My life in Russia: Xander Parish, principal ballet dancer of the Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg

93 thoughts on “My life in Russia: Xander Parish, principal ballet dancer of the Mariinsky Theater, St. Petersburg”

  1. Very interesting take on the ballet and some parts of life in Russia. I've lived here for almost 19 years now and still I see new things when I look through someone else's eyes.

  2. Very well done, both scenically and the narrative by Xander Parish, a wonderful spokesman for ballet and the artistic life in Russia. I know this is all propaganda – he wasn't asked to comment on anything political! Naturally not. But what he does say, observe, and do are eloquent and do lead to greater understanding between Russia and the US and other Anglophile countries.

  3. I would have loved to hear a little Russian from Xander but so happy for him. Glad he is able to share his talent and art all over the world.

  4. That’s so great to see a person so much in love with his profession 🙂
    Wishing you all the best, Mr. Parish! What an inspiration you are to many people!

    P.S. As much as I adore Rachmaninoff, the music is way too loud here at times.

  5. Russia like any other culture has the beautiful and the not so beautiful. There is ballet on the one hand and the Road of Bones on the other. People are capable of both, simultaneously great love for humanity and great devaluation of human life.

  6. An inspiring film! It was truly interesting to learn more about this guy, not only in theatre, but in places he likes in the city. Very beautiful shooting, when he dances in an autumn park.

  7. As former expats from Russia, this video is incredibly inspirational & yet so true in many of it's aspects, what a beautiful country, what a cultured & generous people!! & this young dancer, Alexander, such a fine, dedicated young man, all good wishes to you!

  8. Comedian Chris Rock said something like this: when you work on your job you couldn't wait for the clock to reach the end of your shift so you can get out of there as fast as you can, when you work on your career.. there's not enough hours in the day! you look at your watch and said "5:35! darn it, I got to come in early tomorrow to work on my project"

  9. I was at school with Xander. The Royal Ballet School, (White Lodge). He also has a sister who dances, he was 4 years above me. Well done to him, I'm just a normal guy in a normal job now haha. 😀

  10. I would be really interested in his opinion on the increasing homophobia in Russian society. I don't know if he identifies as lgbtq+ but the world of ballet has been largely formed by homosexual performers and composers, quite a few of them were Russians. I understand that they didn't want to touch on anything political so not to soil an image of "beautiful, wonderful Saint Petersburg" but the reality behind a nice picture is much more complicated and ambivalent.

  11. I got the honor to visit that exact cathedral he spoke so beautifully about this past winter when visiting my family in Russia. Thank you so much for your lovely words and respect for the culture. You made me cry tears of joy. Your story was beautiful and well deserved! I cried so much during this, you really touched my heart ❤️

  12. Our new MLR documentary is already out! Check it, if you like the one with Balazs, it's also very interesting, we promise!

  13. Our new MLR documentary is already out! Check it, if you like the one with Jeff, it's also very interesting, we promise!

  14. Both of my parents were National Russian dances I am Russian too and they are more like ballet dancers and like that I do dance to

  15. What a beautiful and inspirational film! And I love how unapologetic he is about his talent and faith in God. Well done Mr. Parish.

  16. Он не главный танцор он премьер балетной труппы Мариинского театра. У вас в описании к ролику ошибка

  17. I watched this and booked a flight to Saint Petersburg a few days later 😅 (I‘ve been there before, but this documentary reminded me how beautiful Saint Petersburg is ❤️)
    Edit: just booked tickets for Sleeping Beauty with Xander Parish and Olesya Novikova!! 😁 I‘m so excited!! 😊
    Next Edit: the performance was wonderful! Xander and Olesya are just lovely together.
    And the city is becoming more and more beautiful, very clean, wonderful new cafes and restaurants and shops, and many buildings and museums have been restored since my last visit

  18. This is a seriously good piece of work. I came here because of my interest in Xander Parish as a dancer and as a person — and, of course in the Mariinsky company and theatres. It's excellent how you let him speak for himself. It feels as if he's directing; and that's a great compliment to everyone in "Russia Beyond". The whole thing is so edifying: he's such an engaging character. What a dancer! And I especially love the way he speaks of the abilities "I've been given" — "It's not about my own ability, I can assure you". The rare combination of intelligence, lack of ego, and serious faith, comes across as entirely genuine; and therefore it can lift up those who hear and see it.

  19. St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I think living and dancing there has got to be amazing. What a wonderful opportunity. I am inspired by your story.

  20. Жаль нет перевода на русский язык . У Ксандэра красивая стопа, хорошие балетные данные

  21. Beautifully done and such an impressive and beautiful young man. He deserves everything he has worked so hard for and is living a dream.

  22. Anyone can tell me what music is playing in the beginning when he shows the journalist the theatre? What concerto is this?

  23. It remains my last stay in Petersburg, 2 evenings in Mariinsky lasr april.I loved walking and taking picture. i love the cafe, but also some restaurant, atmosphere of museum, people so kind, it was my best memory for my last 7 monthes.After again i was in Budapest and Vienna two of my beloved cities.🥰

  24. Xander, you heart is full of beauty and beloved inspiration your work, your thoughts and your art life. Very inspiring…

  25. Monica Mason was the artistic director of Royal Ballet during the time Xander Parish was there. Can’t believe she missed this diamond in the rough. I did watch a ballet in 2006 at Sandlers Wells in London and saw Monica Mason in the front row, but absolutely no one approached her the entire night. Yes she sat alone all night. I saw Xander Parish in Scheherazade in 2017 in Costa Mesa, California. I was shocked at how good he was.

  26. Did she asked: "Do you have a russian boyfriend?" And he answered later "Maybe i ll marry a russian girl, who knows" ????

  27. Молодой мальчик ему ещё учится и учится хотя данные великолепные удачи и терпения

  28. What a perfect fit!!! So glad that Xander took Yuri up on his offer. Hard work, when applied in the right direction, truly pays off! 🙌🙌🙌

  29. First time I came to Paris France, all the building and palace is so wonderful, then I went to Czech Republic, I found out it way better fascinating for a small country. When I look at video of St Petersburg and other cities in Russia. I see the high civilization heritage and the moving up country into higher prosperity level from Far eastern into west. The western part will fastly influence the east; like Vladivostok and Kamchatka.
    Still it is hard to distinguish between Ballet and Rythmic Gymnastic difficulty level of sport. Those may have the same root but different purpose. And then there is also figure skating which also a combination of ballet and skate sport.

  30. May God continue to bless him more and more! His trust in the lord is so strong and it makes him humble and open-minded. I really want to learn from that as a performer.😁

  31. Really wonderful piece! I’m a big fan or Russian Ballet and ballet in general and I really enjoyed this interview. Love the editing how you woven the performances throughout with the interviews. Bravo!

  32. He’s wonderful! And he said okey dokey as he rounded the corner!🤣 A genuine guy! You can feel his warmth. ❤️

  33. I respect and admire his quiet confidence and humbleness of heart when he talks about his craft. And that he is not ashamed to speak openly about his beliefs. A true role model for young men and women in dance and really in life in general. ❤️

  34. Well done documentary and a delightful young man, brilliant
    dancer. Pity , the background music (we all know this music, of course) is not compatible at all and way too loud.

  35. Я так понимаю, что "главный артист балета Мариинского театра" – это просто некорректный перевод названия фильма. Париш отнюдь не "главный артист", хоть и весьма милый молодой человек 😊

  36. reading all those comments about Russia as Russian… phew. you guys accuse us of being rude but you are not much better. also a very one sided view on the country. yes we had bloody pages(show me a country that hadn’t) but don’t you think there’s a reason for everything? speaking about lgbtq+. russian youth is VERY supportive of them and judging the government’s policy on that topic. so. before making any assumptions why don’t you educate yourself?

  37. …. toll, wunderbarer junger Tänzer, ……Gratulation, dass Sie nach „Russia“ gegangen sind……“das Land des Balletts“ ……..sorry, mir ist nur aufgefallen, dass Ihr Oberkörper bissl stärker trainiert werden sollte…..Rudolf Nureyev hatte einen sehr starken Oberkörper…..sein Tanzstil war männlich, romantisch, gefühlvoll, sehr selbstbewusst ….wunderbar….er hatte eine einmalige Körperspannung…….

  38. Lovely and rare to hear an artist give praise and glory to God, who created such a beautiful creation which includes the arts and dance (and much more) for us to enjoy. I loved that Xander said he prays often and that his goal was never to be famous. His dedication to his work and humility are attributes of our Creator. I hope to get to St. Petersburg one of these years:-)

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