Moving of “The Cross” – First Baptist Church at The Fields

(dramatic music) – [Brent] I’m excited about the fact that that cross that stood over our campus there on Josey Lane since 1986 is the same cross that’s
gonna be over this campus. And I tell ya, I’m also
excited too because I believe, over the course of time, many, many more people
are gonna see that cross who are driving up and down that highway. Who knows what stories
will be told of people who were at their wit’s end and who felt like they had nothing left and they looked over
and they saw that cross? I believe that God is gonna take and use that cross right there to be a witness, to be a message. You know, the book of Colossians tells us that God has reconciled
us through Jesus Christ through the cross. The Bible also tells us in Colossians 2 that he has triumphed over
his enemies through the cross. That cross that is there
is going to be a beacon. It is gonna be a light to this community as it sits atop that building. As it has the light shining on it, it is going to be a
beacon in this community and a beacon around the world. Let me tell you, when I see that cross, it reminds me of some things. One thing it reminds me of, it reminds me of our Savior because you cannot see a cross without thinking of the fact that Jesus laid down his life, he gave his life for
you and me on a cross. It wasn’t a beautiful, white cross. It was an old, rugged cross. And he wore that crown of thorns after being mocked and scorned, and as we talked about last week, that sign was hung above that cross intending to be a sign of shame, and yet, it was a declaration that this is Jesus of Nazareth, the king, and he, our Savior, gave of himself, he died on that cross for you and for me. So when you see that cross, let that cross always be
a reminder of the fact that Jesus our Savior gave himself for us.

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