Midweek Politics with David Pakman – Interview with Dr. Joseph Chambers on The End of Time – Part 2

noel curious predicate futurist bolivian and broken if in fact right now the
history channel if you’ve already and they’ve asked me to help them to do a
new series on life after people whose and i’ve had to them i’m sorry that the
wrong man if you won’t like that to people out their plans are yet to come
let me ask you guys do i’ve had i’ve recently had another guest on this show
who also it believes that the interprets the bible literally in her name is
surely phelps roper i don’t know if you’re familiar with her no i’m not
she’s from the westborough baptist church they like the picket dead soldiers funerals in st dot he
thought i have not gone back up none of us would not but my point is she told me when she talks about the
rapture and so on and so forth that me personally david pacman i’m going to
hell because i’m happen to be jewish and i don’t believe that jesus was
anything more than one of many jewish profits from years ago much more than
the couples that you know that man die i said but not not much more than two
thousand years ago but that he was one of many jewish profits do you believe
that when this happens i will end up in heaven or hell i believe the secretary bentsen poets you see when you work study the book of
revelation the jewish future is graphic then manages right now who trust christ they’ll be they’ll be literally millions more who won’t trust christ there’ll be a hundred forty four
thousand single right after the rapture well it’s a very innovative engineer two
o’clock it’s funny you mention it surely all so mention these hundred and forty-four
thousand jews and she said because i’m not one of them that i’m going to help
out a little bit water no that’s what that i’m asking you because i was scared
when i heard that i would like i would like to order david i would love it i didn’t tell me
that i’m not going to hell because i don’t believe jesus was was anything
other than one of many jewish profit evaporated reggie lewis was son of god
button idea and never get undercover to pakistan
peoples artist or that artist album arnold who jesus is the way heat recruit and he put like movie
although you eternal life historically are pushing me econoline and so would
betray their developer mark the warm kagome got when iran and russia and all
those northern islamic nations a march on israel god is going to show him self
sold mikey independent you behind every jewish person and jerusalem it will be
practically is being is just being a good person enough to go to heaven ono never is just been a good person uh… i was very clear but you must be born again and energy just operative eternal life
and i’d like to battle with plenty of anymore what it can attack so that’s why you if you don’t go around
telling people to hail you go around share in the hope of christ with them
well i think i’m in trouble in that case you know because i think
i’ve only been born once thus far property pablo i’ll come out all your
problem david which you get on all your program because you’re invited me number
one x_ number two republic of i don’t have a beautiful
picture of our future i gotta run gamegrep come in for the
jewish people given the seven-year tribulation period bible church at the
end of that seven years ambery living q it’s going to look up and christ and
gone and know him as the world whom they did not know when
he came to respect but they want to know him and the
publisher to every one of them it will be staying up in a day and shot by you
will be one of them you know i i hope so too but really i want to just get your
reaction to the in in our limited time intimating the reaction asylum i had a
story he told me he had a girlfriend and she was on birth control and she
came to hand it to him and said listen i’m pregnant wary i haven’t been cheating on you it’s
the sun of god he was away for months so they hadn’t had sex she said it’s the
son of god and pregnant with and he said i don’t believe that at all that doesn’t
make any sense and she pointed to the bible and said hey this has happened would you believe this young lady story
is that possible the not possible well i think the not too bad payment and i think that’s probably happen today
it fallen angels that our demands are rb wicked women and
trying to have sex with him but so i was harming coming from the other shops why
was it but why is it possible i wasn’t believable enormous carcinogen some progress
compromise strip nobody particularly a my question is if it’s not reasonable
now to think that she’s not sheet she wasn’t really cheating she’s just giving
birth to the son of god why do we believe that jesus was born in that way or because yesterday and it was a problem and at that point there were numerous promptly given about
a part of the first time and relax one of them or portfolio army practically
will feel even said that they wouldn’t break a bone of here’s what he would be
pushed it back and when they came to break his bone who guarded gated a soldier of the roman government this
obeyed orders it didn’t break his poem well i will pass along the message we’ve
been speaking with doctor joseph chambers by the way doctor eric you it’s
honor it’s an honorary doctorate is that right it is clear on her doctor to
curiouser and i know you work hard to tell them
that you work in college forget though that i can’t is that right yet but
they’ve made a brother lied about poor thier david everything i
had with a good colleges that i’ve done the applause and so i know that that they were given
to me on the bully because i have given my captive tech well the book is the
masterpiece god’s unfolding revelation that it’s a wonderful book and i want
you to tell you that there’s going to give you a copy by will take a look at
it and i will review the evidence and i think you’ll enjoy our help also have a novel entitled never going
to have a decade ago everett jewish prashant we love that because annually
brought in the heart of well i want to review all of the records thank you for
calling in today’s and it’s been great having you on the show there’s been a
job you know with the data ok sicker that incredible louis in incredible of i don’t know what’s up you know i talked about uh… you know
we always have people on who savings for shock value though and i like it criticized them and i like to say u_s_ but sometimes we cave in a little bit and we like to have
people on for a little bit of shock value but the thing is i don’t think he was
saying anything for shock value i think he believes everything he said what’s in the what he said is a little sharking uh…
okay probably what show it not a shocking is savored a roper photos from for family right but you know to someone who’s not very
religious unified jarring you find it a little bit design wanted
his weapons of choice concerning your children home dead from the battle it’s an interesting interview and plenty
more to get transcriber various guy i do look forward to a taking a look at is those books

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