Meet the Dash Venezuela Remittances Team (Part of it)

I am Edgar Caballero of Dash Valencia. My name is Freddy Rauseo. My name is Richard Jerez, leader of the Dash community in Los Teques. My name is Gabriel Mitacchione. Hi, my name is Juan Alejandro Ortega. Good afternoon, how are you? My name is Hussein Jimenez. And my name is Johan Arrellano. My profession is public accountant And I have a degree in management. And I’m an organizational consultant. I become a businessman in my country since more than 15 years ago I belong to the chain of perfume shops La Villas I’m part of the board of directors. And I am also on the board of directors of the healthcare franchise PleniSalud. In this way, I am a specialist in franchises and specialist and advisor in business in my country [Venezuela] I’ve got a degree in Computer Education I’ve always worked with computers I learned how to form my own local community. here in Valencia [Venezuela] I’ve held various meetups I have used… with the people of Dash Force they… were the first who financed me to hold the meetups I’m a specialist in finance. psychologist additionally, I’m a businessman by nature I have more than 15 years experience developing franchise models across Latin America and Venezuela I have had the opportunity to give some presentations, I’m a conference speaker I love working with people It’s my habitat to be among human beings I have a degree in international commerce I believe that Dash is an opportunity that crossed paths with the Venezuelan reality in order to grow and develop this alliance where in reality in Venezuela we need a tool like Dash My profession is electrician I’m a merchant of more than 15 years. More than 1 year working with Dash and with the community of Dash Venezuela I am an ally of theirs And I am feeling very enthusiastic to work right now for the proposal [Dash Venezuela Remittances] I am an engineer, graduate of Simon Bolivar University in Caracas [Venezuela] I’m ex-Dash-merchant I worked for Dash Merchant [Venezuela] for 6 months there in Caracas and we’re doing everything we can from Madrid [Spain] to be a key part of sending remittances there [Venezuela] I’m a professional in international business and I’m also leading a sporting project OK, my first encounter with cryptocurrency was investing in a scam I lost a lot of money but thank God what I learned from this experience was greater I’m expecting a baby now, that is half Colombia and half Venezuelan so, it’s a great opportunity to contribute something to this country [Venezuela] Dash gave me hope because it gave me independence. It made me feel like I don’t depend on someone who tells me what my work is worth or my money It’s something that is completely mine And it has nothing to do with someone’s political decision It gives you the possibility of something they have denied us for a long time here [Venezuela] in our country which is independence Dash is transparent Dash is easy to use it’s fast it’s secure It gave me hope that I can do something more for my country something more for my family of course for my work for my profession Because it was a form of sheltering my capital in a situation as complicated as what we experience in Venezuela with the currency, the bolivar for the hyperinflationary situation and as a form of payment that can modernize the country What I thought we could do, sincerely, is to make a family. I feel like the people who work with the same purpose towards the same end, can be family We can help them I’m very proactive When I see a project I like, I immediately want to join I remember a video I saw about Venezuela where to buy 2 beers, you needed some really big stacks of bills I thought, wow, cryptocurrency can solve all of this We could join this marvelous team this marvelous project and help to grow this project across Latin America I considered myself middle class and I’m not anymore, it’s a lie To buy a pair of shoes right now is very difficult To buy clothes for my children is very difficult The other people that have suffered a lot are the children because they are defenseless, they need things their parents they need a lot of people to achieve at least the minimum to be ok at least to eat My brother has a degree he also has been very affected, he has a degree manager of a bank and he earned only enough to pay for transportation, enough so he could go to work He’s been working for me for a year I pay him in my business 3 times what he used to earn and he still does not have enough to eat That demoralizes him The hyperinflation of the bolivar is a truly human drama I wish it was just a financial thing All of our families are bankrupt All of our friends are bankrupt Our whole way of life has sunk We have suffered the situations that have been produced by the total destruction of the Venezuelan currency but like a human drama It’s not strictly an economic thing nor is it strictly political Our people die because of that. Interested in that everyone can use Dash to so that economically Venezuela flows better To have bolivars in this moment is a waste To hold bolivars is to lose what you have accumulated in your work To hold bolivars is to lose energy, sincerely I sent some money from Argentina, a friend who worked with me We sent some money live online in the same conference And he sent the money to his mom And his mom was among the attendees More than 60 people there and she cried It was very emotional, very lovely It added a lot to the conference And we got a lot of enthusiasm in that moment I am an ally of Dash Venezuela and I’ve worked with them for more than a year I continue working with them, I feel… I appreciate them a lot and with them I got my start We’re missing a bridge we’re missing a bridge so the person who is in Venezuela the mom, the grandpa, the uncle who needs to receive the money who is not being trained, doesn’t have the required knowledge so I decided to put forth an effort working remotely with the people in Venezuela for example, a Venezuelan would come up to me and say, I need to send money to Venezuela so I explained to him how to install the wallet, how to receive and send and I requested the contact of the family member over there in Venezuela So, what did I do, remotely, I explained, look, here, download the wallet when you download it, look, do the thing with the recovery phrase and I explained to them the whole process we were advancing, little by little it has not been easy making this happen because we have encountered a great barrier Due to the Venezuela situation and the instability there are a lot of people taking advantage of others so people are afraid to give you some money or do a business deal with you so, we have been gaining some ground we have been, you could say, investing in trust I am really convinced and in love with the Dash project and I’m going to give everything I can Well, the first thing I want to do invite the whole world to participate in Dash I would like everyone to have the opportunity, those who know it, those who don’t those who are with other cryptocurrencies You should have Dash in your wallet If you are a forward-thinking man or forward-thinking woman If you are someone who is going to get into the future Get into it with Dash

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  1. Nice video! Seems like a really skillful, passionate bunch. Good job assembling this team. Perhaps my favorite line was from Edgar Caballero, who noted, "Dash gave me hope because it gave me independence."

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