hey everybody glad you’re here I’m glad you’re ready to listen to some information here on the emerging church movement it’s important stuff but I want to start just by saying that I’m not mad at anybody and I know there are people who will be upset because I’m going to talk about people who are popular in the church today or popular around church circles and you know there’s a thinking that says oh we should just not talk about anybody you know and don’t touch God’s anointed I’ve heard that before but the scripture says something different to us the scripture again and again the New Testament Jesus warns us 14 times about false teachers and he’s not talking about out in the world he is talking about in the context of the church Paul and Peter the book of Jude the entire book is dedicated to it and I could go on and just teach why apologetics is important and why some of it has to go on inside the church walls just not to the cults and the occult or to the world religions but I’m not mad at anybody I’m disturbed by how Satan is manipulating and how he has helped the rise of so many people who are teaching false doctrine around us I’m disturbed about that but I’m not mad and my goal would be that any of these men who I will discuss today would eventually find repentance and that they would come to know Christ and serve him and love him and repent a false doctrine we just need to stay with the Bible if we if we’ll just stick with the scripture and stick with the message of the Bible we’re going to be okay so let me with saying that give you a couple scriptures now to get us started and set our premise first John 4:1 beloved believe not every spirit but try the spirits whether they are from God because many false prophets are gone out into the world so we’re to test the spirits to make sure what we’re hearing is truth Galatians chapter one verses 8 and 9 but though we are an angel heaven preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you Paul says let him the messenger in other words be accursed as we said before so say I now again if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that which ye received let him be accursed now not only is the false teaching a curse but the false teacher is also a cursed according to Scripture Paul repeating this twice is akin to God putting a Holy Ghost exclamation point upon this teaching except only the gospel that Jesus and the Apostles taught that’s what Paul is saying here so we match everything by that one gospel not by Gospels that sound good or Gospels that include part of the truth or Gospels that sound like Jesus or mention Jesus it’s only the real gospel so now what is this thing called the emerging church movement just when we think that we’ve got it all figured out what is going on in the church body something else comes along and this thing whether it’s called the emerging or emergent church it takes its name from the idea that that the culture has changed and somehow a new church must then emerge in response to the culture it’s kind of a response to post-modernism and some of it I believe was was was just in a passion a burden to see more people come into church but just getting people into church isn’t what’s important it’s preaching the gospel that can set those people free and a lot of people in their flesh just want to hear that emerging church leaders are seeking a disillusionment now of cold hard fact in place of warm and fuzzy subjectivity emerging Christianity is about experience over reason about spirituality over doctrine and absolutes about images over words and feelings over truth and earthly justice more than salvation and social accident taking preeminence over eternity the emerging church movement is a redefinition of Christianity and it is without any shadow of a doubt the new liberalism I been researching and speaking about and writing about liberalism for about 20 years now but now we see something resurfacing from the evangelical church all around us primarily here in America that we now call the new liberalism the historic position that absolute of Christianity is absolute truth it is absolute Christianity but it’s the historic position that we have absolute truth that we discern comes from the Bible God’s Word from Genesis 1 to the end of the book of Revelation God’s Word to mankind and everything else is in subject to the scriptures to God’s Word to see whether it’s accurate whether it’s right whether it’s wrong whether it’s demonic or whether it’s from God in the emerging church movement we’re told that Christians what we have always perceived as truth is no longer reliable because we’ve misunderstood it or the definitions of the words weren’t correct or the teaching itself has been incorrect and thus all previous teachings are either incomplete or somehow corrupted or inaccurate or just plain wrong that’s what we’re being told now by emerging leaders the emergent church leaders have decided that classical historical and biblical Christianity does not fit into the current context of the modern world and thus they have elected to change Christianity into what they want they are using this shell of Christianity but not the truth of Christianity just as in the recognized cults who may use many of the seen terms and words that we relate to emergence are now attaching radically different meanings to these terms like when a Mormon comes to your door and says that they believe in Jesus and that they’re saved and he is their Savior well we somehow if we didn’t know better would think that they relate to the same things we’re saying or we’re talking about her what we believe but that is not true in Mormonism and is not true in the emergent church movement either though they may use some of the same terms their route to absolute knowledge in in their case absolute knowledge may be as far stretch but their route their epistemology seems to be off the theory of how they come to knowledge where truths and beliefs intersect is a place called knowledge or epistemology and there’s where the problem lies emerging epistemology is completely subjective and without absolutes and they have many leaders we’re going to talk about and here’s where it gets goosy if I was a I was just to teach on what the emergence say without telling you who said it then a lot of people probably would be too upset but I can’t just do that Brian McLaren is the godfather of the of the almost said New Age movement but it’s the emerging church movement and Brian McLaren is really the Godfather of this movement he’s National Public Radio religion speaker from the leadership network from youth specialties and a pastor in Maryland he’s written several books including his newest when everything must change Time magazine named him one of the 25 most influential evangelicals in America and I used that term evangelical pretty loosely because of the way it’s used in relation to Brian McLaren and others I decided that I wanted to hear from the horse’s mouth what Brian McLaren was all about so I got one of my friends a pastor friend of mine named Chris Baer and Chris and I traveled to Boise Idaho actually to Nampa Idaho just outside Boise and in February of 2008 we sat for three days and listened to Brian McLaren and listen to his everything must change tour stop there in the Boise area and it was very eye-opening I already knew I was concerned about the things I was reading about the emergent church and I’m trying to pick my battles you know I’m not trying to take on everything but this was something I knew I had to then speak about I had to take this on it was something I’ll be writing about and speaking about and making DVDs about and and traveling and talking about and trying to warn anybody I can after I left that conference I knew this was something that was going to be on my heart so there in Boise from the 7th 8th and 9th of February at Northwest Nazarene University who also had Brian McLaren speak at their yearly theology conference put on by the theology department that should be a concern I love Nazarenes I have Nazarene friends who will be some of the best friends I’ll ever have in life who believed in the Bible who trust in Jesus who would totally reject some of the things that we heard they’re coming not only from Brian McLaren but from some of the professor’s in that University I have been on the phone with an ex Nazarene State elder in Washington state who in tears told me the disrepair that university is under theologically well there’s a lot to be said about that but I’m not here just to diss Nezzer eenz it’s not about the Nazarenes they could be the Presbyterians and the Episcopalians or the Lutheran’s or the Baptist or the Pentecostals or whoever else it might be because it’s just not them it’s a it’s really a sign of the times that we live in during that tour stop I heard Brian McLaren with these ears of mine I heard him say that the term kingdom of God was not a spiritual term but was a political term instead and Brian McLaren called for a peace network an ecosystem for God God’s global love economy rather than using the term kingdom of God and he said it was all about us bringing this to pass but Jesus didn’t teach that did he no Jesus taught about the kingdom of God he taught about it in a spiritual manner but Brian McLaren says it’s only about a physical matter because he’s interested in social things and not in the spiritual things that Jesus taught about salvation Brian McLaren says salvation is us saving Mother Earth saving the planet that’s not at all what Jesus said about the phrase or term the world Brian McClair and I heard him again say this he said that the world is not the world in that means the lost in the Bible he says the world is about the earth you know that means you got to take the most famous passage in the Bible apart John 3:16 for God so loved planet Earth that he sent His only begotten Son that he was whoever believed in him could save planet Earth that’s not at all what the Bible says you see the earth is a vehicle but the people is what Jesus is concerned about the people the souls of mankind by McLaren wrote in his book a new kind of Christian on page 61 he said the challenge today is not whether you are right but whether you are good so being truthfully correct is not important just having your head in the right place trying to do the right thing with what you got I guess is what he’s talking about you almost hear this in the political context of you know as famous commentator says symbolism over substance about Brian MacLaren’s influences McLaren says I really like Marcus board borge and John Dominic Crossan they have a new book out called the last week it’s really a great book I am so impressed about how these guys take the Gospel of Mark really the last week of Jesus it’s really stunning well now once when I recommend a book to somebody I’m trusting that what’s in that book and I hope others can trust me when I do this is going to be authentic Christianity but Marcus Borg is a member of the ill-fated heretical Jesus Seminar he’s also a teacher at Oregon State University he’s the author of many books including Jesus and Buddha the God we never knew and reading the Bible again for the first time taking the Bible seriously but not literally Marcus Borg says about his own experience in attending seminary he said this I let go of the notion that the Bible is a divine product I learned that it is a human cultural product I realized that whatever divine revelation and the inspiration of the Bible meant if they met anything they did not mean the Bible was a divine product with divine authority Marcus Borg stated that Jesus almost certainly was not born of a virgin did not think of himself as a son of God and did not see his purpose as dining for the sins of the world that’s from one of his books folks that is pretty much locked in stone and page 25 the God we never knew about John Dominic Crossan the co-chairman of the Jesus Seminar according to cross and after the crucifixion Jesus body was probably laid in a shallow grave barely covered with dirt and then torn apart by wild dogs the mission of crossings Jesus was to end racism sexism and the belief in absolute truth and he states that the story of the resurrection is mere wishful thinking a Time magazine article an interview in 1996 now the the Friday night session at Bryan MacLaren’s tour stopped in nearby Idaho was very telling and my friend Chris and I we had a rough time making it through this whole conference so we both had to talk each other into going to these cuts these these sessions because it was so hard to take listening to this and watching the array of pastors and young people who were buying into what Brian McLaren was saying hook line and sinker the Friday night session we went to really began to tell the story because the songs that were sung in that session were songs that any Wiccan priestess would be happy to sing along they were morbid they were saddening there there was no joy there was no worship it wasn’t about Jesus it was about Mother Earth and then as soon as that was finished we were treated to a film by the Sierra Club who was a tour sponsor at Bryan MacLaren’s everything must change to her remember everything must change means everything must change that means we’d never been right before so now we must change at least I take it to mean that so the Sierra Club film went on about how we’d ravaged the earth and rape the earth and it was our responsibility to save the planet then we went through the complete redefinition of previously Orthodox terms including the term kingdom of God that I already talked about McLaren even dared to declare with John Wesley and his brother Charles in muriël behind him that John Wesley was an emergent leader if I’d have been a teacher in that University and I would have heard Brian McLaren make that kind of statement I would have stood up and yelled a heresy I mean it might have been physical you know that’s good it’s kind of where I would have been at with it but it seems to me that the teachers there were kind of on board with him and just as true with liberalism a hundred years ago the most liberal other liberals are now found in the seminaries and Bible colleges that really should probably be called cemeteries because the gospel they’re preaching is a dead one well brian mclaren went on and and we kept looking up at the front and down along the front over on this side we saw that that was water turned out to be water and we saw another tub there and we went then when there was a cross over here and and then and there was at least a cross i was thankful for that somehow and over here was a monolith that turned out was two-sided the people could write down their thoughts about what they were hearing and as we got to the end of the Friday night presentation Brian McLaren invites people who feel led to come forward to take water out of the VAT and re baptize themselves into the new Christianity the new stuff they’ve just learned and I thought I I don’t need to do that I’ve been I’ve been baptized officially dunked underwater and I don’t I don’t need to go baptize myself into anything especially some new-age idea claiming to be the new Christianity and then he said why you’re up at the front here you might feel led just to stick your hands into the tub turns out the tub that was up there was a tub of dirt and you were to stick your hands into it just to feel what needs to be saved in other words the planet we were shocked we sat there listening to these songs and didn’t participate we sat and listened and took notes and listen to what he said and then get to the end to find out that it’s all about saving planet Earth because they have a misconstrued view of what truth is well another really well-known evangelical leader is also out to redefine Christianity he hasn’t really said he’s an emergent yet but he is definitely buddies at the emergent movement and that of course is Rick Warren and he’s not one of the 25 most influential evangelical he maybe is the most influential evangelical that we see here in America today January 27 2008 Rick Warren was at Washington’s National Cathedral and he told Dean Samuel Lloyd there at the Cathedral he said the future of the world is not secularism its religious pluralism that’s the religions coming together he called for a sweeping overhaul of Christianity these called for many times so you’ve seen it the Dallas Morning News and USA Today he says I think we we need a second Reformation the church about how we behave the first Reformation was about Creed’s I think the second threat for mation needs to be about deeds so Creed’s take a backseat now to all of our good intentions while in Washington Rick Warren also called for the mainline churches and evangelicals are you ready for this to reintegrate and come back together now a lot of us left the mainline churches because of the heresy being preached we’d be glad to see them come back to the Bible but we hate about to go back to them can anybody here say ecumenical one-world religion now Rick Warren has decried the five fundamentals of the Christian faith as legalistic and narrow and I wrote about this at Eric Barger calm and in a special report that we have that you can all read up online Rick Warren stated at the pew and religion forum May 23rd 2005 he said now the word fundamentalist actually comes from a document in the 1920s called the five fundamentals of the faith it is a very legalistic narrow view of Christianity end quote you see that document was constructed to be a rebuttal to the liberalism that was growing in those days to restate what the church is all about now here are the five fundamentals of the faith that that dr. Warren says our legalistic and narrow number one the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ number two the virgin birth number three the blood atonement of Jesus Christ number four the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ and number five the inerrancy of the Scriptures themselves if that’s legalistic and narrow then we’re not talking about the same religion we aren’t talking about the same faith I wrote this about what rick warren said on my website I wrote the fact that dr. Warren views the fundamentals of the faith as narrow and legalistic should offend every authentic concern Christian on the planet this is a direct attack upon the very bedrock of Christianity itself what Warren seems to be saying here is that Christianity as we know it and as it was delivered to by the apostles of the Lord Himself is either unneeded outdated or just plain wrong but of course it’s just not a couple of guys Doug Padgett emerging leader author and pastor of Solomon’s fortune Minneapolis says preaching is broken in fact he told that to Rick Warren’s pastors dot-com website in an interview they wrote about him and said clad and faded jeans Paisley shirts and sandals Doug Padgett is on a vanguard of an effort to help today’s emerging largely uncharged culture connect with the gospel at last February in their talkin 2003 at last February’s emergent convention a gathering of alternative church leaders in San Diego Padgett blood Lee Padgett bluntly told 1100 young participants that preaching is broken yeah he he bludgeoned it that’s for sure pageant and most other leaders according to pastors dot-com pageant to most of their leisure leaders of the emerging church movement came out of an evangelical background that values preaching pageant and others say preaching is broken because the church has failed to take the cultural shifts of postmodern entities seriously and that is simply not true by the way the church I’m in reaches out to postmoderns there is a great communication going on to those who are in the postmodern culture from our church and many others you see the translation would Doug Padgett is saying is that preaching is broken the methods are broken the church is broken and we’ve got to change we’ve got to change we’ve got to change like Brian McLaren says everything must change the answer is anytime that we are told in order to reach a culture that we must change the message of the gospel we are really being told that change is the only message but the truth is folks the message we’ve got to proclaim is the same message that Peter and Paul and Wesley and Luther and everybody that was worth their salt before us have proclaim that Jesus came to set captives free from the powers of darkness that they would never die go to hell and miss out a eternal life that is the message of the gospel the emerging church seeks to fix problems by what is actually biblically prophetic endtime events going on around us they are responding to these events as if there is not a second coming of the Lord and attempting to do so they’re actually helping to even fulfill Biblical prophecy in 2nd Timothy chapter 3 Paul warns Timothy carefully to do exactly what the emerging church is opposed to it is a a conundrum of the highest sort Paul tells Timothy in second Timothy chapter 4 I charge thee therefore before God in the Lord Jesus Christ who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom preach the word be instant in season out of season reprove rebuke exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine there ought to be a whole lot more of verse 2 going on in our churches by the way for the time will come I believe it has come when they will not endure sound doctrine but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers having itching ears and they shall turn away their ears from the truth and shall be turned unto fables or mythology as the Greek word would tell us but watch thou in all things Timothy endure afflictions do the work of an evangelist make full proof of thy ministry and Paul goes on to say that his time was short he knew his life was coming to an end but he’s leaving that charge with Timothy and he leaves it with every one of us two emergent leaders such as Doug Padgett and Tony Jones and Chrissie and Brian McLaren all worked together you see that worked together back in the 1990s and the young Leadership Network and according to a another one of those young leaders back in the 90s Mark Driscoll who was now disavowed the emerging church movement he pastors a rather large Church in the Seattle area he says that during those times of theological discussion in the young leadership network in the 90s when he was there and one of the things that disenchanted him about it were questions like this does God really know the future you see they’re talking about the Bible and saying maybe it’s not true by these questions does God really know the future how about does gender really come with distinction or is homosexuality really a sin or are we sinners by Nature or do we really need to keep the doctrine of the Trinity mark driscoll concludes that the foremost error of the emerging church movement is a really important folks he says it reduced Christianity to a conversation that is exactly what took place in the Garden of Eden where Lucifer embodied as a snake spoke to Eve and got her to converse about what God said or what he didn’t say or whether it was true or not this is what led to the fall of mankind it is what is leading to the fall of those who were involved in the emerging church movement when God speaks Mark Driscoll said we are not to converse we are to obey and that was in his message why I left the emerging church that he gave it southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary back in 2007 I applaud him for leaving the emerging church walking away from people who he was friends with and who basically have disowned him now but he walked away for truth emergence claimed to be evangelicals but they seek to question God’s Word in an open letter to Chuck Colson responding to Coulson’s December 2003 article and Christianity today which was called the postmodern crack-up Brian McLaren stated this even those of us who claim to know God and have faith in the Bible need to look back over our own history and realize that just as there are disastrous consequences to claiming there is no such thing as legitimate moral judgment there are also disastrous consequences to claiming that we have unquestionable legitimate moral judgment in other words he’s saying we really can’t know what truth is or what right and wrong is it’s kind of like you formulate it as you go along but I’ll tell you what folks the Bible tells tells us we can know absolute truth we can know what divine moral judgment is all about Brian McLaren also said during a PBS special on PBS TV in July of 2005 he said the church has been preoccupied with the question what happens to your soul after you die as if the reason for Jesus coming can be summed up in Jesus is trying to get more Souls into heaven as opposed to hell after they die he said I just think a fair reading the Gospels blows that out of the water I don’t think the entire message of the life of Jesus can be boiled down to that bottom line folks it can be boiled down to that bottom line Jesus came to save sinners free Jesus came to set captives free the Bible says Jesus came to destroy the work of the devil Jesus didn’t come to bring social injustice to an end that will happen eventually but Jesus came yes to set an example but more so to go to a cross and to die for the sins of mankind Tony Jones said it well he’s an emergent leader and he at least admitted it he said emergent doesn’t have a position on absolute truth or on anything for that matter and he told that to youth pastors at the 2005 national youth workers convention of all places now maybe the most popular of the emergent leaders is a man named Rob Bell he has certainly gone to Rockstar status in the day we live him he is the founder of a church in Granville Michigan calls Mars Hill Church by the way not to be confused with with the church that has passed by Mark Driscoll in Seattle which is under the same name Mark Driscoll was there before Rob Bell by the way but Rob bells churches Mars Hill Church grandville michigan 10,000 people are so good there every Sunday he also does national tours like Brian McLaren this is popular in to Mergent circles and his tour in 2007 was called the gods aren’t angry tour that’s God’s small G OD s gods aren’t angry and he was selling out two to five thousand seat auditorium zat fifteen to twenty dollars to ticket i’m told his Numa DVD series has sold over a million units now as of January 2008 and he has two best-selling books one called Velvet Elvis and the other one called sex God and I’ll I think you can figure what that one might be about well both Bell and McLaren recommend a book by Ken Wilber called a brief history of everything Wilber himself as a practicing Mayan Buddhist now these are Christian men supposedly evangelicals they call themselves and others call them who is recommending books by Mayan Buddhists who promote yoga and Zen and Kabbalah well burrs book teaches that Christianity is in a it is in the state of the forth of 911 of evolution Brian McLaren says I am trying with ken wilber self to make it clear that I believe there is something above and beyond the current alternatives of modern fundamentalism and absolutism and pluralistic relativism yeah there is Brian it is called the New Age movement which is exactly where you were going about Ken Wilbur’s book Rob Bell says read that book for three months McLaren says thanks to wolbers book I have an understanding of the world and where theology is going and I’m afraid I do too like Brian McLaren Rob Bell is the theological revisionist who simply doesn’t like what the Bible says he’s clearly endorsing and teaching false doctrine about salvation and the cross and repentance Rob Bell says that Jesus died to prove to mankind that God wasn’t really angry with them and that there was really no need to repent because there they’re all pretty much ok the way they are he told the crowd that November 16 2007 and his tour stopped in Dallas Bell said at that same to her stop repentance is not turning from sin it is a celebration of life in Christ and he further stated anyone who tells you that you need to repent is not talking about Christianity are you hearing this folks now if he’s right John the Baptist is wrong in Matthew chapter 3 verse 2 and Peter was wrong in acts 3:19 Paul was wrong in acts 20:21 the Lord Jesus himself really didn’t know what he was talking about in Matthew 4 and again in Matthew 9 if Rob Bell is correct Jesus himself didn’t understand what repentance was to come to this conclusion Bell has to ignore the New Testament evidence that repentance is turning from sin and turning to Christ in faith in Him alone it’s the same idea that the Jewish doctor of repentance taught in the Old Testament turning away from sin and turning to God but bail of course doesn’t like that idea because repentance isn’t popular among the postmodern generation I guess no idea what you might not get a lot of people in your church by teaching repentance but are we after a lot of people in church or are we after authentic disciples that will then go and turn the world upside down and proclaim the Gospel that’s the question on inspiration and interpretation the Bible Rob Bell says quote the Bible is a collection of stories that teach us about what it looks like when God is at work through actual people the Bible has the authority it does only because it contains stories about people interacting with God who has all authority know the Bible has authority because the Word of God is the Word of God the Bible is the truth it is the Word of God even though on page 65 of the Velvet Elvis book Bell says it’s only about the stories of interaction with God no you see there was a heretic for many years ago who said the Bible is a divine mail box in which you can find messages from God problem is that that isn’t true the Bible is the message from God not just a place where you can go and kind of like throw your yarrow sticks or you know read your astrology chart and figure out something on Biblical Authority Sola scriptura Rob Bell says this is part of the problem with continually insisting that one of the absolutes of the Christian faith must be belief in Scripture alone is our guide it sounds nice but it’s not true when people say that we all we need is the Bible it’s simply not true he wrote in the Velvet Elvis Elvis book page 68 about Hell Rob Bell states when people use the word hell what do they mean they mean a place an event a situation absent from how God desires things to be famine debt oppression loneliness despair death slaughter they are all hell on earth he proclaimed on page 148 no no hell is an actual place it’s the resting place of those who will who will not follow Jesus Christ who reject him that’s the problem people don’t want to talk about these unseemly subjects like repentance in hell their dirty words in many places in the church today on the virgin birth Rob Bell writes what if tomorrow someone digs up with definitive proof that Jesus had a real earthly biological father named Larry and then he goes on and kind of a derogatory statement here where he’s saying that maybe the Gospel writers threw in some mythologizing about the resurrection so they could get the followers of the Mithra and Dionysian religious cults to follow them instead and he cast aspersions and doubts on the virgin birth and I branch of the virgin birth is one of the hardest doctrines to bring proof to I know that but if Jesus wasn’t born a virgin then Christianity is a complete farce and if there’s ever any proof that Jesus was an earthly figure but not a supernatural figure at the same time fully God and fully man as they say if there’s everybody’s proof of that I will not come back to church there’s no reason no reason to spend any time play in church anymore if he wasn’t the Savior no I need to find the nearest Jewish synagogue every Saturday so I can somehow try to find an appeasement before God see but jesus was the savior fulfilling those 300 plus prophecies in the Bible or in the process of fulfilling them anyway about the end times and eschatology these people do not like talk of the end days brian mclaren says this eschatological understanding of a violent Second Coming leads us to believe as we’ve said before because he’s written this before this is in his book everything must change that in the end even God finds it impossible to fix the world apart from violence and coercion no one should be surprised when those shaped by this theology behave accordingly there’s something wrong you see with the idea of Jesus returning in their eyes now on hell Brian McLaren says for many Christians their faith is primarily about what happens to people after they die that distracts them from seeking justice and living in a compassionate way while they’re still still alive in this life and to him I would say no it doesn’t he goes on to say when they need we need to go back to take another look at Jesus teaching about Hell for so many people the conventional teaching about Hell makes God seem vicious that’s not something we should allow to stand that’s in his belief net online interview about Hell on the book everything must change page 144 McClaren says many of us have been increasingly critical in recent years a popular American eschatology in general and conventional views of Hell in particular simply but if we believe that God will ultimately enforce his will by forceful domination and will eternally torture all who resist that domination then torture and domination become not only permissible but in some way godly folks Jesus came to set captives free let me just look at the camera Jesus came to set captives free he came and died on the cross at no one to have to go to hell but God is going to bring divine judgement to this world because of sin because they separated himself from God by following Lucifer in the Garden of Eden and we’re all born into it I mean that’s the bottom line here but McLaren doesn’t want to state this didn’t want to believe this see because he believes in what we call Kingdom now theology or preterism about making Congress by McLaren says I don’t believe making converts must equal making adherence to the Christian religion it may be advisable to many not all he says in all circumstances to help people become followers of Jesus and remain with their Buddhist Hindu or Jewish context he said this may be hard you say and I agree but frankly it’s not at all easy to follow Jesus in many Christian religious context either and he says that in the book a generous orthodoxy page 293 I tell you researching this stuff will give you brain the hem pitch when you see how terribly backwards now the context so many of these things are McLaren says the cross is almost a distraction and false advertising for God yet we glory in the cross as Christians we revel in the cross we’re grateful for the cross in what Jesus did there for us about the cross and the substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ McLaren recommends a book by Steve Chuck called the lost message of Jesus and in that book Chuck says that the cross is divine child abuse McLaren says that Chuck’s book could help save Jesus from Christianity on the atonement Brian McLaren recommends a book called recovering this the cross and the authors of this book two men Baker and Greene say the atonement was barred from paganism and we ought to reconsider paganism as an alternative religion on homosexuality whether it’s a sin or not Brian McLaren says there is no way I can answer this without hurting someone on both sides frankly many of us don’t know it’s what we should think about homosexuality Doug pageant when he was asked if homosexuality was incompatible with the Christian faith he says no being gay and Christian is not a contradiction in any way you see when doctrine is exchanged for lies and the creation is worshipped instead of the Creator then the door is open for homosexuality to flourish and you’ve got to remember these are evangelicals who are promoting it they’re evangelicals who are promoting it and everybody ought to take a reading of Romans chapter 1 verses 21 through 32 which ends by saying who knowing the judgment of God that they which commit these things are worthy of death not only do the same but have pleasure in them who do them in other words if you take pleasure in pornography it’s as if you’re in the porn yourself and this of course is talked about just after the Apostle Paul says when you begin to worship the creation and you’re more concerned with the earth instead of the Creator and you’re not following what His Word says you are open to a depraved mind men with men and women with women and this is why homosexuality and other things are being so promoted today around us Alan Jones is the Episcopal Dean of San Francisco’s gothic Grace Cathedral is a it’s a book or he wrote a book that Brian McLaren has recommended and Brian McLaren says here that this work will stimulate you and encourage you deeply Jones wrote the church’s fixation on the death of Jesus as a universal saving act must change it must end and the place of the cross must be reimagined in the Christian faith he says why because of the cult of suffering and the vindictive God behind it so there’s a cultist suffering he says the penal substitution of the Cross is a vile doctrine he goes on to say the doc the cross is a vile doctrine the image of the Child Jesus should be seen on Buddha’s lap he says that appeals to him Jesus sitting on Buddha’s lap captures the spirit of the book it is the image of the kingdom he says the underlying spiritual foundation of the of the emerging church movement is a rejection of Orthodox Christianity an acceptance of New Age mysticism with labyrinths Yoga and chanting and meditation techniques as well and Rob Bell said it all he said this is not just the same old message with new methods we’re rediscovering Christianity as an Eastern religion as a new way of life Doug pageant with his Christian yoga being promoted in his church and Leonard’s sweet who roads writes things like this in his book quantum spirituality he says the power of small groups is in their ability to develop the discipline to get people in phase with the Christ consciousness and connected with one another he goes on to say the church is fundamentally one being one person the communion of cells connected together with one another in an information network called the Christ consciousness that’s a page 122 these are New Age philosophies and Leonard Suite the featured speaker at Rick Warren’s Saddleback small-group conference the wired conferences in February in May of 2008 held in Atlanta and also in California no wonder though because Rick Warren himself has embraced these things dr. Wharram believes that that the church has been a miserable failure he says that the church has been amputated at the hands and feet for a hundred years tell that to the martyrs tell that to the martyrs and he says that it’s time for modern evangelicals to trade their words for deeds he says my goal is the second Reformation as we’ve talked about before here’s the quote from Dallas Morning News you see he wants to exchange change the social gospel for evangelism and he wants to hold and he does hold a new-age non-biblical worldview of God and his relationship to the creation on page 88 of the book who made that made Rick Warren The Purpose Driven Life Warren states that Ephesians 4:6 says that God lives and everything well maybe some of the new heretical translations might say that kind of stuff but the Bible doesn’t say that the Greek doesn’t say that the King James Version doesn’t say that this is pantheism it is not biblical Christianity it is Hinduism and new-age and religious science all mixed together you see Ephesians 4:6 says one God and Father of all who is above all and through all and in you all you see God doesn’t live in everything God has chosen to live only in the hearts of those who follow and serve his son the Lord Jesus who were born again this is very similar what rick warren said to what marianne williamson says in her book a return to love in the course in miracles’ that was being promoted all over the place today she’s a new-age author it’s the same idea he also rick warren that is is into the contemplative spirituality and into breath praying now this is about mantras is what it comes down to he talks about prayers that can be repeated in The Purpose Driven Life on page 89 but this comes back to Hinduism LeBron’s are used by modern mystics to help achieve a contemplative state labyrinths or walking a labyrinth or a maze are very popular in in today’s emergent circles walking through labrynth is supposed to being relaxation and the mental attitude and the end for the search for life’s meanings but this is all about occult mysticism and meditation and then there’s the universalistic aspect and henry neuen who continues to be talked about by by emergent leaders he’s one of the main names that we we see them reading his books including him he is deceased but in 1994 a survey was taken of 3,400 us Protestant leaders and Henry knew and ranked second only the Billy Graham in influence among these leaders and he says the God who dwells in our inner sanctuary is the same as the one who dwells in the inner sanctuary of each human being I want to tell you something God does not live in the unbeliever God created them but saying God lives in the unbeliever is the same as saying that God lives in the pineapple or God lives in the tulip or God lives in the tree or God lives somehow in in the grain of sand God created those things but his DNA so to speak is not in them and Henry knew in and these others are incorrect about this now here he says today I personally believe that while Jesus came to open the door to God’s house all human beings can walk through the door whether they know Jesus or not now this is universalism folks plain and simple Rob Bell endorses a book called I asked for wonder as a key place to discover the spark an interest in God and these this is written by a man who personally denied the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and claimed that any Jew who believed in Jesus Christ had committed spiritual suicide Doug Padgett says the gospel can be found in other world religions he said that in the cross talk radio program May 16 2007 now Bell & Padgett for anybody from the Seattle area you will know that Belem Padgett were two emergent leaders who showed up at the seeds of compassion conference that was held by the Dalai Lama the leader of the Tibetan Buddhists of the world back in April of 2008 and belen Padgett were participants in this conference they bowed down and called the Dalai Lama his holiness along with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and others in fact the list of participants in this conference looked like the the starting of the world religion no doubt about we had the Dalai Lama we had Bishop tutu we had the president of the Islamic Society of North America we had the chairman of the religion of the Jewish Committee of interrelation of inter-religious consultations we had a Zen Buddhist master we had emerging church leader Rob Bell in the course Doug Padgett – Ben adenine Catholic nun a Hindoo philosopher there’s Paget’s name on the list as you’re seeing it on the screen right now we had the president and Dean of the Episcopal Divinity School who was there we had a Baha’i leader involved in this we had civil rights leaders we had a Mount Zion Baptist Church from Seattle there their past pastor was there their ex pastor we had interfaith leaders from Brotherhood there we had Muslim scholars we had Hindu Sikh philosophers there and we had the chairman of Trance cultural studies for UNESCO the United Nations who’s also a teacher at a college in Oregon State all these people were together with the Dalai Lama it was like the world religion there they were I thought they were probably going to sing Kumbaya and we are the world and joining arms and sway back and forth on the platform that’s what it looked like during the seeds of compassion event and I watched everything online or had a videotape for my for me even though I was on the road during part of that time neither bill or Padgett ever spoke of the cross of Jesus Christ never mentioned the gospel never talked about Jesus as being the only way nobody talked about Jesus as being a way that was what was bothering he wasn’t even a way to these guys the need for a unified world religion became the theme toward the end of the five-day conference with the Dalai Lama the emergent church leaders helping to unite the world religions together that’s the work of Antichrist they were involved with and second Timothy chapter 3 says this know also in the last days perilous times shall come from in shall be lovers of their own selves covetous boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unthankful unholy without natural affection trucebreakers false accusers incontinent fierce despisers of those that are good traitors heady highminded lovers of pleasure more than lovers of god having a form of godliness that’s a form of the religion of Christ if you look at the way it’s translated but denying the power thereof and Paul’s answer is don’t have anything to do with these people he says from such turn away he doesn’t say join hands with them and a cooperative world religion for this sort are they which creep into houses and lead captives silly women laden with sin love the way with the verse lust ever learning never able to come to the knowledge of the truth they’re always writing books and going on TV and showing up with the Dalai Lama at conferences and all those kind of things and that’s what we see here folks this is scary stuff but let me bring a conclusion to it there are two issues at work in emergent philosophy there is style and there is substance style and substance they have completely changed the way the church look looks and they have at the same time change the substance of what the Church teaches many of us fundamentalist and others many of us would have trouble with some of the style changes but I want I have in this in this message talked about the substance changes because that’s something all of us can definitely zero in on everyone who respects the Word of God needs to be concerned with the substance of what is being preached not from just the emergent pulpit from every pulpit today whether it’s postmodern or post mortem doesn’t matter two things are still true mankind is sinful from birth and the biblical message of heartbroken repentance and faith alone is still the only answer emergence have confused admiring the good example of Jesus with having faith in Jesus his good example doesn’t get us to heaven our trust in him and our turning from our sin is the answer Rob Bela holds an aberrant view of confusing the life of Jesus with faith in Jesus for bail Christian describes those devoted to living the way of the Messiah who they believed was Jesus a person who follows Jesus a way of life centered around a person who lives that’s from Velvet Elvis once again you see they’ve confused the two emergence are confused and/or deceived about the message of the Bible and the reason that Jesus came in the first place the result is this new social gospel a company with many works that look like Jesus Rudolf Bultmann had those same ideas folks this is reminiscent reminiscent of the DeMuth ala Jai Singh of the Bible that Bultmann was famous for over a hundred year ago being one of the founders of what we used to call modern liberalism Bultman believed that Christianity had become irrelevant to the culture and for Christianity to then become relevant that we had to look more like Jesus that is living like Jesus was valuable but doctrines such as salvation and repentance and the atonement were no longer that valuable there’s a book written many many years ago in 1924 I have this book here’s a couple of quotes that should speak to us now ninety years later or so describing the adherence of modern liberalism J Gresham Meacham said this Jesus for him is an example for faith not the object of faith modern liberals believe the same thing folks according to modern liberalism that is in his day in 1924 in other words Jesus was the founder of Christianity because he was the first Christian and Christianity consists in the maintenance of the religious life which Jesus instituted he went on to say that Jesus spoken up in the New Testament was no mere teacher of righteousness no mere pioneer in a new type of religious life but the one who was regarded and regarded himself as the Savior who men could trust you see it’s just not the great example of Jesus we’re looking for it’s the salvation and the following after him as the only one who can save us emergence exchange the substance of doctrine with subjective feelings and experience exactly as hundred-year-old liberalism had done the emergent crowd may claim to be Christians they may cool it scripture they may use terms that we relate to they may be relevant to some and pragmatic to others but they preach they do not preach the first century gospel they preach a different gospel than the one that Jesus and the Apostles preached followers of the emergent church have been have allowed experiences and feelings and good works to become their master instead of their servant and like most their demonic ideas at all sounds great to soulish the soulish part of man yet it is promoted and spiritually induced by spiritual forces folks the old reliable places we could always trust before are not trustworthy Zondervan now owned by Rupert Murdoch Thomas Nelson the Baker book house who has a section on their website dedicated to the emergent church those were names I once could trust not long ago in Christianity if it says on Durban on it I could assume it was an evangelical book a Bible believing book that’s not true just like the name Methodist and Presbyterian and Episcopalian once were unabashedly evangelical but today you’ve got to have your Bibles open when you go to those churches and really any church this is why I’m no longer referring to myself as an evangelical and I know that sounds radical to somebody but evangelical means too many things that Brian McLaren isn’t evangelical and Rick Warren isn’t evangelical I I don’t want to be called an evangelical that somebody would confuse what I believe with what these men are teaching from now on I prefer to be called a Bible believer rather than an evangelical call me a Bible believer any day because that’s what I am that’s what I stand for to my best ability I will follow the Word of God I will preach the Word of God and I will live for the word of God a few passages speak directly to this endtime apostasy as we close first Thessalonians chapter 5 prove all things hold fast that which is good abstain from every appearance of evil we’re to test everything not by our feelings but by the scripture 2nd Thessalonians 2:3 let no man deceive you by any means for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first in the man of sin be revealed the son of perdition a falling away a rebellion against the truth the Greek word a pastiche aware we get the English word apostasy it’s what they’re talking about this is what we see happening 2nd Corinthians 11 for such are false apostles Paul says deceitful workers transforming themselves into apostles of Christ for no more arveleï says no miracle in this for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed into ministers of righteousness who whose end shall be according to their works 2nd Peter chapter 2 but there were false prophets also among the people Peter says even as there shall be false teachers among you and he’s talking to the church he says who privily shall bring in damnable heresies even denying the Lord that bought them and bring upon themselves Swift destruction Paul is talking to the Ephesian elders as he’s ready to sail away never to see them again and he says this is his final departing words he says take heed therefore unto yourselves and to all the flock over which the Holy Ghost has made you overseers to feed the Church of God which he has purchased with his own blood for it Paul says for I know this that after my departing shall Grievous wolves enter in among you not sparing the flock even of your own selves shall men arise speaking perverse things to draw away disciples after themselves his final warning was therefore watch see it’s not my business or any other pastor’s business who rejects or who accepts and receives the message of the gospel that is God’s business our job I’m a glorified messenger boy my job is to present the truth and then it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to save somebody it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to bring somebody that a place of deliverance I need to be accessible I need to be willing I need to be ready but it’s not my job to save anybody and that’s where we I think we get it wrong we try so hard to make all of what we do be the thing that that draws somebody to Christ and and we should have we should use every avenue I think we can today to bring people to Christ within the guidelines of what is biblical but let’s never forget that it is God’s job to do the saving and if we somehow shirk the presentation of the authentic first century gospel we haven’t saved anybody we haven’t helped anybody and we have worked against the cause of Christ actually in all of our humanistic efforts to try to draw people into our buildings on Sundays it is our responsibility to remain loyal to the message that can save and change a life for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth Romans chapter 1 verse 16 verse 17 says for therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith as is written the just shall live by faith it doesn’t say the just shall go through a deep shift into socialism or social ideas that Brian McLaren talks about and Romans 1:18 says for the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men and who hold the truth in unrighteousness or who claimed to have answers yet suppress or change the truth and second Timothy chapter 3 now as Janice and Jan Brees withstood Moses so do these also resist the truth men of corrupt Minds reprobate concerning the faith but they shall proceed no further for their folly shall be manifest to all men as theirs also was in my 28 years of Christianity I’ve never become dissatisfied with the mission of the New Testament with preaching the gospel and praying for the sick and seeing people delivered from demonic bondage and watching and praying and trusting God that the prophetic events we see going on all around us are indeed the signs of his return of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ and the catching away or the rapture of the church you see it’s only when the message of Jesus becomes of one of social injustice that McLaren and Bell and the emergence and others are going to gain respectability their message should not be respected among those who believe in the Bible emergence seek to exchange the sinfulness of man for the goodness of God but without a bloody cross standing between them and there’s no way to reconcile the sinfulness of man that they still want to ignore with the great and wonderful and perfect God unless a bloody cross stands between them what pains me is that those who decide to follow bail over the Bible and McClaren over absolute truth will never emerge from the place where they will end up that is the place that the Bible calls the lake of fire and that’s why this is so important for each and every one of you to share this truth with others test everything hold on to that which is good avoid every kind of evil walk after Jesus and follow him each day amen

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