Living in the Present Moment

(dramatic announcer voice)
Here we go. In a world where …
no, in a world … wait, nevermind. Hi my name’s Father Mike Schmitz
and this is Ascension Presents. It’s fall right now here in Minnesota. I imagine it’s fall other places as well. It has to do with the tilt of the earth … rotation.
I love the fall. I love the fall, but I sometimes I have found myself in the past of having this kind of attitude of like, “Oh it’s this season. I
wish it was this season.” You know, it’s some other season. It’s winter, I wish it was summer. It was summer—so hot—I wish it was fall. That kind of idea and sometimes we can be so dissatisfied with the season that we are in, that we wish
it was another time so this happens in our lives as well. Not
just with like weather and whatnot but happens all of the time when people are
saying, OK I’m in this stage of my life, I’m in this season in my life and, I just
wish, all I’m doing is looking forward to the next season or the next stage of my
life and I’m wondering why am I not there. Short answer is you’re not there
because you’re right here, right? You’re not in summer because right now, it’s the fall.
Can we apply this to our lives as well? People say like well I just I just
wish I was married or I just wish I was I was out of college and I had a job. I
just wished that I was on my own. You know as a high schooler, maybe, I just
wish that I was out of my parents house. As someone out of their parents house, it’s
I wish I was back in my parents house. You could say I wish I had kids, I wish I was retired.
We can be so so impatient with where we are right now as far as
God’s plan for our lives. As far as His call on our lives, in his vocation in our lives, we can say I just want to know what God wants me to do. Like I want
to be in that season where I’m just doing the vocation and I am living it out and just am able to just move forward. If you find yourself dissatisfied with your season in life, I’m gonna invite you to do three things. Number one—I may invite you to do four things in fact. Number one is identify the season.
Identify the season that you actually are in as opposed to the season you WANT to be in. For years, I would pray, God please just
let me know what you want me to do for my life. Just tell me my vocation. I’m ready, just, I will do it right now if you let me know right now. And for years, I think I prayed every day for at least nine years, God, just, if you want me to be a priest, just let me know right now and so I would go to various retreats I would go to pray and go to Mass and with this one goal. The one goal was I want to leave this retreat or leave this prayer time or leave this Mass knowing what you want me to do, Lord. And so when he didn’t let me know in that retreat or in that Mass or in that prayer time, I walked away thinking like, well that was a waste of time, like that was pointless and I basically snubbed all of the gifts that God was actually giving to me
because it wasn’t the season for him to tell me what he wanted me to do in my
life and so because of that, what I ended up doing is missing all the blessings I was receiving from the Lord. You know, I was not being grateful for any of the things that he was actually doing in that season in my life, because I had my eyes set on like, but the next season, the time when you actually are telling me. So number one: I have to identify what season we actually are in as opposed to the season you want to be in. Number two: Be patient. If you’ve ever tried starting to be like an endurance athlete, ever started running, one of the things that can happen is you could be so frustrated, like, Oh man, I could only go three miles, I could only go one mile without, you know, stopping and walking and saying like, I’m so angry about this
and I’m so frustrated. Why? I’m impatient because I think I should be somewhere
that I’m not yet ready to be. Like, this is how the process goes, right?
You have to start somewhere and then you start moving forward.
You may not be at the place where you want to be. You’re in a particular season of, when it comes to prayer, be patient with the fact that you’re growing. Number three, the third thing. First thing: Identify the season you’re in and the one you want to go to. Number two: Be patient with yourself,
patient with the process. Number three: Be active.
Like actually start moving. Do the work of the day, not the work of tomorrow. I know I’m called to marriage, I know I’m called to be a father or mother and someone in my family my own family.
I’m not, I’m a priest but you know what I’m saying. That means that right now,
what are the things I should be working on in my life so I can be that kind of dad, so I can be that kind of husband, so I can be that kind of parent or spouse. if I might be called to be a priest or I might be called to be a religious I don’t know yet, but what are the things that I can do right now that will help me to become that person then? so I can be patient
but I must take action. And the third … fourth thing I think it’s saint, not saint, but Charles de Caussade Is it Charles de Caussade? At the end of his name is de Caussade,
what he says in the book … the … Do I have to look it up?
I think have to look it up. I’ll be right back. Jean Pierre de Caussade! Good thing I
didn’t say CHARLES de Caussade …man. OK here we go. The fourth thing: Jean Pierre de Caussade says in his book Abandonment to Divine Providence. This is great book.
I recommend you please, you should read this book;
it will change your life de Caussade talks about this thing he calls the “sacrament of the present moment.” You know, we don’t live in the future, we don’t live in the past—can’t do
that. We can only have right now and at this moment, it’s right now, it’s the present moment that God communicates himself to us ALWAYS, ALL of the time, but we often miss it, why? Because I’m looking forward to the next season. So the four things is identify the season you’re in and the season you want to be in at some point, that’s great you can identify that because then you can be patient with yourself and to be patient with the process be patient with the reality that like, OK, Is what’s supposed to be
happening right now, happening right now? That’s why we need to be active, and the
fourth thing is to be aware of God’s presence, the practice of the present
moment, the sacrament of the present moment, recognizing God is communicating his
life and his grace and his holiness to us now. You don’t have to wait to be in your
vocation to become a saint. You don’t have to wait to know your vocation to start being holy, why? Because at this moment what is it what is it to be holy?
To be holy is to say yes to God’s will Whatever season it is, whatever day it is,
whatever that will is in this moment, to simply say yes to that, that’s to be a saint.
It’s all gonna take care of itself You’ll become a saint. From all of us here at Ascension Presents,
my name is Father Mike (English accent)
God bless and God bless you.
God bless you. God bless you all innit? Right? I don’t know … dang it … stupid stupid.

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  1. Father Mike when I was 12 I was playing monopoly and I told God, if I get a 6 I'll build you a homeless shelter. And I got a 6. How do I approach this task I have to accomplish? Thanks

  2. I agree with almost everything you presented in this video except I have worked hard for 50 years and I truly wish I was retired. five years to go. I'm tired.

  3. I remember when I was Catholic I had a better relationship with God then I made the biggest mistake by going to the evangelical/Pentecostal side and totally ruined my relationship/afterlife with God. I wished I never left my Catholic faith.

  4. I really want to join a religious order near me, and up until now my family had been completely against it. Yesterday my dad told me he’d let me join but that I had to get my career done with first. Though this gave me so much joy, it also really disappointed me. This video came at the right time. Please pray for me so that I’ll have patience.

  5. I love your videos Fr Mike! Im so glad ive discovered your channel!! ❤️❤️ I believe thisnis not an accident.. he first vid I watched was about discerning.. just what I needed to hear in the moment of my life

  6. I found this video at the perfect time! I find myself constantly looking for the future because that’s when I’ll have the opportunity to become more involved in my faith. I feel like I tread water because I stress too much about the future and actually living long enough to be the kind of man God is calling me to be. Thanks to this video, I now know I don’t have to stress. I just have to live the most holy life I can at this moment in time until I’m off to college and have more freedom to get involved in the Catholic Church. Thanks Fr. Mike!

  7. Can someone type that book he referenced about the present moment. I really struggle with this and want to check out it out! Thanks!!

  8. I am now entering the Winter of my life and did all that longing and was impatient for other things to happen. What a silly waste of time. Now my lessons are all about patience, gratitude, the discipline of prayer and to strive to become as holy as God wants to be. This was a great video. Thank you, Father Mike.

  9. Thank you for this. For twenty years I've been striving for more to understand what The Holy Spirit gave us through John Paul ii and others. The current condition of the world cannot be understood without solidarity with the children in the womb and their parents. John Paul ii called upon the Church for an integral concerted effort in all of her pastoral works in all the facets of her mission to be a 'sign' for the Gospel of life in a vast pervasive way to the world. Since, I made decisions in life with Providence; my station in life is not conducive for many others to see me as knowledgeable of these things; no matter how much I learned from history and Church writings over the centuries with a focus on the last 150 years. So, I will work on being in the present moment in prayer, helping others, and prudently sharing what I have been taught. With the exception of heartbreaking easily visible dictatorships; what has come upon the world happened almost imperceptibly. While it started with much subterfuge, it gradually became a pervasive acceptance of precepts that do not accept the Judaeo Christian ethic of the God given dignity and value of every human life. And in certain things, even though there is no one person or group who leads this — the elitists become of one mind on these things, and have been getting more and more powerful in seducing more and more each generation; mostly because of complacency, silence in proportion to the needs of fellow human beings, and omission in meeting those needs; leaving the world steeped in the culture of death & it's precepts lead the way of providing needs; many times as a veiled bribe to meet those needs. The saddest thing is that we let this happen over the decades with many railing at the darkness; but not rallying behind this call to duty of The Gospel of Life, with all the necessary sacrifices to be a 'sign' to the world.
    A prime example is the immense heartbreaking turn of events in Ireland over the last few decades. Had we listened to John Paul ii; then The Gospel of Life would have had a much better chance of prevailing. God help us, with Your Light that shines in the darkness and for Your Namesake; for all those who call upon You, O Lord. Amen.
    *note: one reference to what we are called to do:

  10. Fr Mike thanks for the video really did help me understand, I troubled by this problem and I'll do what u said, please keep uploading such videos.

  11. The entire universe lives in the past present is faster than time. For example bismuth it takes 100 billion times longer than the age of the universe to decay. So even after all that time is called past.

    Revelation 1:18

    “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”





    2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

  12. Yeah this is definitely still relevant 😂 thanks for the laughs and the joy in knowing that God is always present and with me in the now. Thanks so much!!

  13. #askfrmike Father, I am struggling with being patient in entering the religious life. How do you stay patient? I did the same thing just like you praying every day asking Jesus what He wants. How do you keep that peace of soul?

  14. This tags onto the homily today…"when " something we want to happen is not always in God's schedule. …in the meantime, …grateful for patient friends who genuinely care for you. …

  15. If you didn’t catch the name of the book he recommends, it’s ‘Abandonment to Divine Providence’ by Jean-Pierre de Caussade! Good tip…

  16. «You do not need to know you vocation to start to be a saint»
    «To be holy is just to say yes to God's will, whatever season it is…»

    Thank you, Father Mike. I pray for you and your ministry.

  17. Thank you father Mike
    You have a brilliant sence of humour
    I know I would feel so at ease talking to you

    God bless

  18. I just needed to hear that again. We should never get tired of this message. Bless you too:)

  19. Father l had to move to Dubai for work so you are my only resource of catholic faith. Let me tell you that you fill me with so much….so thank you. English isn't my first language so l hope l make sense

  20. I like the cockney accent (parents were Londoners 😉) … but I like the advice/message even more! God bless You, Fr Mike 🤗!

  21. Fr. Mike, you give me so much food for thought with all your videos. I want to put it ALL into practice at once but i don't have enough time in the day! Ugh! You're killin me Father, you're killin me!! lol

  22. Amen Fr. Mike 😁 i agree to that! Our choices of today (the present moment) will be the results of another present moment hahah! GOD BLESS U FATHER😄

  23. Heart Centered prayer is a Catholic style of meditation. It too is all about being in the moment, being present with the Lord.

    Fr. Richard Rohr sends out an email with writings about the contemplative and mystical experience, I think it's worth a read.

  24. I dont know where I am right now. I wish I did. I'm old now. Well….not that old.I wish I knew Goda an for me.

    And for the last 8 hours I have been watching these videos.

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