Neanderthal Baby, Electric Guitar, Irish Viewer

let’s not go to bushnell our voice
milind two one nine two david p call twenty four hours a day here’s a voice
mail from island take a listen to this list vacuum i don’t know why i think your full name
two anyway i’m calling all the way from
coplanar arnav your show i watch it on youtube because you know week dealt out
like free speech dvd just free speech credit when you know that i think the reason why you can handle at the craving that that is some of your
guests like a westborough baptist church camp electing to interview the myth it’s
uh… it’s amazing your your your color of restraint and i think the reason why you can’t do
that because you got to stoical lewis looking out you like that halal it that if the only knew that louis was
often in the other room during interviews they would be leaving very
different voicemails but great to hear from the irish audience laws believe me when it’s the westborough baptist church
being interviewed you’re in the right here there in the really desire alright
here’s an email about her voicemail about that neanderthal baby possibility
we talked about he looked up did it looked on in lewiston withdraw from
kabul gamble first uh… my first with no of the new year and you know it funny actually uh… i i
printed up the phone a lot whenever i a looking to your show
but i try to wait for the right the right uh… story and that promise i’m going to become a member of the day
care i’ve been uh… noting the ingrid what does it put a
couple of uh… i will become a member say in in the meantime i’ma probally i’ve just watched your uh… your story
on the uh… equal life um… and i was reading a story here at the
you got me made comment on before i get to it but
it’s uh… surrogate mother wanted for neanderthal baby you know in fact we did
meet coming on the same show so it seems that there may be anythink what may be going
on is that because of the time change to combo work he’s getting the show in a
different order that maybe what’s going on uh… yet and i’ve never heard of it
before but we did cover that in june two z interesting story and was told that
the music on the show take a listen to this iguide europe and uh… pretty early in
the morning here in a week in changed after orchids uh… why do you get hard sodas
something that cruise ship little too early for the electric guitar
for some people you know we were on it to be any said we have no control when
we are on different affiliate station so i do apologize for that but uh… the music is always a work in
progress here where we use to uh… burt ely every so often maybe we need another
rotation will see david back then dot com slash membership
sign up support the david back and show and we’ll see you next week for another
great week of shows and bonus shows david magnesium david atkins and jon

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