away the spicy version and nothing against that one I loved the taste of it but I definitely have to go back and get it again with this type of chicken finally the way its supposed to be had this is absolutely orgasmic right now guys it really is let’s go for another bite mmm mmm forget about it there is no other chicken sandwich out here right now that can hold a candle to this one especially for $3.99 guys the quality of meat that you’re seeing here everything in terms of the thickness the overall flavor is this completely off the chart in terms of all of those things the hand battered fried goodness that popeyes is known for is on display and of course the buttery brioche that its got as well and the light mayo which is not too bad considering I’m not a fan of mayo guys everything combines to form a beautifully delicious chicken eating experience this is absolutely hands down and amazing thing right now and it’s going to work on me too right now after that second bite I’m like man I gotta kind of ease it back just a little bit here guys the quality like I said really speaks for itself and the overall crispiness and the juiciness of everything is literally off the chart I really can’t say too much more about this cuz there’s really nothing else you really need to know you already know the value is high on this one the chicken thankfully is huge compared to what I had the first time around and if I can just get that again with the spicy goodness of that other one guys I’m already gonna be in the clouds as it is this is actually gonna take it even further up because I gotta say easily one of my favorite chicken sandwiches by far really really good mmm it’s just so thick and I also love the thickness of those pickles that really is a nice addition because the acidity and snap that they add to the overall flavor contrasts beautifully with the fried coating of the chicken itself and the juiciness that it delivers so you can imagine what a little bit of heat adds to this with the cajun goodness guys run don’t walk you already know the deal with this one $3.99 you can’t beat this even in a combo it’s still a great value easily the best chicken sandwich out there by far easily well I think it’s safe to say to really believe the hype on this one because the quality and the simplicity of the ingredients that this one has to offer really do combine to offer and amazing chicken sandwich eating experience hats off to you popeyes this one really does rock love that chicken from popeyes and hey I don’t overstate the obvious but I think it’s pretty clear to me who they’re targeting with this specific aluminum style pouches these chicken sandwiches come in guys aside from keeping them nice and warm it’s very reminiscent of another restaurant that does something very very similar if you think you know which restaurant it is that I’m talking about drop those comments down below and let me know but overall I’m gonna have to give the classic chicken sandwich here at popeyes a rock solid 10 out of 10 and I was really hoping to considering my experience the last time out as just OK as the experience was considering the size of the chicken that I got the flavor really did deliver on that one but what I’m getting this time around is a lot more of that flavor because there’s just so much more chicken to be had with it I mean everything was firing on all cylinders in the flavor department and because of the size and the fact that everything was as fresh as can be right now on top of it and they are made to order cuz they’re hand breaded and fried in-store I think you already know you’re in for a pretty special experience with this one so overall definitely give this on a shot like your not right but hey do me a quick favor and confirm it for me cuz I’m actually pretty curious to see if you are gonna give this one a shot where it’s the classic or the spicy drop those comments down below and definitely let me know and with that this is Ian K closing out another episode of peep this out bringing you brand new content every single week here on my channel so while you stay tuned for that next review coming real soon in the meantime stay frosty and you wanna know another beautiful thing about this one you can also get it on sunday alright guys until next I’ll talk to you soon but hey before you go and just in you haven’t already take a look at the last review that I put out right up over here along with with what I think Youtube’s gonna recommend for you to check out as well as always I think you’ll find something to like in both of them and I’ll definitely catch ‘ya in the next one see ‘ya

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  2. I been waiting for my Popeyes in Southern California to have the sandwich and whenever I go by they do not have it. They are still advertising the surf and turf box 😒😒😒

  3. I’m glad you tried it again, than again I would have gone back the first time and complained at what you did receive for they would have made it right, I’ve been there before and if you are not satisfied as a costumer than your wrong.
    I still believe Popeyes sandwich is much more taster than what I ate from Chic -go-A any day.

  4. I loved the Spicy one when I had it. Had a huge piece similar to the one in this video. But now I must try the classic!!

  5. Omg!!! Looks so delicious!!! I wanna try this again!! Mine was Extremely delicious the 1st time I tried it!!!

  6. I went on Saturday to try the spicy sandwich and was so impressed i went again on Sunday. So good great value and the pickles rocked too

  7. Well all know they are targeting that place NOT open on Sundays 😉. Glad you gave them a try. Question, did you go back to the same restaurant you had the spicy?

  8. Chick Fil Who??? YES! This is more like it! I wanna deluxe it with lettuce and tomato but the chicken is so thicc that might prove challenging lol.

  9. I wondered why I couldn't find any information on this sandwich after trying it months ago at a popeyes in Texas. It's just now becoming national

  10. I tried the spicy version and while it's good, I think I'd only want one on a Sunday over the other fast food place. 😄

  11. Hey there Ian! I couldn't agree more! Such an amazing sandwich! People are big mad that it's better than Chick-fil-A, but I guess the truth hurts haha.

    Awesome content as usual! 👊👊

  12. Gee bud, it does look amazing!! I'm going to have to try it, even though my chicken sandwich favorite is at Chic Fil A. I did watch your spicy review because I watch all your reviews, but this looks great.. Thanks for sharing.. I appreciate your reviews.

  13. So happy I'm not the only one to feel this way! All the calories with none of the homophobia! Thank you Popeye!

  14. Dame that classic chicken sandwich from Popeyes looks 5 times better you knocked this YouTube video out of the park

  15. high praise for that sandwich and it does look great. I'll definitely check it out next time I am in a fast food situation, especially since recently I've been favoring quality over quantity.

  16. This week’s fast food bucket list. Thanks for the review! Maybe I can get the Popeyes sandwich, then shoot across the street for Chik Fi La’s mac n cheese. You da man, Ian!!!

  17. I've had both versions and they were surprisingly really good but I don't know if I can give them the crown over CFA though

  18. We don't have popeyes where I live, can't wait to come and try some. It's gonna have to be the whole menu I think.

  19. I liked Chick-fil-A sandwiches better.Not saying Popeyes isn't good but it doesn't compare to Chick-fil-A.You should try Shrimp Boat chicken sandwich,in Rock Hill S.C. Probably the best overall!

  20. Pickles Are The Most DISGUSTING Thing in The World And Mayo Doesn't Belong On Cooked Chicken But After I Throw Them Away And Wipe it Off, I WILL Be Eating One of Those. KETCHUP ONLY.

  21. I got the spicy version of this sandwich today and it was equally as big as your classic sandwich. I totally agree with your review and think this would be extremely stiff competition for Chick-Fil-A except for 2 very important facts — 1) Some of the reviewers are already saying that the chicken sandwich is better than Popeye's chicken pieces and that many of the customers are coming in and just ordering the sandwich. Given the quality and size of the chicken piece along with the bun, this has got to be a LOW profit offering and either they will have to jack up their price or get people to come in for the sandwich but buy lots of other sides and drinks (or "success" of this sandwich is gonna kill them). 2) I think the hand-breaded and made fresh chicken filet along with the popularity of these sandwiches is going to cause significant backups if they become too popular. The thing that Chick-fil-a has going for it over all the other fast food restaurants that offer chicken sandwiches is they have such a limited menu that they can concentrate on getting orders for sandwiches prepped and ready very quickly. Just my two cents worth. But my advice to anyone reading this is DON'T wait and rush to your nearest Popeye's and give the spicy sandwich a try before it disappears!

  22. Looks bomb Ian. I'm gonna have to get this but the Popeyes I go to I guarantee you they fry the chicken earlier in day then keep it under the heating lamps. So it's not gonna be this good.

  23. Popeyes employee here. The chicken size is simply variance, we use the same fillets for the spicy as we do the classic, and I will say the fillets we get are usually on the larger side and we try not to give customers the smaller fillets for quality control purposes. We hand bread every fillet and fry them minutes before sale. The spicy chicken sandwich is made with a cajun spice blend mixed with mayonnaise, and the classic is done with regular mayo. The customer response for the chicken sandwich has been overwhelmingly positive thus far!

  24. You could tell the chicken was very Juicy because of the noise he was making every time he took a bite out of that bad boy. I'll have to try it.

  25. Idk the big deal w it being "better"than chick FIL a .it probably just tastes like a piece of Popeye's regular chicken in a bun lol.

  26. I got one today and mine was the most over breaded soggy, practically chickenless, excuse of a sandwich I’ve ever eaten. Threw away half of it

  27. I can't stand how fake this is. It seems like Popeyes paid you well. I don't know if they did but your review comes off really forced and fake.

  28. My experince wasnt the same..the bteaf was the beat part for me..there were parts of the chicken that was hard to chew

  29. What chicken sandwiches more healthy for you Chick-fil-A they cook it in peanut oil what is good for your heart. Popeyes uses soybean hydrogenated oil Witcher bad for your heart. They had a winner and they screwed it up with bad oil

  30. I work there. And it is hand breaded 20 tosses in flour and the batter is a buttermilk batter and then a nother 20 tosses in flour. In the fryer for 4 mins and that's how you do it.

  31. I will buy a chicken sandwich from chick fil a and Popeyes to do a side by side comparison. But even without trying popeyes I can tell its a big W in my book. Chick Fil A seems to be a bit heavy on the sodium side when it comes to their batter from my experience. Great review as always Ian.

  32. In Taiwan, I’ve eaten this for about 18 years. Beside the chicken and asparagus,we also have onion and lettuce. Only for 60(which is 2 dollars in USA).

  33. I had one today for the first time and it really is the best chicken sandwich I have ever had. I actually have been craving it since I ate it. I wish I had bought more than one. I'm gonna go back tomorrow and get another one if they arent sold out.

  34. The Spicy was my favorite! The Classic compares to Chick Fil A, but the spicy is DEFINITELY Popeyes! It’s so flavorful!

  35. watched the spicy one before this and wow you got robbed before, this one makes more sense. makes me wonder how mcdonalds can charge the same for a terrible version.

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