Sitting in a car waiting to be attended to is a man who was brought to The SCOAN in a debilitating condition. He sits almost motionless and is seen wearing a neck collar and a contraption around his body is a lumbar corset, which he is wearing as another form of support. These support devices give us some clue to his medical condition, which is the reason why he has come to The SCOAN. Taking a look at the placard he is holding, which outlines the problem he is having, we can see that he is suffering from paralysis of the whole body due to hernia of the spine. As the camera zooms in, we can take a look at the medical report that he has brought with him, which shows the exact problem he is having. This is the medical report he has brought with him from his country. Note that it is not written in English. The medical report states that he is having a hernia in the spine and states the exact area in his back which has been affected, causing the paralysis. This is a scan that he has also brought along with him, which further shows the medical problem he is having. After trying to find a solution to his problem – all to no avail – he has come to The SCOAN, desperate to see an end to his nine-year bondage. Let us hear from him. Brother, you are welcome to The SCOAN. Please tell us your name and where you are from. My name is Mohammed Ali Jichy. I am from Lebanon. I am 30 years old. You are welcome, sir. Can you tell us the problems that have brought you here to The SCOAN today. I have paralysis of the whole body due to hernia of the spine. I also have an enlarged liver and an enlarged spleen. For how many years have you suffered from these problems? It started in 2008 – now going to nine years. Ok. Sir, can you tell us how these problems began in your life. How did it start nine years ago? I was just moving and I felt a pain in my legs and in my back. After that, I went to do some tests. I went to many hospitals. It just began with a severe pain, and this pain just became worse and worse as it went on? It is so bad that I can’t sleep at night. I can’t lie on my back. I can’t relax my head on the floor. I can’t sleep well. I can’t walk. It has given me many problems in my life. My body paralysed. I can’t move my neck. I can’t turn left or right. I can’t lift my head up or down. Even my back – I can’t bend. My waist – I can’t bend down to pick something from the floor; I can’t do anything. I can’t really feel my body. What did the doctor say about this problem? Some of them say that the cause is from a disc in my lower back. Some of them say that I need an operation. I went to many doctors. Where have you travelled to because of this problem trying to find a solution? I went to Lebanon – my country. I went to the biggest hospitals. Even in Nigeria, where I went, I saw many doctors but I was not able to get a solution. So medically, they couldn’t find any solution to this problem? They just advised you to go for an operation? Yes, that is it. They are just giving me painkillers. You are taking painkillers? I am living with painkillers; that is how I am living. Every day, I must take a tablet. So, even for you to come here today, you had to take painkiller tablets? Every morning, I do that. How did you find out about this church? My friend, Mr Gabriel, was concerned about me. I complained to him every time that I am having pain – my body is paining me. I went to many hospitals and had tests done but there was no result. My friend told me that there was a channel called Emmanuel TV, that I should be watching it. Then, I started watching it, day by day for the last two months, up to now. Then, we decided to come here today for me to receive my healing. I am a muslim. My name is Mohammed. You decided to come to The SCOAN, believing God for your healing? Sure, I believe in God for healing. And now that you are here, sir, at The SCOAN what do you believe that God Almighty would do for you through Prophet T.B. Joshua? I believe that God will heal me. Amen. We believe with you too that indeed, you will be healed. Sir, we can see that as you are here, you are using some devices which are obviously were uncomfortable. Can you describe to us what it is that you are using now. It is a neck support, so I would not feel the pain. It is not a cure; it is just a support. Even this (lumbar corset) is because in my lower back, there is a serious pain. It can just assist to reduce the pain a little. I am suffering from much pain; I can’t sleep. We know that you came here with some people. Who are the people that accompanied you here today? Mr Gabriel and Mrs Blessing. Mr Gabriel is working in our company. I am his boss but he is also my friend. Mr Mohammed Ali Jichy’s situation is so severe that he is basically immobile, unable to move his body freely, unable to do normal daily activities, and unable to get a good night’s sleep, owing to the accompanying pain and discomfort he is in. Imprisoned by his condition of paralysis of the whole body, among other conditions, The SCOAN is his last bus stop. This is the medication that has been prescribed to him by his doctor for short-term relief to help him cope with the severe pain and discomfort he experiences on a daily basis. There are different kinds of medications. This is the injection. Can you explain to us how you would use this, sir. I have to take it daily. This is the one I inject. Why would you have to inject this into your muscle, sir? It can make me feel better – to reduce the pain just for some time. It is not a cure. Even upon all of this medication you are taking, the problem still continued? It still continues. I can’t move. I can’t move because of the pain. Once again, sir, now that you are here, what do you believe God will do for you? I will be healed, in Jesus’ name. Amen. My name is Gabriel. The person next to me is my lovely wife and the other person is my younger brother. He is my boss in the office. Every day, he complains about his pain and based on this, he has travelled out of the country. He went to Lebanon and he told me that he went to the biggest hospital in Lebanon. He did so many tests and when he came back, he showed me all the tests he had done. He even has a CD based on his ailment. When I saw all this, I said to him, “There is a place you need to go to that is called The SCOAN”. He told me that his name was Mohammed and that based on his religion, he had not visited any church before. I told him that the man of God does not care where you come from or what your religion is, that he takes care of everybody. So, each day, based on this, he decided to have Emmanuel TV on his mobile phone. Every day, he would watch it. In the morning, he would come and the first thing I would do was to ask him, how he was feeling. He would reply that he could not sleep and that if not for the pain-relieving medication he took, he would not have been able to come to work. I told him that we should please try the hand of God. On Friday, he told me, “Gabriel, I have made up my mind. I will go with you to that living church”. So, that was why we came here today. And now that you have brought him here, sir, what do you believe that Jesus Christ is going to do for him? I believe totally that he will be healed today and that he is going to testify to the glory of God. Amen. We believe with you too that Jesus Christ will indeed heal our brother and set him free completely from this paralysis of the whole body due to the hernia and spine, alongside the enlarged liver and spleen. We believe that our brother here, alongside this family, will be coming back with wonderful testimonies, in Jesus’ name. Amen. HEALING TIME During a Sunday service, as Prophet T.B. Joshua ministers prayer to the congregation, he is led by the Spirit of God to respond to a cry coming from outside. Man of God, help my boss! He cannot walk; he has pain! He has paralysis of the whole body. Man of God, please help! I have had paralysis for nine years! I have back pain and leg pain, all over my body. I can’t walk; I can’t sleep well. You recognise Jesus as Healer, Saviour and Deliverer? He proceeds to pray for him. Healing In Jesus’ Name Come on! Leave the place! Healing In Jesus’ Name As the lightning power of God moves through Prophet T.B. Joshua, something extraordinary takes place. Stand up and walk! Don’t help him; he will stand up by himself. Go! Healed In Jesus’ Name Thank You, Jesus! Healed In Jesus’ Name Honour be to Jesus! Honour be to Him! Healed In Jesus’ Name He’s my husband’s boss. He could not walk. He could not do anything. Even in his office, he was paralysed and always on drugs – every minute, every second. Healed In Jesus’ Name Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, Jesus, I can move my head! Healed In Jesus’ Name TESTIMONY CONTINUES Mohammed Ali Jichy – Healed of Paralysis Of The Whole Body What an incredible transformation in the life of our brother! Let’s put our hands together one more time for Jesus Christ! Testimony Time Right now, we want to use the opportunity to listen to him. We believe his testimony will greatly bless the people of God present here and our viewers all over the world. So, brother, you are very welcome. Please introduce yourself to us – tell us your name, where you’re from and the people beside you. My name is Mohammed Ali Jichy. I am from Lebanon. My age is 30 years. I’m a Muslim. This is Mr Gabriel and this is his wife – Mrs Blessing. Mohammed Ali Jichy – Healed of Paralysis Of The Whole Body The problem that brought me to The SCOAN was that I was having paralysis of the whole body. I couldn’t sleep well; I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t bend over to pick up something on the floor. I was paralysed. I went to many doctors. It was in 2008 that I started having the problem. I went to many doctors and hospitals outside the country as well as here in Nigeria but there was no solution. They were just giving me pain killers, injections in my muscles and injections in my spine. It was just pain killers. It was then they gave me a neck collar and body brace. All of that was not a cure; it was just so I could manage. I was complaining all the time to Mr Gabriel that I had body pain. I had serious body pain; I could not sleep well. I couldn’t walk well; I couldn’t do anything. He said that I should watch Emmanuel TV. I began watching; I watched Emmanuel TV for two months. It touched me and I said I wanted to come to the church but I wasn’t sure if they would attend to me because I’m a Muslim. But God did it for me; I am healed now. Mohammed Ali Jichy – Healed of Paralysis Of The Whole Body Wow! Glory be to God Almighty! Sir, before you explain what happened when you came here, what did you see on Emmanuel TV that really encouraged you to come? I saw a lady who had cancer and all her hair had fallen out and she had body pain and all the rest. She came back after four years to give her testimony; she was healed! Thank God! So when you saw this testimony of someone with cancer that received her healing, that inspired you to also come to The SCOAN? It encouraged me to come to The SCOAN. So when you told your colleague in the office – the person working with you – Mr Gabriel, what did you tell him when you said you wanted to come to the church? I said that I wanted to go to The SCOAN but I didn’t know if they would attend to me because I was not a Christian. But he told me that the church would attend to me and that the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, does not discriminate between Muslim and Christian or whoever you are, so, I came. We thank God that you came, sir, realising that this is an arena of liberty where the love of God is obviously the most important thing. When you came, sir, we saw on the screen just earlier when Prophet T.B. Joshua began to pray for you, tell us – what happened to you when he prayed for you? I can’t explain that, really. Mohammed Ali Jichy – Healed of Paralysis Of The Whole Body It was a wonderful feeling. I can’t explain it; I don’t know how. It was the Spirit of God; that is all I can say. Mohammed Ali Jichy – Healed of Paralysis Of The Whole Body Sir, we just saw that your body was actually shaking; you fell down. Do you remember at all what was happening to you at that moment? I can’t remember anything. I just felt my body vibrating. Then, I don’t know. Wow, that is the power of God Almighty through Prophet T.B. Joshua that touched our brother! Ever since then, sir, what are the changes you have seen in your life? I haven’t taken a single drug since Sunday. From the time the man of God prayed and God healed me, I have not taken drugs or injections or used the neck collar or body brace. Wow! Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ! You mean to say, sir, that you have returned to work, you’re back to your work, you’re walking normally, everything about you is back to normal? It’s back to normal; glory to God! Thank You, Jesus! Mohammed Ali Jichy – Healed of Paralysis Of The Whole Body Hallelujah! We thank God Almighty for what He has done in our brother’s life! Sir, apart from the physical healing you received, what other changes have you witnessed in your life? I am close to Jesus, more and more. Thank You, Jesus! Mohammed Ali Jichy – Healed of Paralysis Of The Whole Body After my healing, I am closer to Jesus! Amen! Wow! We thank God Almighty for what he has done in our brother’s life. Can you just explain to us, sir – you mentioned in the interview earlier that because the pain was so severe, it really even affected your relationship with others; it caused you to get very angry easily because of the severity of the pain. Just tell us – what are the changes that you have seen in that area? There is no more hot temper; I am friends with everybody. Thank You, Jesus! Wow! Thank God Almighty! Not only did our brother receive physical healing; he was also set free from that spirit that pushed him to get very angry and we give glory to God. Now, for the glory of God, sir, we would like to see you demonstrate what you can now do that you couldn’t do before. Mohammed Ali Jichy – Healed of Paralysis Of The Whole Body Wow! This is something that was impossible for our brother to do before! But you can see him today – a living testimony to the glory of God. We thank God for what He has done in your life, sir. We just want to hear a word from our brother that really encouraged you to be here and introduced you to Emmanuel TV. Good Morning, Church! Emmanuel! (God With Us – Matthew 1:23) My name is Mr Gabriel. The man next to me is my boss and my friend and the lady is my wife. Last Sunday, we came here with my friend, and he was really feeling bad. The pain was too much so we had to cry to the man of God. To the glory of God, what we came for was fulfilled. I give God the glory. Hallelujah! Let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ! We thank God Almighty! Sir, as someone that worked very closely with Mr Mohammed, can you just tell us a little bit about before – how this problem really affected him and then the changes you have seen in his life after the prayer. Before, he was always very aggressive. Most of the time, people pass through me to him because they see me as a more or less ADC to him. When that pain was on – except me that understands him very well… He is not a bad man or wicked person. To the glory of God, after we left this place, on Monday, a boy that was punished, when he came to work, he now asked him to call him. When I heard that, I was so excited. One thing I learnt here, there is a lot of love. Even the workers – from the workers to the man of God – they are lovely. I believe that anybody who enters here and doesn’t have that change of being loved – I think he has to go somewhere else. When we went to work on Monday, there was a boy that he punished. Just for a trial, the boy decided to come. So when he came, he said, “Go back to your work!” There are other things that normally happened to him. He always told me that he never dreamt. But on that day, after we left this place on Sunday, when I came to work on Monday, he was laughing and told me, “Mr Gabriel, do you know what?” I said, “What is it?” He said, “I dreamt last night and I was telling God ‘Thank You, Jesus!'”. Even when he woke up, he was still saying it, “Thank You, Jesus!”. Hallelujah! One more time, let us put our hands together for Jesus Christ! Now we thank God for this wonderful testimony we have just listened to from our brother here. Once again, when we listen to testimonies, it is important that we learn valuable lessons from the contents of those testimonies. We learnt from our brother here that one of the things that really impacted our brother from coming to The SCOAN was seeing the fruit of the Spirit in action – the love of God in action. As we remember recently when Prophet T.B. Joshua actually visited the nation of Israel, we saw in the clips how he held a meeting with religious leaders of different faiths – religious leaders from Judaism, Islam, Christianity. During that meeting, Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “The love of God transcends all religion, any geographical barrier or any ethnic barrier”. We believe it was the love of God that our brother received when he came to The SCOAN and we can see the fruit in his life thereafter. How upon going back to work on Monday, many of the people that he had sacked previously he called them back and allowed them to come back to work because of that same love of God Almighty. So, once again, this is a lesson for all of us. As we have heard Prophet T.B. Joshua preaching regularly – even last Sunday, he said, “When you hold an offence against a brother, you have already grieved the Holy Spirit”. After not only receiving physical healing but spiritual healing, our brother here – Mr Mohammed – actually wanted to make sure he let go of all offence, let go of all bitterness or pain of the past and actually forgive and reconcile with the people that he had sent out from his office as the brother, Mr Gabriel, just explained. So this is God. This is the name of Jesus Christ that we are talking about. It is not only in physically calling the name. Today, some people would be calling the name in a way to try and cause division, or try and spread problems between people of different religions. But the name of Jesus Christ must bring results, must be followed by the corresponding power. We have seen in the life of our brother now that he did not only receive physical healing spiritual healing but you have seen how his life has also changed thereafter and the fruits of the Spirit have started to show in his life. So one more time, let’s put our hands together for Jesus Christ! We would just like to ask our brother a final question. What is your word of advice to our viewers all over the world? My advice to anyone who has a problem, like my problem or not like my problem, any problem you have, all healing, all blessing – receive your healing, in Jesus’ name! Mohammed Ali Jichy & Friends – Healed Of Paralysis Of The Whole Body

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