More Than 300 ‘Predator Priests’ In Pennsylvania Accused Of Abuse | NBC Nightly News

48 thoughts on “More Than 300 ‘Predator Priests’ In Pennsylvania Accused Of Abuse | NBC Nightly News”

  1. Raping, molesting, and shamelessly abusing so many precious, innocent children. Just another disgusting reality that we have been forced to live with because of white supremacy.

  2. The policy of not touching women should have been a major clue. LOL
    Catholic Priests are the American Taliban.
    Religions are the biggest hoax in history, no? The Bible a silly collection of Bronze Age campfire stories told by goat farmers.

  3. F YOU ARE STICKING YOUR D*CK IN CHILDREN THEN YOU ARE NOT "MEN OF GOD!!!" Anyone and everyone who had anything to do with this (past and future) should be exiled from among people (at the very least) SCREWING CHILDREN IS AN UNFORGIVABLE SIN!!!

  4. Lock them Up. Their father is the devil not God, Wake up. Catholics to be silent is to be Participated in their Sins. Where are Your Works to Save the church. Wake Up

  5. Every label of religion has predators lurking in the church. From the priest, pastor, preacher, preacher's wife, the preacher's children, church ministry leadership, youth pastor and all the way down to the person who answers the phone in the office such as the secretary. These places are saturated with abusive people that hide behind religion to seek vulnerable people to exploit, mislead and abuse. Secrets, abuse, cover ups and evil towards vulnerable people are in all churches. The church uses a theme of love, life principles to lure and draw people in to gain the trust of people. The love and the sense of safety doesn't stay that way. Eventually someone or a group of people managing the church will start to abuse people sexually, physically, financially and people end up deprived, starved, exploited and influenced to do anything for a corrupt church thinking they are living for God. This is why you should stay out of organized religion no matter what label or belief, because you will end up brainwashed, lured to be abused and deprived eventually. The church is not a safe place. Doesn't matter if it is Catholic, Jehovah Witness, Presbyterian, Non denominational, or whatever method of belief. It only lures people into thinking it is love and safe at first then people, women, children and whole entire families are abused eventually. Then no one wants to expose the truth. They lie and cover it up! That is reality!! Your better off thinking for yourself. No 3rd person should dictate your thoughts and beliefs ever! Demons in human flesh are everywhere! They exploit love and God's name just to abuse people and deprive others.

  6. If someone doesn’t have ingrained instincts to protect and shield children from harm they can only expect the eternal reward to be a grave marker.

  7. How is this too old for court when you can go back and get Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby for raping women 50 years ago

  8. But will they be prosecuted for these crimes? I doubt it. They will just be sent to another church to do it again. It is almost like "Don't worry-we got your back bro." Do what you want to.

  9. Defeat Vatican ll. Vatican ll is liberal modernism and evil. Seek out a true Traditional Priest that is against Vatican ll and the new invalid mass and new religion.

  10. Those guilty, and those complicit, should be locked up and the Catholic church closed down. It speaks volumes when there response is to ask for forgiveness. Forgive nothing, LOCK THEM UP and throw away the key!

  11. The Church is not to blame because a lot of these priests are in Pennsylvania and other states that are shaped by some thriving negative culture in states showing similar stats. These traits are shaped and instilled characteristics that is already festering in these states especially with stats like these. These men make choices to enter for a reason and are already vulnerable. There is definitely a profile here and the Church Christianity needs to seek out psychiatrists, therapists and explore how to minimize men with certain vulnerabilities from entering the priesthood. The Catholic Church is a large and global culture and practically a nation; but the American states where these stats derive from in essence are bred in “predator states and American culture”. The Catholic name is taking the finality of these sickos that seek out where they can have access and evolve into oppressions born from vulnerabilities.

  12. The Catholic Church has been taken over by a homosexual mafia of predatory priests. Pope Francis has done nothing to fight this evil force within his clergy. He should not be Pope.

  13. all religion is terrible. Get rid of the statue of limitations. Wish Christopher Hichkens was alive to see religion crumble. We need social structures to help people not religions. How about donating money to social structures that actually feed people cloth people educate people not go to the vatican.

  14. Obstruction of Justice, undermining US Law and denying justice. Enemy of the USA. Institutionally, Organized Attack on the Democracy of USA.
    the foreign country of the Vatican City State has proven itself to be an Enemy by attacking the fabric of our Democracy.
    Close the US Embassy to the Vatican. Declare the Catholic Church an Invalid Religion.

  15. What these men are doing is gonna put a major affect on religion its funny how Catholics call themsleves Christians but its not even the same. Not even close. But eveyone thinks Christians and Catholics are same but totally diffrent.

  16. If I was a victim, I would push a class action lawsuit that could bankrupt the church.

    “Apologies” don’t cut. Jail time will.

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