Lizzo – Taking Her Fans to Church with a Twerk & “Cuz I Love You” | The Daily Show

Let’s start
with congratulating you. -Congratulations, uh…
-I got you something. on your first perfor…
What is this? You got… It’s the chocolate
from the green room. It’s yours. (laughter) -You got me the gift
I got you? -Yeah. -Cool.
-Do you like me? “Y” or “N”? (laughter) -Um…
-Please say “Y.” Okay. “Y.” Yeah, “Y.” “Y.” Um, let’s-let’s talk
about the music. Congratulations, first of all. You’re gonna be performing
at Coachella for the first time. -That is exciting.
Really exciting. -Ever! (applause and cheering) A lot of people are excited
for you. Many of your fans are excited,
because all of your day-ones have been with you
on this journey, you know? Uh, you create music
in a really specific way. You’ve even described your music
as “church with a twerk.” -Hallelujah.
-What does that mean? (laughter) Hallelujah, Trevor. Um… (laughs)
I don’t know. I feel like, uh, my music is really positive
and uplifting, and I’ve played enough shows now
to ask people how they feel, and they always say,
it’s a religious experience. -Right.
-Or a spiritual experience. I grew up in church– in COGIC– Church of God in Christ
in Detroit. And so, that was my connection
with music, with spirituality and gospel. So I like to bring that into,
you know, the Lizzo world. And also, I be twerking, -so why would I stop now?
-(laughter) I’ve been twerking
since I was 14. -You-you-you have this style…
-(audience members whooping) You have a style
that’s really unique because of all
of your influences. -Like, you grew up playing
the flute, right? -Yes. And what I really enjoy
about your story is you talk about how– like,
there was a point when you were ashamed
that you played the flute. Well, there was a very small
window when I was, like, trying to be a rappity-rap
rapper to hip-hop and back-a-da-cap,
and back-a-da-bedavin, and fedora, we’re looking
like a– You know what I mean? -Right. Right. Right. -When I
was, like, a rapper, like B-Rabbit, 8-Mile. People… (laughs) “Mom’s Spaghetti.” (laughs) People were like, “Don’t bring
the flute into that. It’s embarrassing.”
Like, you know. “No one’s gonna take you
seriously, it’s corny…” You can’t be a rapper
with a flute. No, it was that I was terrified. You know, I’m a band nerd
underneath this cool exterior. (laughter) I’m a geek.
I know all my scales. Major, minor,
pentatonic, harmonic. (audience whooping) And so you– So-so you go away
from the flute for a bit, -and then you start rapping.
-Yeah. But there’s
a really beautiful story around how you started
changing your music, and it was inspired by your dad. Yes. Well, I mean… My dad passed away
ten years ago, and, um, I was doing music
for him. Like, when I was younger, I was
like, “I’m gonna be successful.” And he really,
he really pushed me to perform for his friends.
He would be like, “Go out there and play that
“Carnival of Venice” song. And I’d be like…
(mimics flute music) He’d be like, “Look how fast
she can play.” And he always wanted me
to be a musician. He was like, “One day,
you’re gonna sing the national anthem
at ball games.” (laughing):
That was his dream for me. Look, Dad, I’m at Coachella,
so… (laughs) Dream big! But, um, when he passed away,
I got really depressed, ’cause– and I-I quit music. I was like, “I have no reason
to do this anymore.” ‘Cause I was doing it for him. But then I realized I have
to do this for myself, -because he was doing it for me.
-Wow. And ever since then,
I swear to God, every year on his birthday,
something crazy happens. Either my music video drops
or I get a write-up in Vogue, or something huge always happens on his birthday, for me,
musically, ever since then. So I know it’s a gift from him. It’s a beautiful,
beautiful story. (cheers and applause) And I think– I think it’s
beautiful, not just because of the story, but because
of how you’ve incorporated -those influences into
your music. -Mm-hmm. So you’ve got the rap, and a lot
of people who are fans of yours -remember you for the rap,
and you started rapping, -Yeah. and then you brought in
the flute, -and then you started singing.
-Hey. -And singing beautifully. Yeah.
-Out of nowhere. -Yeah. Where did this come from?
-But you have a gorgeous voice. -(gasps) Really? You think so?
-(laughter) Wow, thanks. -You do have a gorgeous voice,
though. -(laughs) Well, I learned how to sing. I started singing when I was 19,
and I was a bad singer. -Are you serious?
-Like… Yeah. Cut to the clip
of me sounding like shit. Oh, you can say “shit.” Shit! (laughs) ♪ Shit. ♪ (cheering and applause) Wow! That feels good, baby. (laughs) Yeah, but-but now you can sing. You can rap. You can dance. -Uh, you can…
-Yes. Actually, actually, this is one
of my favorite moments that I saw of yours. -What? -It was a viral video,
um, that came out of nowhere, and-and it blew people away. We actually have that clip
right here. Bitch! (playing “Bye Bitch”) LIZZO:
I’m a dumb-ass. Was that terrible to say? Hey! (cheering and applause) (mouths) You see, that-that’s magic. -No one expects that.
-Wow. Do you enjoy playing
with people’s expectations? Well, you know,
what happened that day, this woman, she was like… We were playing, like,
a homecoming at a college. -Yes.
-And this professor, this, you know,
this very nice white lady– at first– she came out,
and she… (chuckles) We were sound checking, and, you know,
my team is mostly brown women. Um, and we were sound checking,
and she walks up to the stage. It’s this huge built stage in the middle
of the college campus that says “homecoming.”
I have a microphone on. And she’s like,
“Do you have a permit? “Do you have a permit “to be playing music this loud
out here? There are students trying
to study.” And I was like,
“Bitch, don’t talk to me. I was paid to be here.
I’m not here for you.” That was the first thing
that came out my mouth, and I just kind of ignored her
after that, and she tried to raise hell. But during the actual show, I dedicated that song to her,
and this… Something came over me. -I wasn’t s…
-(laughter) I wasn’t supposed to be
so angry, but I was. -So… -Well, you say angry,
but it was a fun performance. -It made people feel good.
-Yeah. Well, I… My own expectations of myself, -I’m always surprising myself.
-Yes. And I’m always, like, over… Like, today. I was like,
“I’m not gonna be able to sing at 5:00 in the morning.”
But I sang. You sang at 5:00 in the morning? -Yeah, on The Today Show.
-Wow. And I’m here with you,
and I’m still alive and awake. (laughs) Before I let you go… -Before I let you go,
I want to… -No! -Somewhere. -I want to talk
about. No, let… No let you go forever.
Just, I mean, for now. Uh… Y’all heard that? He said forever. (audience whoops) I’m sorry, I’m…
(laughs) I wanted to talk about how you responded to the idea -of body positivity. You know?
-Mm! Yes. One thing that has been thrust
upon you by people, you know, because of your album cover, because of the way you conduct
yourself, people have gone, like, “Wow, she is so brave. “She’s so confident in her body
and the way she looks. -And this is so beautiful
and so brave.” -Yes. But I’ve-I’ve been interested
in how you-you’ve really dismissed it and been
like, “No, I’m not doing this for your ‘brave’ label, I’m
just me.” What does that mean? Well, you know
what’s interesting is before the term
“body positive” was this kind of, like,
m-mainstream thing, I was just making music
about my body that was positive. -You know what I’m saying?
-Right. I was… had a song called
“I’m In Love With Myself,” and I put that out
in, like, 2015, and I was performing it onstage,
and it would shock people. They would be like,
“Oh, my God. How-how dare she? Wow, she’s so brave”
or “Is she-is she serious? Does she really love herself?”
And I’m like, “Why are y’all asking
all these damn questions?” Like, what are you questioning
about me and my body -Right. -and my love for myself?
You not me. You want me to hate myself? And I think that
it’s so interesting that now “body positivity” is,
like, this buzzing term– there’s no term
for body negativity, because it’s the norm.
It’s what we expect. So, at this point,
I realize that my mere existence is a form of activism, especially in
the body positive community. And I wear that hat
really well. With… Or not wear the hat at all,
according to… (laughs) You know? I wear nudity well and I wear
my body and my skin well, so I’m just gonna
continue to be that. But I-I’m nobody’s
celebrity totem. There’s… You can’t make an example
out of me. I’m literally here making music
so I can live a more positive, healthier, happier life.
And if that changes the world one song at a time,
then so be it. (cheering, applause) You kidding me? The ‘Cuz I Love You tour
kicks off at Coachella April 14, and the album
will be out April 19. Lizzo, everybody.

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  1. Such a great face of our church you make us proud especially in the video of truth hurts she’s so no naked n nasty that’s how we Christians get down, and then we wonder why Muslims make fun of us

  2. The pause when she talks about her dads passing is the same one I get when I try to talk about mine. It doesn’t matter how long its been (7) years for me. It hurts like nobodies business. I thank you Lizzio for your courage and thoughts on what he has done for you. You are making him proud. And you will sing the National Anthem trust me because you deserve to. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. 1:12 ""i've been twerking since I was fourteen!"
    Trevor doesn't react. The crowd woos. Trevor carries on. The comments don't mention it.
    It's funny how some of the stuff that is over (or rather: below) the line does not register when it's coming from a female. There is nothing unsexual about twerking … let's face it: it's full blown sexual! Not appropriate for a child, we can agree on that, right?
    But Lizzo is boasting about it on the daily show and nobody thinks of her as a victim.
    People are wooing. People respond with "you go girl!".
    She is so empowered! Her 14 year old sexuality is totally empowered! You go girl!

    Let's just imagine someone (let's imagine Trevor) reacting to her statement with: "I wish I could have seen it myself" or " I am imagining that right now" or " That is so awesome, that you twerked already with fourteen" or even just a "Mmmhhh" … there is no reaction he could have made that would not have made him the creepy perv, right?
    Somehow just acknowledging her fourteen year old ass twerking is already creepy. Hell, maybe even to bring this up here, is already suspicious to someone? Only this non-reaction could save him from having to state a public apology further down the line – and I guess it did. So: well done, Trevor.

    No one is allowed to say: "I enjoy watching a 14 year old girl twerk" without having to face – at least online -accusations of pedophilia.

    But it does raise two questions:
    1.) How can something that is clearly viewed as wrong from one side, be totally accepted (or at least ignored) when viewed from the other side? If it is wrong to watch children twerk, shouldn't it also be wrong for children to twerk? Maybe someone can explain that to me.
    2.) If the only way to not be suspicious is: to not react. Isn't that a very dangerous precedent? Doesn't that open a strange loophole for everything that is over the line but that is kept below the line by society with collective ignorance?

  4. Shiii if her concerts are a “religious experience” then what are Coldplay concerts, a transcendental experience?! 🙄

  5. She’s absolutely amazing!!!! I love her, wish she was my friend……
    Girl, you got it right. Love what you are. Period.

  6. Oh my gosh, I would hear this song and didn't know who sang it…I honestly thought it was a brittish person, I love LIzzo…..she makes the world better and for young girls getting bullied…..well, this is truly inspiration….not about dating , but, even for bulling….walk it off….

  7. I want to know who these 443 people are that put a thumbs down so I can hunt them down and slap them in their face. No I'm just joking I'm a Christian but I would like to give them a Stern talking-to

  8. She said her father gives her gifts every year on his birthday since he's been dead ten years ago. That's when she lost me because the Bible does not have one example of someone in heaven sending any kind of message or gifts to somebody Earth. And it also does not say you develop Godlike Powers once you're in heaven or that God does any favors for you or your family members while they're still alive

  9. Oh my!…she is so pleasant and Beautiful too..May God watch and protect her all the days of her life.💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕


    Finally the full video is up… 5 tips on how to get YOURSELF on a TV commercial…. Like, share , and subscribe

  11. She is living for me. I love her. She gives a voice to how I feel. She strong and smart and in bodies in my opinion what a true women is.

  12. After years I came to the conclusion that church is nothing to be proud of. Church is the hiding place for hypocrites, liars and all kind of disgusting people. We can find also there a few good people like anywhere else.

  13. The whole body positivity shit, I never got it really, I’m out here loving every shape, got daum she’s like melted chocolate. Just like this guy at my work, I’m taken but both me and my equal stare. We out here staring.

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