Moron Wearing ‘N-Word’ Shirt Confronts Trayvon Supporters

optimism and verdict a 25-year-old by
then the AG bohannon went to this small town he Square Mall up in
Wichita to basically protest the verdict but he
didn’t gather a bunch of people to protest he decided to practice his first
amendment rights by wearing a hoodie with the hood up and he also had a sign around his neck
that said the following: if I don’t stand for something that I
will fall for anything hash tag recipes trademark out reaches well I hope they tore that thing
of a man that sounds like he’s inciting a riot right i mean stand
up for something like inept free country to legal yet it’s gotta be
a legal right angle rice arrested right tell me they arrested him well they did arrest out that guy a mall
security was finally apparently has like some
power I don’t really think that they did but ma security went up to see paul
Blart my day I just thought it was a movie but
it turns out it’s pretty accurate well they got a call the cops in in here they
did but apparently they can like detain you call
the cops the cops come in and then D do the bidding at the mall security yes so they asked him to take a study of
and he reluctantly did so before we took it off he said why am I not allowed to wear a hoodie
when this very mall cells hoodies which is a great point no
no let’s pause there that’s a devastating yes like that the
said your honey is by definition dangers just the actor wearing a hoodie what you
saw the friggin what do you think why are you so you think is by the way you know also in america
space in a place like Kansas guns are not dangerous putting these are
dangerous the CEO’s is a black kid he is a black
hole golf course of corporate CEO Mark Zuckerberg they would make him take his
money opportunity yeah so that the bar actually does have
a code of conduct and it does bad hoodies it says wearing
apparel that obscures and or conceals the face including but
not limited to hoodies or masks or apparel that may provoke or incite
violence is prohibited so in this case %uh security felt that
the hoodie incited violence there are comfortable
with its ok he didn’t reluctantly take it off clever ass took off the whole sweat
you’re just removed the hood they wanna take off the hoodie the entire sweatshirt side yes he had to
take off to sweat shirt by the way that seems that this is a
nearby guns go to site violates how do you see and
masses I buys it messes I get at me because I’m inundated it several the place of you know where
you are coming in with like a University Kansas Jayhawks honey
inciting violence my guess is that they’re not gonna come
up the back a you see rosa Yahoo right know the story gets worse so
yes that sign around his neck and they tell him that she needs to take
the sign up and he says no marketing a sign of this is protected under the
First Amendment I’m not doing anything wrong I’m not inciting violence this is
just me you know doing freedom of speech and the
cops are outside the mall security tells know you got to get off and he doesn’t
listen he goes to are near the food court and then
finally they decide since he refuses to take off the sign they are gonna call sorties and he
didn’t get arrested handcuffed let out for saint you know if you don’t
stand for something you know you’ll fall for anything that dangerous statement is already
taking a buddy of he’s not a violation and even their
stupid code like who cares arrest the kid now it’s about you I guess already in
seeing the average is about to get worse his way to you see the parts you what
they do when they have actual people inciting by so the following day there were a group
of protesters that protest in near the mall and they were very upset at the fact
that bohannon got arrested they felt it was right and while they were protesting there
were these two white man that showed up just a troll them in fact one of them
wore a black shirt that said the following an aquatic
verbatim this year can say nigger because it’s black see very clever you know Jimmy your
comedian you see how funny that asl areas yeah let’s tee shirt what I so now these two fat asses show off and
I can say that I have immunity am fat and a and their truck and they’re trying
to goad about the fifty people that have gathered and no hold you we’ve got a trade you
have tape just take a look at their reaction its insane God yeah go at okay I don’t know file photo frame
and all-powerful way flow is 0.00 really makes this a try well you got that was funny no says
there might be a 501 I would think it was funny or something got was that it
was funny suffered sir nothing happened to them and that’s a
case where people were actually trying to incite violence so that’s the rediculous hypocrisy in
this story dry so this guy will have a lawsuit against the mall against the police department the city
and he’ll win well we hope we will smoke if you know made a
definite we handcuff him and arrested him so the jury Asian we’re not clear on it
yet but he had a sign that was perfectly safe they just said hey you know stand
up for something right they had assigned same need nigger I’m a hand and went to a protest up full of minorities and very simple suspect is somebody might
get upset about that but apparently the cops there think like
for this I decided wells have added cost you have i mean like nobody should be
arrested those killed those wheels those a white
buffoons who were you know to dumbest people in america I mean the
junior St I totally agree a totally grief now look what they did to the black kid in the
mall was outrageous I but to me you wish ensure he likes
america right and and to me it’s not inciting
violence to go it’s much more citing months ago with
assured that it is to go with a hoodie are perfectly fine sign them off but I don’t think it’s fair to say
that’s inciting violence either I disagree I i don’t think that they should be
arrested either however I do think that there inciting
violence are purposely going to black protesters wearing something that of course is racially charged
they’re trying to provoke some sort of altercation and it
would lead to violence and I know the protesters handled it perfectly
because they didn’t give an Indian cave in and start a fight right but they’re trying to rile people
up and that’s an issue so I don’t disagree with you and that they brought the videotape
hoping something bad happened you know they that’s a camera was Italian tell sign you know and and and it is a
good guy the protesters were brilliant yes for sale I don’t take the bait you know
that’s absolute second of all I love the way he just simply a person was like did you think you’re being funny and
they got all like awkward light now are was weird yet are you know right
like you think you’ll be more resume like ok I two weeks we see my clowns me I got
up from a station breast US a great job that’s how you should
handle it kudos to those guys right now you know abut I to me you you get to
wear any shirt you get to where any sign its America so
you know people don’t get it Accu I don’t care how inflammatory disease so
I mean look at your member in and ailing is almost case I went with a
sign in milli-q community saying let ellie on don’t say liane hope you
get with me here at the house yeah I would too I want to the house now
people say oh well the obvious to the cubans are gonna be angry and assault you well below
obviously we live in a free country and I didn’t call any words I did say
anything I just thought you have kids gotta stay with his dad and what it what happened I got
viciously attacked by about a hundred guns everybody was like I had a governing you
know david but no I don’t know what you’re saying
and how we live in a free country so so I hate those guys the black short a
guy I agree with Ben among the two da most people in america but don’t need it you can attack people for
what their say I’m sure it’s like the Westboro Baptist Church
like you wanna contact them but you don’t attack that’s right have
they have the right to wear those shirts are our whole those ridiculous signs
with a say got beat spotted you happy but can we could put know we could do
those we can just follow those guys and if it’s raining we could shoot them
right the and by the way did you notice yet
did you notice that the white guys in the intimidating shirts were walking really slowly yet do
you remember in the traveling case if you’re walking slowly that suspicious
at the race up in their hands to like that but by the way it is insane that if
there was an altercation their whoever had the guns went wins because
it doesn’t matter who starts a fight for faith if you’re it feel that you’re it any
kind of major I mean this fifty guys there right now let’s say that you guys
have the guts right why they come in they with AK-forty
sevens which is possible or ar-fifteens right and they incite people or if that
doesn’t work the circus or big push somebody the pushback run yes I’ll confess

24 thoughts on “Moron Wearing ‘N-Word’ Shirt Confronts Trayvon Supporters”

  1. The rules say No Hoodies because hoodies are used to conceal identity for robberies. TYT appeals to those who crave fake racism stories

  2. He was arrested for refusing to take off the sign. The mall is private property. Private property does not have to allow protests,nor should they. Who wants a Trayvon riot in your mall?

  3. Cenk said “we live in a free country”. And yet he brags about taunting the Cuban community for protesting the government shipping a boy who had made it to freedom back to totalitarian Cuba.

  4. Lol love that video segregation now tomorrow and forever if you ain’t white then you ain’t right white pride forever- I would never go near black people – let’s get real black people don’t like white people and white people dont like black people / stick to your own kind as it says in the Bible

  5. Of course cenk will add in a gun comments not even half way of the video. It seem like tyt will try to add in a gun comments and say that they are dangerous even when the story has nothing to do with guns at all

  6. Where can I buy it? I've been searching for this shirt through all internet but I can't find it anywhere

  7. Mírenos somos los dos culos gordos que venimos de racists de caca antagonizer pero somos blancos y nadie nos va arrestar que estupido a pobre de sus familias asco marranos se verían mejor con todo y players en el caso de las carnitas o del pozole por 🐷🐷

  8. I call fat asses fat asses because i can lol

    Plus i used to be a fat ass and people calling me a fat ass, all the bullying lead to me dropping the unhealthy lard.

  9. I’m going to buy me that same shirt. Thanks TYT for inadvertently advertising the product you so hate 😂🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻

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