OMG! Marina Mazepa Will SHOCK You With These Extraterrestrial Moves – America’s Got Talent 2019

my name is Marina Mazepa when I was a
kid growing up in Ukraine my mom wanted me to be a lady so she put me into dance
from the beginning I knew that I had something more inside of me I have
another side all yeses congratulations now to get to the live shows I have to
surprise them even more who’s up next our contortionist oh my god on a pole no
less Oh tonight I want to show the judges
something they won’t forget oh oh oh this first edition it was a great moment
oh it was terrifying I knew that tutu is coming on I mean oh wow oh no she is
crazy I don’t know the definition of art but I
know art when I see it and that really was art I mean it
combined a lot of elements I thought it was just one is really creative and I
was very very impressed congratulations thank you the thing is this day and age you have
to be creative and innovative and be original and you’re all of those things
and more Simon well you’ll terrify marina but in a kind of a brilliant way
I mean what I love about you is we don’t have a clue what is going to happen I
have no idea what that means what why I was and then you came over
and try to bite me or something but you know this is very cool very current and
this is gonna be the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make to decide the
seven acts we’re going to go through because you have to be a contender thank you to nobody I do that she’s also just so committed she’s hey YouTube I’m Julianne Hough and yes I
am old enough to know what this is right behind me this was a TV that I used to
watch VHS videos on but now we have so if you guys want to click below
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100 thoughts on “OMG! Marina Mazepa Will SHOCK You With These Extraterrestrial Moves – America’s Got Talent 2019”

  1. Julianne was totally captivated, Simon feared connecting with her, Howie just plain scared, Gabrielle just fascinated pleasantly uncomfortable.

    This girl brings out the seductive primal fears within all of us. Her facial expressions are so powerful and demand your attention.

    Beautiful and talented. Win or lose, she will have an interesting and successful future.

  2. She is simple amazing to watch. I wish I could move just a little bit of her movements. That’s a winner.

  3. Shes deff a spy lmao. Shes got the looks, the art, a d the decpetion. "Biggiest show"? But.. shes been on several dance shows and this exact show on different countries from France, UK and Ukraine. Said about the exact same thing, and probably knows she has high chances of going far but that's not her goal, just getting her name out there will do her power. She knows someone will pick her up even for a movie

  4. Simon lost Golden opportunity if I were in place of Him I would definitely kissed a girl, doesn't she look pretty😂😂😂😂

  5. Girl stooooop, I can't even touch my toes😅😅. (In my defense I never could).

    This girl is talented! I love her performances..

  6. She is amazing and beautiful her body is like liquid..but that's an amazing female..she belongs on TV somewhere or in a show or something…wow

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    Please if you had one what was your favorite (or least favorite) of my poem??
    In one word or many, what spoke to you the most??
    Any and ALL thoughts / comments APPRECIATED
    —Peace! 🙏

  8. The most incredibly sensational riveting at the contortionist that I have ever seen. Absolutely magnificent!!! I'd say she get the golden Buzzard hands down I definitely want to see more of her incredible

  9. Jay Leno brilliantly defended her performance using the words of a Supreme Court case on freedom of expression in art. See Wiki for "I know it when I see it". A wonderful way to defend artists like Marina Mazepa. Bravo Leno!

  10. She should win. If she continues to come up with unique awesome performances like this oh yeah….. She needs her own Vegas show. Fav's are Marina, Benecio Bryant & Kodi Lee.. But this is top notch talent. Stunning. 💙💚💜

  11. Me gustó más su primera audición, está me pareció muy forzada. En la anterior se veía como una chica rebelde, pero ahora es solo una chica loca y mala. La amo pero es mi opinion

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