Parish Mission Catholic Speaker 2019 – Ken Yasinski (Lenten Mission and Conference Highlights)

Parish Mission, Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski And I think some people live their life
this way. They just react to life. They react to the circumstances they find
themselves in. They don’t have a clear direction of where they’re going. They
don’t have a target they’re trying to hit with their life. And so they make
these random decisions, and they think that just by floating through life, reacting
to life , they’re going to hit the mark that God has for them. And sometimes we think about the end of life, and we just kind of keep our fingers crossed and
hope it works out! But as Christians we don’t keep our
fingers crossed, but we look to the cross to gain clarity for our life. See, right
vision right living, wrong with wrong living. They had pyrotechnics theirs. Wow!
Speaking in other languages.. you know that was an experience. Okay what
an experience! Now what would have been my tendency
would have been, after it all settled down, the wind went away, it all settled down, know what my next pray would have been? “God do it again!” That’s what I would have said, because it was fun. But they didn’t do that. They didn’t seek the fun. They
were faithful to the grace, and they went out into the streets and they proclaimed.
See, if God does something in you it’s because he wants to flow through you.
He wants you to be a river, not a reservoir. Did you know.. that when Jesus
died on the cross he died for you? “I sitting there thinking, “REALLY?
I didn’t know that. I knew that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of
humanity, but I did not know that was for me. It was sort of like him dying for
everyone in the phone book. You get your name in the phone book. Yeah, God knows my number that’s nice, but I fail to realize how that affected me. And he said “if you’re the only person Christ would have still given his life for you.” And all of
sudden there is something that became alive in my heart and I started to
listen. And he said, “God has a purpose for you life, He’s got a plan for your life.”
And then he challenged everyone with a question, and maybe you can consider it
yourself. He said this, “Have you ever consciously
surrendered yourself to Jesus before? Have you welcomed Him into your life? Have you
asked Him to possess your heart?” He insists, they roll the stone away and I imagine
the stench coming forward from that gave. They turn in disgust, and sorrow of loss of their brother. Jesus goes right to the stench – to
the grave, and yells out three words “Lazarus, come out!”
and with three words he raised this man from the dead. Now, with this in mind see
Jesus on the cross. Their down below pointing up at Him saying, “If you are
who you say you are, save yourself!” Could not Jesus say another three words, “Nails, come out!” What’s easier, to tell nails to move
or to raise somebody from the dead? I’m just guessing then after you’ve walked
on the water, multiply loaves, raised people, healed people, cleaned people
from leprosy, telling nails to move, would have been your smallest public miracle. So when you look at the crucifix, you have to conclude, it’s not nails holding
Him there, but the power of His love for you! For me. And this changes everything!

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  1. I'm 23 and thinking about becoming catholic… I made this channel to explore the faith. Ken any advice on approaching the church when I feel put of place because of my age?

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