Mocking the Westboro Baptist Church (awesomeness)

now i didn’t give you my opinion
yesterday follies apart the freedom of speech but pat buchanan sometimes you really which
people like the phelps family and getting to take advantage of instant
hate by comedian breaks down as urging me to
change my mind so let’s hear your reasoning brick thanks a lot the hospital baptist church of one the
supreme court decision allowing them to continue producing funerals with their
got its agenda well that’s right the excess many people
it’s important to remember that all speech must be protected to have a free
society irish slavery great phelps who is the
son of west for a leader fred phelps nate escape the family the literal maybe
he turned eighteen i asked him if he felt his father’s
homophobia might be explained by shame over gay experience from his youth now i have no proof that fred phelps
ever had a sweaty rendezvous with a handsome young coed who probably could
save us all a lot of trouble to just call fred back or to think that fred’s been chasing up
daily for fifty years by having secret encounters estrangement truck stop
bathrooms but i can ask the question thanks to
freedom of speech i’m not saying i know that fred phelps
ever pull the larry craddock literally or figure of late or that he’s a male hustler but i can’t say this fred phelps is a male hustlers and i can say that makes the parity law
since i’m clearly joking something else i’ve noticed in my
travels with the westborough churches that france granddaughters seemed to truly a
little bit different than the rest of the church they laugh at my jokes soften their tone
some people even describe it as flirting now is that because in the only mail
outside their family their children tension i don’t know but i do know this several female members of the west for a
baptist church and probably a few men may very well have graphic sexual
fantasies about me can approve it of course not but i can share say it thinks the
freedom of speech and it was a shirley kyle children with
a look like in twenty years i might be flattered so remember the same supreme court that
allows the west for a baptist church to protest funerals are switched back in
stores allows me to say that fred phelps losses virginity to his
mother an outhouse back to you on a out here break i guess you have a point

8 thoughts on “Mocking the Westboro Baptist Church (awesomeness)”

  1. the guy with the glasses is a programed robot, i say this,and that,and this,and that,and this and that and this and that and this and that ,i could say cat was mouse,mouse was cat,and a that ,and hat,the cat was fatbut then again i could say the mouse was fat.or lap dance,and i talk about this,and about that,and that and this.I this,I that, I that, ya man ,just wind the jack in the box,and I come out! its me the Fonze! EHHHHHH! LAFF!

  2. ok try to fix this guys ratchet jaw, what he is really trying to say is, that I suggest that you dont ever annoy me or I will make up a bunch of lies about you! its free speech!,and a Great Ideal.everyone spread lies about eachother if they offend you! its the best way to go !

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