McDonald’s® | SPICY BBQ Glazed Tenders Review 🌶️♨️🍗 | Peep THIS Out! 😋

welcome to peep this out reviews with
Ian K stay frosty after checking out the new spicy barbeque chicken sandwich
from McDonald’s recently it’s only fitting that we go in on its
quote-unquote companion right and we’re doing that right now as we check out the
return of the glazed tenders and in this case the new spicy barbecue flavor
let’s take a look on the inside of this one here I picked up a four-piece order
here not too bad in terms of the presentation the size looks fairly
decent on them where it really shines so far is that buttermilk coating guys a
nice and crispy nice and golden and just a decent amount of this new spicy
barbecue sauce which is actually a combination of a Southwestern type of
sauce with some hints of jalapeno so looking okay there I wish I had just a
little bit more of the barbecue sauce to speak of but overall very crispy and
definitely aromatic just like that spicy barbecue chicken sandwich I reviewed
yesterday you can definitely check out that review in the upper right hand
corner of your display right now looking pretty tasty on this one let’s get into
it it’s the all-new spicy barbecue glazed tenders here at McDonald’s lets peep out this flavor yeah these definitely smell pretty sweet
but where they already excel is the crispiness and the aroma of that fried
goodness in the car right now I got to say it’s definitely a lovely situation
so guys before I get into this right now as always if you guys are fans of high
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as new content drops every week so let’s grab one of these here let’s go for the
saucy one right here in the middle and give this a go it’s the spicy barbecue
glazed tenders brand new here at McDonald’s mmm that’s a thick white meat
chunk right there well the chicken is definitely heartier and juicier than the
version I had in the sandwich yesterday but I have to admit again the sauce
itself is not delivering any real spice it’s just a very very light sizzle maybe
like a 2 on the heat scale if that is just kind of letting you know that it’s
there but the sweetness of it is very much high up there guys if you like
sweet barbecue sauces you’re gonna dig this one a lot
let’s go for another bite and we’ll give you that close-up check out the nice
chunkiness of that white meat is tender guys I have to admit the coating feels
more like it’s only 20% there this is solid white meat and you can really
taste the quality it is really really nice the crispiness on the outside is
definitely on point just not a lot of sauce overall that I have on these
tenders but what is here is very sweet but not
very spicy but flavorful nonetheless pretty decent okay of course I’ve got my
old standby the classic ranch but I have to admit this is really not gonna be
cooling anything down on these tenders right now because there’s nothing to
cool down because it’s literally just like a 2 on the heat scale let’s go for
a dip and give this a shot yeah buddy I do love me some ranch and
with barbecue sauce in general I think it’s a perfect companion here looking
nice and creamy let’s do it this just can’t be bad guys it’s fried
chicken its ranch its barbecue sauce come on now mmm of course it’s not bad
very rich in fact I’m getting more of a buttermilk type of vibe considering the
coating is buttermilk to begin with but when you mix it with that ranch it makes
it so much more full flavored it’s a really nice combination and again very
very light heat but very sweet let’s get this one sauced up nicely here and go
for one last shot before the final close-up mmm yeah it’s delicious
all right let me show you another one of these tenders here with a little bit of
a coating missing so you guys can really see the quality of the white meat on
these tenders is really up there I can see why these are very popular here
McDonald so it really doesn’t matter what sauce should get with them you’re
in for a very meaty situation with a very very light coating again I want to
say it’s about 80% meat 20% coating and that’s a lovely ratio because you just
want it to accent the flavor of the chicken and not completely overpower a
nice situation and the size of the tenders are pretty good highly recommended
to give these a go you know I actually like these spicy barbecue glazed
tenders better than the chicken sandwich I did yesterday and the fact that I can
add ranch to this on top of it is only gonna make it more of a lovely situation
like I mentioned in the review the buttermilk flavor really comes through
when you add that ranch believe it or not and it mixes amazingly well with the
coating of the chicken itself just a very delicious treat and while I wasn’t
gonna add ranch to that sandwich when I reviewed it yesterday with these tenders
you can definitely get a dipping sauce and I don’t think that’s gonna change the
score too much if anything I’d probably rate it a little bit higher because of
the fact of the sauce that I chose today but I’m not gonna do that right now so
with that said basing these spicy barbecue glazed tenders on their own for
what they are I’m gonna have to give them a pretty solid 8.5 out of 10 they
definitely deliver the meatiness the coating is definitely thin enough but
it’s enough of the meat to really complement it and the overall flavor was
pretty awesome considering the sweetness of the sauce itself which I’m not really
a super fan of but guys very delicious either way even if the heat was a little
on the lower side like I said maybe a 2 out of 10 so if you’re a spice head
definitely adjust your expectations accordingly now the
question is spice head or not are you gonna give these tenders a shot drop
those comments down below how excited are you to give the buttermilk tenders a
shot over here with this quote-unquote spicy barbecue sauce very curious to
hear your thoughts on this one and with that this is Ian K closing out another
episode of peep this out bringing you brand new content every single week here
on my channel so while stay tuned for that next have you come in real soon in the
meantime stay frosty hey I don’t know about you guys but I firmly believe
Ranch makes everything amazing just sayin
alright everyone until next time I’ll talk to you soon but hey real quick
before you go and just in case you haven’t already take a look at the last
review that I put out right up over here a long what I think YouTube’s gonna
recommend for you to check out as well as always I think you’ll find something
to like in both of them and I’ll definitely catch you in the next one
see ya

10 thoughts on “McDonald’s® | SPICY BBQ Glazed Tenders Review 🌶️♨️🍗 | Peep THIS Out! 😋”

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  2. I made a YouTube video today. It's called "Kenneth Taylor is doing McDonald's limited time Spicy BBQ Glazed Tenders Challenge 🔥🍖🐓🐔🍗"

  3. I love your opinions and your reviews always and thanks!! I have not been to a McDonald's since I went to try their smokehouse crispy chicken. I went to the drive thru to order and they were out of the onion straws, and asked me if I still wanted to try this? I thought it was nice they said they were out, but I wanted to taste it for everything that's supposed to be on it. I said no thank you. I never got anything and I just haven't been back. I seen these before and seen review. It wasn't too spicy then either. I love spicy but lately it all depends on how my stomach is. I used to eat stuff extreme hot and I can't no more. I think the next spicy chicken I want to try is at a family owned Vietnamese restaurant, it's szechaun chicken. On the menu it says it's spicy, when it says that you have to wonder. 😄 thanks sir for another great review about these chicken tenders.

  4. My tenders look nothing like that, I had some regular dry ass chicken tenders with bbq dumped on them they weren't coated at all and the bbq sauce was very mediocre, ridiculous!

  5. Tried them today and I have to say the texture is good but they need to be more spicy. Just seemed like regular bbq wings not spicy. Why not have an option to get buffalo wings and bbq wings.

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