Megyn Kelly: I Complained About Bill O’Reilly’s Behavior | Megyn Kelly TODAY

42 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly: I Complained About Bill O’Reilly’s Behavior | Megyn Kelly TODAY”

  1. Yeah, right. – this is why women are not trusted anymore. You used Bill OReilly and road the coat tails. American men are sick of women like you. Once you get what you want and you are rich, then you lash out.

  2. And now Megyn Kelly has been fired too… Eventually, 'they' will be able to 'get anyone'…. It all seems so 'Soviet Union' to me….

  3. So sick of women complaining of sexual harrassment. Megyn you were paid Millions, stop complaining and talk to human resources and move on. You are set for life if you never work again. Unlike most of us regular people! What do you really have to complain about. Having a show on TV, being paid millions? Just quit!

  4. Megyn, when you left Fox your conservative base did not follow and the liberals were never going to accept you, even if you attacked Fox. Pretty easy to see coming but what the heck you still made out with millions. We (conservatives) really loved you Megyn, but you dumped us for some creep and then wanted us to attend your wedding? Not a chance, however, I am sorry your new fling stabbed you in the back with a 12" butcher knife and twisted the blade.

  5. Right of center poster here. At work, treat a female coworker like a lady coworker. After your shift, or show or active duty, etc. is over go to one of the many night spots in your area and see if you can lock in a fun evening with one of the girls there. At work act like a professional, at the bar reel them in if you can. If you represent yourself as a Republican you should always be a gentleman at work. Bill O'Reilly had a great show and I hate to see that go away.

  6. Megan Kelly, the broadcaster that Bill O'Reilly helped a great deal by putting her on his show. Megan Kelly that signed a big contract with NBC and then was soon fired because her ratings stunk and she was paid too much. Megan Kelly who is not doing much anymore that I can discern because she was never that good. Megan Kelly, the big con riding the destructive feminist movement.

  7. Every case is different .It takes two to tango. O Reilly has been rude to men and women throughout his career with agressive interviews and blatant usery of guests . Who knows what deals these people discuss on a daily basis between themselves as they trawl the papers and web for scandals over the years . What has megan or o Reilly done for the country apart from rolling out celeb gossip and making heroes of terrorists

  8. Kelly is a stupid mediocre hypocritical idiotic moron and delusional and she doesn’t deserve any of her good stuff , bill O’rielly doesn’t deserve this


  10. This comment section proves her point! I can’t stand Megan Kelly or Fox News but it’s obvious she’s being sincere

  11. All y’all want to bash her cus you don’t like her, but ignore the fact that’s she actually speaking the truth about fox.

  12. You're such a cut throat liar Megyn! Why don't you ask Putin a bunch of questions about FAKE Russian Collusion Megyn, because you expect us to buy that too right!?

  13. Haha flip flopping between Networks with opposite political views has to stop too! haha Megyn you only cared about the money all along you didn't believe in conservative views! And you didn't switch sides for your kids because that would mean you neglected them for 7yrs, 5yrs, and 3yrs haha that's their ages when she left Fox.

  14. This is why nobody pays for cable anymore. Absolute trash. Visual cancer. If you have a valid complaint, you must have valid evidence. That goes for murder, sexual harassment, as well as petty theft. Evidence = convictions and without it, you don't have a case. So why do people expect when it comes to harassment the same rules don't apply? Valid complaints have evidence. That's all. BS walks.

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