Not afraid of HIV…Wake the F**K Up.

Hello Everyone as you know this is MY HIV
Journey. You know, I wanted to make a quick video um and it is not going to be a “feel
good message”. This video is geared towards those who like me are in the community and
have this carefree attitude that HIV is just not a big deal. And the message that I want
to tell you is “Wake the fuck up.” HIV, although is has gotten better is a heavy-cross to bear
and I am all for people having fun. I am all for people doing whatever you want to do but
there is a safe way to do it and there is a way that protects you and protects other
people. When I hear people talking about “HIV is not a big deal.” I want to slap them and
say Wake the Fuck up. Do you really want to spend the remainder of your life taking daily
medications, sometimes multiple pills a day? Getting blood-draws every three months that
on average costs between 1500-2000 dollars a blood draw, about 6 tubes a piece. Do you
want to spend the remainder of your life being stigmatized, being shunned? People looking
at you and saying, “Ah he is HIV positive.” or “He has got this, He has got that.”? Yeah,
Life has gotten better but Wake the fuck up and protect yourself! When I see young gay
men like myself that are in the community and they seemingly don’t have a care in the
world; I see myself. I wish that someone would have grabbed me by the shoulders and shook
me really hard and said, “Aaron, You moron. Protect yourself!” Because the few minutes
that it is going to take for you to bust a nut or for your partner to get off, or for
some trick that you are never going to meet again. That is that singular moment will change
your life! We are right, HIV is NOT a death sentence but it is a life sentence. For the
remainder of your life once you become HIV positive you are set on a course for doctors
visits, blood-draws, medications, stigma, and worry. No matter how anybody cuts and
dries it, that is the reality! So if you are a young man or a young lady and you are watching
this video and you just have this carefree attitude. To you I would say, “Wake the fuck
up and realize that your HIV status, being negative, should be so important to you that
you do not let anyone jeopardize that!” By all means, keep having fun and you know I
am not here to judge you but I am here to tell you that if you have this crazy notion
that HIV is not a big deal, you are sorely mistaken. HIV is a big deal. Becoming HIV
positive will add a lot more to your life than what needs to be there. If, at all possible,
you should do your best to stay HIV negative through the use of condoms, through the use
of PrEP and other risk-reduction strategies. Don’t take your HIV negative status for granted!
Till my next video, do something positive!

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