Pastoral Visitation in Libtong, Bulacan | Executive News

From the local congregation of Baesa,
Ecclesiastical District Quezon City we thank you so much for visiting us all. We will never forget this. Brother Eduardo V. Manalo
led us in our worship service. This day is truly important.
It’s such a special ocassion for us. We felt God’s presence
in the worship service. In Brother Eduardo’s homily, he taught us that we should not neglect worshiping God no matter what. In congregational worship services, we receive God’s
teachings that we need to be strong in the faith. We need to live righteously in this world and show through how we live as members of the Church Of Christ. When we are beset with problems and stress in life, there is no one else we can turn to but our Lord God. . Most importantly, each household
must conduct a family devotional prayer. Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, thank you very much
for remembering and visiting our local congregation. We wholeheartedly promise to remain united
and participate in activities that you launch. We will also continue to serve our Lord God. Thank you very much.

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