Me, Myself and My Conscience feat. FRED | The Flipside

[ Cellphone alarm blaring ] -[ Groans ] [ Whimsical music playing ] -Damn it. -Oh, are you serious?
-What the…?! -I’m just saying. Facedown?
-Where did you come from? -Then the fly?
-How did you get here? -Henry, everybody knows that
you don’t eat fallen pastry. -‘Cause it’s fallen pastry.
-Who are you? -Dude, relax. I’m just your conscience. Trash can. [ Whimsical music continues ] [ Cellphone vibrating ] -[ Sighs ] -Really?
-What? Are you kidding me?
-Dude, that is cold. -Are you going to be here
all day? -You should pick it up.
Pick it up. -I’m going to answer it, okay? Hi, mom. -Damn it, Henry,
I know you’re a kid, but that doesn’t mean
that you have to be an idiot. Okay? You’re useless
and you’re underachieving. Oh, you know what
go ahead and say it. I’m the horrible boss, right? Go ahead and say it. Say it! -Do not say it. -You got potential coming
out of your ass, but I want you
to want to work here. You got good listening skills,
I’ll give you that. You’re not fired. [ Music continues ] -I got this. [ Music continues ] [ Music continues ] -Taylor! Obviously, no single
law will solve everything, but do you seriously
believe that? -Dude.
-Give me a second. -What — Do you really think that’s the best place
to have an intelligent — -Can you just be quiet
for a second? -No, not really?
-Look I know it’s not the best place to talk, but it’s a provoking post
on purpose. -Okay, so maybe
just don’t get involved. -You’re not only your opinion
here, okay? Why do you always
think you’re right? -Well,
because I’m your conscience. Technically, I am always right. -Well, good for you, jerk face. -Look, Henry,
I’m just extension of you. It’s only your brain
that allows you to visualize a personification
of your conscience. Basically, you’re calling
yourself a jerk face. -I’m not the jerk face.
You’re the jerk face. And Taylor Wesley’s post just pissed me off,
so I’m gonna let him know. It’s my decision and you can’t
do anything about it. Really, Taylor? Are gun control laws
that simple? Do you really believe
that the government is out to help the criminals
and hurt its citizens? Really? Ever think it might be a little
more complicated than that? Lemme guess? You don’t want the Government
to take away your right to guns, but you are cool
if they take away some people’s right
to get married. Makes perfect sense,
jerk face. #unfriend. [ Sighs ] [ Music continues ]

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  1. hey I really liked this! especially the super relevant part at the end–I think we've ALL been there where we see a purposely provoking post about a hot button issue or topic and have to decide whether or not to get involved. anyways, I've been there a lot. Thanks again soulpancake!

  2. Just shortly ago, when I went fourwheeling, … blasting down over all those plants and nature, but it was so much fun. Same thing with my profession: gonna be a pilot and I love flying, but I'm afraid I'll be part of an industry making up for a lot of the greenhouse gas emissions and other bad environmental impacts.

  3. I fight with myself when I know I have to give up something to help another person. In the end I do it. The guilt of not helping someone eats me up. And I feel ashamed that I even felt that way in the first place.

  4. hmm…this is interesting, but it kinda paints conscience in black and white….

    what's right is not always so straightforward, and the choice is not just "right vs wrong"
    it's part of the mindset in our culture that leads people to be so judgmental of each others' actions assuming that someone else "knows they are in the wrong", when it reality we are all just trying to figure it out

    it gets me thinking, and i guess that's the whole point 😉
    nice vid!

  5. i dont know what this is supposed to mean but i guess as i have no self control what so ever i guess im doing it right according to this

  6. I fight with my conscience when I decide wether if I should do what's right for me, or others, I usually pick others.

  7. its nice what they did, they made visual the internal arguments we normally have; I'm new to this channel but i am really loving its content!

  8. These videos WILL combined into be a movie someday!
    Nice to see a bit of morality on the web.
    I wish I had the cash to invest!

  9. That wasn't that bad actually. Compared to a lot of his other stuff that he is known for, I'd give this 4.5 out of 5 stars. I won't give him that half only because of his other work.

  10. I fight with my conscience when I want to write my fanfiction(or read a novel or be with my family or watch a video) but I also need to write a report. Or when I want to talk to someone and I'm too shy to say shit.

  11. loooL THIS IS THE BEST SOUL PANCAKE VIDEO LOL (NOT THAT ALL OF THEM ARENT MY FAVE) .. CONSCIENCE – SO TRUE (my conscience is telling me to go to bed and get offline)

  12. this was deep. I love the flipside videos! Please never stop making these. It gets me to thinking about my actions more (: 

  13. @SoulPancake Hey FLIPSIDE PEOPLE ! I hope you guys read this ! I would really love to see a flipside episode done about a better world. A world where everyone sees the world how SOULPANCAKE & all of the soulpancakers see the world.Or better yet there version of it. How would the world be if  most people were spiritually conscious and took environmental responsibility. & most importantly WHAT IF WE DIDN'T HAVE THE LOVE FOR MONEY? What if we had a substitute for money. Like niceness? Or what have you discovered lately? How have you impacted someones Life Lately? Have you taken environmental responsibility? Things like this. Who else would like to see this ?

  14. Webster defines conscience as "an inner feeling or voice viewed as acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one's behavior." This video makes conscience seem more like education, which Webster defines as "the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction." The difference between the two is an existential one at best, but the contrasts are real and should be evident in a video like this one – meant to engage the audience and spark self-reflection. I am a fan of the #flipside, but this one seems convoluted.

  15. I get into a fight with myself all the time. I will yell and yell at myself in the mirror. I forget what I was talking about and start on about slow motion chicken and outlaw grandma.

  16. Conscience is about moral decisions- how you treat and think about other people. It has nothing to do with what you eat or any other decision that only effects you. I don't like to be negative on the internet, but the writing was bad, and it really didn't teach the audience anything about morality, or conscience.

  17. Decision making, my conscience tells me to take risks and when I do get to do what my brain thinks, It often is correct.

  18. I'm really bad at math at school and I think the reason why is because my conscience keeps telling me that I'm stupid or I'll never succeed and that really makes have a low self esteem. When my conscience goes too far, I just break down and start crying. I don't want to cry anymore I'm starting my first year of high school and want a fresh start but I don't know if my conscience agrees…

  19. I hate my conscious I'm a girl and my conscious is literally a boy and he likes to distracted me and make me mad So I called him Anti

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