Local church gives back to kids in need

GETTING REALLY EXCITED ABOUT BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING? GETTING THAT NEW PAIR OF SHOES? ((BOB)) SADLY THAT ISN’T A REALITY FOR EVERY FAMILY…BUT A CONWAY CHURCH IS MAKING SURE EVERY KID HAS A NEW PAIR OF SHOES AT SCHOOL. OUR HILARY HUNT IN STUDIO…AND HILARY THEY BROUGHT IN ALOT OF BOXES. ((HILARY)) THEY WERE STACKed HIGHER THAN THE KIDS THEMSELVES. PASTOR TREMAYNE HARRIS TOLD ME HE WANTED TO MAKE SURE EVERY KIDS FEET WERE TAKEN CARE OF SO THEIR LITTLE MINDS HAD ONE LESS THING TO WORRY ABOUT. “its just hard to understand ” ((HILARY)) SANDALS…TWO SIZES TOO BIG. “right now the most important important thing is taking care of these kids” ((HILARY)) AND TINY TOES CRAMMED INTO SNEAKERS…TWO SIZES TOO SMALL. “sometimes they dont even focus on what needs to be done in class because they are worried about how their feet feel in their shoes.” ((HILARY)) PASTOR TREMAYNE HARRIS AND HIS CHURCH ARE ON A MISSION TO CHANGE THAT. “we are numb to the needs of others…you have a kid who doesnt have a pair of shoes then you have a kid right next to him in the classroom that has a 900 dollar iphone and thats a problem” ((HILARY)) THESE MARGUERITE VAN ELEMENTARY KIDS TRADEd OUT THEIR TATTERED UP TENNIES… “i love them…aw man” ((HILARY)) FOR A NEW PAIR OF KICKS. “you say you wear a two are you sure?” ((HILARY)) UNWRAPPING A LITTLE JOY ONE BOX AT A TIME. “i went around and measured their feet a couple weeks ago when we knew that they were getting shoes so the very next day i had students in the hall beeming like where are my shoes do you have my shoes today” ((HILARY)) THE NEW GENERATION CHURCH SPENt 5 THOUSAND DOLLARS TO BUY DOZENS OF SHOES. “if every kids parent that could afford it would just buy one pair of shoes that would make a big difference.” ((HILARY)) AND AS THESE TINY HANDS HOLD TIGHT TO THESE BOXES…HARRIS HOPES IT WILL REMIND YOU OF ONE THING. “if god has blessed you with more than you need then i think we should all take it and give it back to those who are less fortunate.” THE SCHOOL DISTRICT SAYS THEY ARE ALWAYS WILLING TO EXCEPT IS GIVE THEM A CALL. AND SOMETHING ELSE THAT i JUST THOUGHT WAS SO GREAT…THE PASTOR IS COMING BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW TO BRING CHICK FIL A AFTER HE LEARNED MOST OF THE KIDS HE WAS GIVING THE SHOES TO HAD NEVER TRIED THE POPULAR CHAIN. CONGRESS IS BACK FROM RECESS áá AND HEALTH CARE IS AT THE FOREFRONT OF TOPICS áá HOW

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