More than words. Houses of worship with d&b

There are a lot of promises made
when it comes to good sound and what that means for a congregation
and how it can be achieved with products and solutions and technology. But as for delivering on that promise, d&b has been doing so – in worship environments and more – for decades. For industries at the top of their field,
from the West End theater to live shows and corporate events, from stadiums
to nightclubs, to live venues and more. The biggest mark of a successful
sound system isn’t just that it sounds good. We have to think beyond that. It’s about how you consider the value
that a sound system adds to what you’re doing and open your eyes to realize that a sound system sits at the core of everything
about a worship experience. It’s setting the atmosphere. There can be moments in worship
where it becomes so quiet, you can actually hear a pin drop. Within five to ten minutes of the message you can tell, if the audience is with you or not. You have people that are into it, that are having a genuine experience, that are having an emotional experience. It’s not just about communicating this message, but we want people to feel it. We want people to walk away and say, “Wow, that sounded fantastic.” Obviously, the dynamic range
for our services is huge, but then when it all pulls together for the sermon where there’s one voice, that’s where it’s really critical. Actually, clarity is reinforced by silence,
when there’s a pause. The space in between creates light and shade.
It creates color in the music. So, if you just have a constant barrage
of sound, it’s noise. Good audio consists of having the palette
that you need sonically. It means having the control that delivers
exactly the sound that’s coming from the source faithfully to those who are listening, so that they can engage. It carries not just the sound of it, it carries the feel of it,
it carries the emotion, it carries the humor. And it’s about communication, really. Whether it’s using ArrayProcessing
to unify the front row with the back row and bringing that experience into
more of a balance, into tonal harmony – that creates a response. What we try to do is provide those moments for people to have that experience. And one of the ways we do that is music. Music is such a powerful tool that we have. It speaks across all platforms. Oftentimes it will connect you emotionally
to something that’s really powerful. It’s amazing to stand on the stage
and be singing a song and hear the audience singing so clearly. I mean our people get up
in that choir loft and when they sing, they look at faces in the audience and they know they’re hearing
everything that’s being done. d&b puts all these things together. Having an intelligent solution,
something that’s forward thinking, something that sounds the same
no matter which box you choose. All for the purpose of serving
the passions of those who use our products. Being able to confidently say,
that this passion is going to arrive exactly as I intend it, is what really gets us going. d&b Soundscape just made sense
for us because not only does it sound wonderful, but it has the ability to create
an ambiance or create a climate, but it’s very important
to be able to remove distractions while we’re striving to worship. Now we’re thinking in a totally new dimension
when it comes to d&b Soundscape. We’re thinking not just front to back,
we’re thinking left to right, so that there can be truth and localization
in exactly what’s represented from the stage, so that when you hear the pastor,
you see him from this position, you don’t hear him from up here anymore. You hear him from exactly where you see him, and your brain’s acting in complete harmony
because that’s the way our minds work. That’s how we process sound as individuals. The biggest thing is you don’t want to give
anyone any reason to disconnect from the message that you’re giving them. d&b really works in so many different ways to make incredibly advanced,
complex technology, simple to use. So that every service,
every week, every meeting can be as good as it’s intended to be. I mean, d&b has changed the way our services feel. When you come into our auditorium,
anything we do from stage has now been amplified to a level
that everyone’s being impacted by it. It’s amazing to see the huge breadth
of applications that we serve. From a tiny chapel, that only seats eighty people,
in the hills tucked away in Austria, right through to the megachurches
of the United States. And for all the different expressions in between, for every different type of culture, from cutting edge
to revitalized traditional organizations, it’s really incredible to see that one size
doesn’t fit all, but d&b has a solution that’s capable.

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