Midweek Politics with David Pakman – Interview with Shirley Phelps-Roper – Part 1

welcome back to me to be politics let me
bring in surely phelps roper from the westborough baptist church none last
time we talked surely did not as she did not like a lot of what i had to say
about where i thought gay marriage was going and surely when i when i want to
schedule the interview with the you were in rhode island was that it all related
to the pending bills to legalize gay marriage there pirouette related and i think that we
had not yet abdicated that bothered paradigm in
so that opportunity arose right kindly sword you constantly trying to pick it
even dead soldiers field in all fifty states or we are not havin that would get one
of three that we had gotten to yet will you be coming to massachusetts
anytime soon or read we’ve been massachusetts lot all i know believe me i’ve got the part of being
getting the press releases from italy to coming back i know you were in cambridge
around the last time we spoke i think yeah byron fairly well took a lot of pain that come up there on a regular basis
uh… you are rabbit covert so the entire massive
susan opportunity presented itself massachusetts is perverse believe you me e so let me let me tell you uh… the
last couple of years you we’ve lost five states to legalizing gay
marriage an advice and i don’t think i’ve lost them but i i feel that you would feel that way these
now i know on it but look at that point they are factor accurately so you’re coming out on the program
today and saying you’re advocating the legalization of gay marriage across the
country and what we advocate everyday in every way with everything
that we do in pay obey your god attempted invasion that on
obey their god for now upenn fat that country so-called beltline now the
questionnaire it how back the couple inequity of dimmed america going to get
fault though that they had paying income
cracking down on main baat mein kampf feeling behind it coming unpopular landed that have gone up the
inhabitants out of the country so are we talking on how you although i think
that’s our promise arlene land obama to ap are we talking national
national disaster here whether backplate up biblical
proportions unclean event that had been never meant
being alike and which i’ve never been theme okay so many notes the creation aliso late lab dot org or
lady clear so you’re coming on board with the with the proved he refuses is the state is pro-gay marriage is what i’m hearing
from you today but i’m going and it wasn’t going to it okay get on with it long but here is how soon because i was
that we’ve been debating on the show how soon will be achieved fifty states
legalizing gay marriage sorry only thing i tab yeah it kinda get strung out and bring it up
and noted together we get a few weeks and yet they could get the louisville
year to get our picketing together get there and plug debate we are what goes hand-in-hand with the
destruction of the information and the then the catapult inhibi id global kingdom they’re going to be
eat who eventual you know not immediate that eventual
because rabin all validation uh… well we can tell i wanna see i
know the eventual depending on your boys without thinking they’re going to be restored mode now
absolutely clear focus today so it’s i’ve been getting your press releases
lately and for the last couple of years it seems up until a few months ago your
focus is really homosexuals but lately rejuvenating has really been ramped up
to a level that i haven’t seen named for megan for awhile why is there
anything wrong with you could call it you hate me minute greatly though no one ever going to call the
pattern forty four thousand that will be they’ve got a better pour out his air
declined to give them a period of great application but what about the other
hand nammude a peer through rejected now born priya michael moran peer-to-peer
your part warn frat but others no one had called them where
we are u behaving o’connor in forty four thousand units
are going to love i think we are going to love them and we are going to help
them but what about the jews that are part of that hundred and forty four
thousand isabella cannot reject heightened birthday howled all right how low the only way they have an the
only way to guide me and to have ended group right and they can then they matter at hand
and irene jackie embarking on just what do you think that big stopping the apparent ever think before
you do not murray have meaning when it come to not any training and have a help okay silverdarkcure headband on your
bank you cannot get to have an you hell-bent
behavior hole in anybody haha so that they’re going to have all the
corrected and young american rebellion naked the press release effort let me
talk to you about that because it’s and it’s not really loves helen well not speaking out one specific one
but this press release effort that you’ve got an on the list now like i
said and it’s it’s just for me it’s always a little bit we’re getting a
press release that says for example westborough to pick it bag infested democratic national
committee and then right below it says supplemental media information available
upon request what additional questions make some money after seeing yet the fact infested democratic
national committee is really my lesson people of all that up with the requested
at we have a couple of media and antwerp returned to the whole world
now midfield calculate the bomb pogo like everything that had to do it at the one that went that far beneath
the well yesterday with really good pictures of those they thought they’d bite we are blocking
overland park can visit one of the most the wealthiest
community than whole country a bit overland park in very close by and
they’ve got like nineteen location that we’re going to pick it over that weekend
at vocab let yes and i think i think a sprint p_c_s_ also is there an exam so i
think spring p_c_s_ is also headquartered in overland park so it
seems there’s a lot of activity going as of late and they’re not a lot of an
overland park but we’re not we can at the time and again drought but
on that but the ten thousand about premier you be really quiet and let them that knowing he would be a reprint
walking over the top of the cap lebi inequity of again prop let me ask
you there at the war is element of the unemployed or about
that and it’s going to be gloria again about
are going downtown conway base well i hope i’m on that list but i feel like
i’m probably not let me ask you why don’t you hassling them u_k_ yes yes yes oh yes welcome you know that you know daniel ideal colony he was done so no issue
with the sanyal the profit danielle i don’t be glad not personally ma’am all you want to know what you found my isn’t that big that you’ve found making those nadi evil eight-letter fell back and again i mean it happened adequately
be destroyed

13 thoughts on “Midweek Politics with David Pakman – Interview with Shirley Phelps-Roper – Part 1”

  1. The way she talks it's like, "Wait, you don't know the crazy shit that I know? What are you? Retarded?" This lady is so out of touch with reality. So indoctrinated with hate since the day she was born. Seriously, this whole church/family needs to go on a trip to the funny farm. They need serious help.

  2. I don't know – she seems very imformed and intelligent. It's such an effing anomaly. You should check out her latest music video on my channel.

  3. A high number of intelligent people are sadly insane. Shirley displays a level of mental illness that is frightening as she is given airtime and press attention. She no longer offends me either, I appreciate her and the rest of her ilk as seriously disfunctional and I hope one day we no longer see anything regarding them.

  4. mhm they need a rehab for brainwashed families… so those kids can learn to think for themselves… i feel sorry for them.

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