OCWM 2019 – Our Church’s Wider Mission – The Life Blood of the UCC

OCWM, Our Church’s Wider Mission. The
name given to congregational gifts that support wider United Church of Christ
ministry in associations, conferences, and in the national and global church.
Working together is the ideal way to have the greatest impact in all the UCC
does. Giving to OCWM multiplies the love and power of one congregation with
thousands of others, making it possible to emphasize God’s continuing testament
in the world to change lives and to widen the extravagant welcome of the UCC churches to create A Just World for All. Your contribution to Our Church’s Wider
Mission supports the UCC to: take stands for justice, teach best practices for
pastors and congregations, respond to disasters and human tragedies, foster spiritual growth and discernment, raise our children in faith. Your support for OCWM results in spreading God’s love to more people in more places than any
one of us can do alone. Your commitments to OCWM basic support and the four
special mission offerings is recognized in the 5 for 5 program. Gratitude is not a strong enough word to express the tremendous spirit of thankfulness
expressed throughout the settings of the church for those that have achieved the
5 for 5 designation. We thank you today and for your
continued generosity!

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