One Above All Theory, Evidence Why The Great Priest Knew About Zamasu and The Zero Mortal Plan

hello and welcome back all my Dragon
Ball theorists and with a lot of talk about Zeno recently and his power
something that has always intrigued me was how we ended up with two of them and
what was left of the future timeline in which Zeno erased how we ended up at
this position was goku met with Zeno and he received the Omni button because of
Goku’s promised to play with him and show him earth now when finally merged
Zamasu who transcended and tried to become the universe itself it was
obvious he couldn’t be beaten through traditional means and Goku remembered
the Zeno button and he arrived immediately however like many I was
expecting the Omni King from our timeline to appear and not the future
Zeno which is why he said who are you when arriving did you bring me here then
the rest was history Zeno said a world like this can’t exist and erase that
entire timeline we said I feel in a pleasant flow of energy that makes my
skin tingle and beerus said it’s a Zamasu which is when he transcended his
god form if the gods and we sensed this in the present you know the great
priests did as well in the future before Zeno was even summoned I also believe
the great priests knew of Zamasu and his zero mortal plan long before we ever
got to that point he had to and here is why the reason is angels watch over
their god of destruction and that universe and the great priest does this
on a greater scale watching over the multiverse and we have seen this when
the great priests showing Zeno know the different universes gathering their
fighters for the tournament honestly it would be rather hard to slip past a
great priests gaze as there isn’t anything he can’t see when the super
Dragon Balls were gathered for the first tournament then who arrived because it
was brought to his attention what was going on and he wanted to check it out
who did this the great priests so it is unlikely that anyone could even gather
and use the super Dragon Balls without him knowing on top of that soon as the
Supreme Kai dies so does that god of destruction due to their life link I
find it impossible to believe that the great priest wouldn’t sense this or
realize that this was going on to add further that the Zamasu killed all the
Kai’s in order to destroy all the gods it’s a great plan but there is no chance
to great priests didn’t see any of this coming or not notice
God’s being eliminated so why didn’t he stops Zamasu why did he let it get to the
point of Zeno being summoned and erasing everything including himself well
obviously that isn’t exactly what happened the great priest saw this
coming allowed it to happen and counted on it we also know not everything got
erased Goku was still able to go back to that timeline and pick up Zeno bringing
him to our present timeline there appeared to be nothing there at least
but fast forward to the completion of the tournament stage there are now four
attendants the two from the future timeline have appeared and it’s the only
time we actually see them how did they arrive in this timeline obviously they
weren’t raced the explanation to this goes back to Goku bringing future Zeno
to meet the present one finally Zeno has a friend to play with
which the great priest found very intriguing and a squeeze if this was his
idea as he says no it was sung Goku’s the great priest says I envy universe
seven then it is revealed that the die shankar is wheezes father why is this
important well we all know that we’ve being a son of the great priests does
possess some time controlling abilities but limited I believe that the great
priests time controlling abilities are far greater and transcend time meaning
that the die shank on in the future is the very same in the present there can’t
be two of them if this is the case there is no reasons who stops a Zamasu because
he knows that Goku has the Zeno button and will summon him to erase that
timeline the great priest can’t be erased because he is present in all
timelines and the true one above all the great priests must have brought the two
future attendants as well from that timeline when he left there as there was
no reason to have a presence in that timeline anymore which then makes sense
as to why he stopped the fight at the Zen exhibition match when goku said he
was going to break his limits the fact is the great priest who is present in
every timeline already seen what would happen and stopped the fight before it
could well this is at least my theory and i believe that the great priest has
all the qualities of the one above all so will be interesting to see what he
has planned with the universal tournament or what his real connection
is with Zeno as he allowed for there to be two of them I hope you guys enjoyed
the video and I just wanted to let you know
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great priest actually the one above all do you have any thoughts on how the two
attendants arrived from the future or if the great priest saw everything the
mosque was doing I always love to hear theories in the comments below and don’t
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100 thoughts on “One Above All Theory, Evidence Why The Great Priest Knew About Zamasu and The Zero Mortal Plan”

  1. Hello everyone and been watching through the show again and really wanted to explore the One Above All theory again being that we know more now. So my question is do you think The Great Priest knew about Zamasu and his Zero Mortal plan? Did the Great Priest survive the future timeline being erased because he is above time?

  2. My theory; Xeno isn't erasing universes. He's merging them into one universe. Universe 7 will be defeated and 'erased' by being placed into the merged universe. Zamasu/Goku will be there and they'll have to fight him again. Freiza gets his revival but the universe he conquered is now flourishing with all kinds of resistance and he doesn't like it or have as much of an ability to be the supreme ruler he once was.

    Alternatively, universe 7 just wins somehow and any character buildings of the Universe 6 Saiyans, Hit, ect. all become irrelevant for the rest of the series.
    Second alternative; Universe 7 wins (again) but the wish they get at the end was to restore all the universes that were erased. Grand Priest says that there cannot be more universes so Goku instead wishes that all their universes that were erased merge seamlessly into 7 whereas we return to my original theory/outcome.

  3. Tbh i thought universe 7 Earth got destroyed aye but it seems like the whole has had a impact or else goku would of not able to travel there with Trunks… also the theory of the other universes been erased i dont think so because it wouldnt make sense destroying all universes based on a stuff up of one universe.

  4. What an in depth theory. Thank you for taking the time to think of it. Why did the Grand Priest let bad things happen? for the same reason 'our' God let bad things happen.

  5. The moment it was revealed that multiple Zenos can exist was the moment that I figured there's no way he could be the strongest entity

  6. I was thinking the same, if Zeno is omnipotent, he should be the same in all the lines of the universe, in all the times and in all the possible universe.. seeing that there were 2 Zenos and they mention every single one of the Kamisamas+Gods of destructions but the Great Priest made me think, maybe the great priest IS the omnipotent and is the one to rule them all

    And because of that, I believe the Great Priest is bad, thus he didn't care about Zamasu (specially since the angel smiled when his universe got erased, that made me think that maybe, some angels are in a complot to destroy everything and since the angels won't die, they don't care.. however there are some angels that are clueless like the one from the universe 11)

  7. My theory is the great priest wants things to be in order and if their gods of destructions didnt do their job to protect and raise their universes than the great priest can see where he needs to work on his assembly of gods, which he isnt bad but isnt.Good either, he does whats right or best for the existence of gods, if u get beat by mortals as a god I simply must be replaced, a god should be unbeatable and not only by power but with the ratings of the universe as a.whole which should reflect on how good they are as a god, angels are all equal and can only mentor the gods on How they should encounter a situation, if they allow their personality , emotions, and assumptions to get in the way of things then their future as a god is already forseen, perhaps its the reason y angels smile when their universe got deleted, it could all just be a test to perfect life and ensure these gods are doing their job as a god , hint the tournament was held to justify a chance for redemption and survival with these universes

  8. The great priest does not care about anything or anyone thats why he never stopped zamasu and his zero mortals plan

  9. Tori-bot is the One-Above-All. TOAA is the actual author himself. Great Priest is like some high Universal+ entity. As far as we know now, Zeno has the most raw power.

  10. I can see that . Zeno is a prodigy of some sort I believe, and the grand priest is the true king above all. And if that's the case no one will be able to defeat the king Goku, hit, Jiren, vageta no one. Now some sort of combined effort might help , but I still think they would need an Angel even with that .

  11. your videos are awesome … can you help me i just wanna know about dragon ball gt if you can make a video ,,, i am just a fan need help just make a video about dragon ball GT if you can and THANKS

  12. This would be cool as hell but Toriyama never thinks that deep. He can't be an enemy because Goku and the others would have no way of defeating him. He should remain an unattainable goal of strength just like Zeno. Its fine for them to be stronger than the gods of destruction, getting stronger than the creators of the universes is rather silly.

  13. When a ki dies so does the gd of destruction, which leads to the angel in rest until a new one is appointed. What if when all angels are in rest the the priest is too

  14. Whos to say that zamasu didnt turn into the grand priest. Didnt zamasu say something about being envious of the human race once before ?

  15. I still don't thinks the Grand priest is stronger than zeno I think it's more like manipulation, he is the omni king he is his assistant, lots of movies and cartoons have the right hand man to a king or leader end up betraying them. Stop comparing there power to the angels/ gods rankings… Their gods of distruction not omni princes's/princess's. You guys ate over thinking it way to much.

  16. dude I don;t even think Yoriyama or the show's writers know what the deal is… they're just taking it a few episodes at a time and we're along for the ride…

  17. The writers of this Arc really screwed up because God of destruction beerus could not have been destroyed. Trunks possess the Z sword and in that timeline the Supreme Kai was still locked in the Z sword. So how was the God of destruction killed or destroyed with the Supreme Kai still being around

  18. First sign of something is wrong, is goku. Goku is retarded. Anybody that likes him are retarded. Zen oh likes goku. Zen oh retarded. Or still a kid. And there is grand zen oh sleeping somewhere. And grand zen oh wife, and theres 4 quadrant of zen oh, above that, is grand zen oh zen oh. Also, in current episode, that beerus looking guy is faster than light???!!! Wtf, i thought everybody since dragon ball super is alread mach light speed crazy monkey

  19. not a bad theory. I've heard worse. but I don't think their will be an evil angel arc or anything of the sort.

    would you like to hear a theory about the true meaning behind bringing ssg back in the tournament?? I explain in depth using facts that characters reference in the show.

  20. im still confused though,,,, so why isnt there 2 grand priests, cuz they clearly said that all the angels and gods of destruction's (whis and beerus) died in the future timeline, so that means the grand priest also. now i dont know how he was able to kill future grand priest. but i know for a fact it wasnt only 1, cuz then why wuld he let all this happen in the first place. the future timeline is still universe 7. im just confused also so did xeno destroy the whole timeline or just furture universe 7.

  21. I tend to think that the Grand Preist is basically Rick Sanchez without the Depression and Alcoholism. Not evil just zero fucks given.

  22. I think there is a higher being that is higher than both of them. & grand priest is being a servant to zeno because he fears this being.

  23. Your theory's are awesome I literally just started back watching DBZ today its been years since I've watched the series other than movies so your catching me up to speed on. Things

  24. You lost me around the halfway point because for the great priest to be the only one that exist in all timelines he would need to be omnipotent, which he is not

  25. You're assuming the attendants came from the future, truth is we dont know how many angels, attendants etc there are and what realm or world they reside in

  26. Great Priest most likely regularly checks on other universes, how can he not hear about Zamasu, Supreme Kais + "God of destructions" start dying but Great Priest not noticing?

  27. Zeno is the god of the destruction of the multi-verse. Thats what i think. The only thing ive seen him do is destroy shit.

  28. I wonder if zeno can erase time. And even gods of destruction seem to have some erasing powers as beerus did it and the one other god that gave the assassins god ki and said it will erase.

  29. That's why Jiren could not had left from another universe that Zeno destroyed..unless as What if Theory suggests that the Grand Priest allowed it!!!


  31. What if Zeno is the God of destruction, grand priest is the angel and Zamala is the Kai, God of creation. It would make sense as super dragon ball can grant wish anything. Great theory tho

  32. I like your theory. However, the only problem I see here is, by this theory, all the other Zeno’s in all the other timelines have no daishinkan to act as their advisor. Thus doesn’t disprove your theory, but it could present a bit of a plot hole should your theory be true.

  33. But if grand prist know everything then why he ask whis that it is Ur idea
    I mean if he know everything then he also knows that goku did this

  34. the great priest of the future did not get erased, zeno erased teh universe and the angels are above universes and he is the head he was fine.however he did let it happen because zeno can always destroy a universe.

  35. I really like this theory, but I am affraid it is just another plothole the writers themselves didnt think of. But we will see, the ToP is closing to a conclusion and it would be too corny for it to end with goku bumping jiren off and everybody just going home…

  36. I know the whole theory about zeno and the grand priest but it will take quite a bit of time for me to type it all out and I cant really be bothered typing it all out. Im sure ppl will work out different bits and pieces eventually. I can tell u this the grand priest is currently more powerful then Zeno in how Zeno is currently presenting himself (think zeno not being in true form)

  37. no. zeno is the one above all.
    while the grand priest has incredible powers, he cannot do the one power all fear, complete erasure.
    zeno is the only one who has the ability to erase the body AND soul, the multiverse, the afterlife and all other sections of the sphere. zeno is also the only one of his race. in db, there is a difference between strength and position.

  38. The grand minister can't be evil… if he is it will spell annihilation of the multiverse without warning or notice instant poof

  39. This theory is debunked by me, ALL facts for this make sense BUT the Tory Bot is above all xD even Toryiama said its above all

  40. Maybe he was the equivalent of Archangel Michael, then Zeno for Christ, then maybe Zeno has a father which commands him to do his work.

  41. The angels aren’t allowed to interfere with things that don’t interest their destroyer. Or maybe they are but just don’t out of respect. This is why whis didn’t stop buu from picking off the supreme kais, or the androids from destroying the world. The same goes for the grand priest and Zeno. If Zeno isn’t interested the grand priest won’t touch it with a 39.5 ft pole. In that same concern of standing by the destroyer, in would be out of line for the grand priest to undo any destruction Zeno decided on, even if its not his actual Zeno.

  42. Hmm well truth be told there is a character in the dbz world that is above everyone and everything and that is the tori bot.

    Which is technically Akira Toriyama in anime form as a robot.

  43. I think after the Morro ark,we can safely say that angles don't support right/wrong……just a duty to serve their gods……so to be honest grand priest couldn't give a shit about zamasu

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