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welcome to peep this out reviews with
Ian K stay frosty Pizza Pizza so today’s review scratches an item off
my Little Caesars bucket list for something I have never tried until right
now there oven-roasted Caesar wings yeah I’ve always been curious about these so
I placed a mobile order swung by my local location scoop them up along with
my Caesar dip of choice in this case Buffalo ranch and I got to say
presentation-wise I think I’m in for some pretty tasty oven roasted goodness
just check out this 8 piece order with a nice ratio of wings to drumettes they
look fairly needy and that oven roasted brown goodness is all over it definitely
looks like they’re seasoned pretty nice and I can’t wait to see how that goes
with the Buffalo ranch I have here on the side but let’s not waste any more
time these are the Caesar wings here at Little Caesars let’s peep out this
flavor yeah oven roasted goodness for an oven roasted food reviewer doing his
thing in the car right now let’s do this mmm nice you can’t beat that classic
oven roasted flavor it’s got a little bit of spice to it which I really like
and the meatiness of the straw net is on point not greasy just very flavorful
chicken I mean guys the chicken wing it’s really good solid white meat on
this one with a little bit of crispness of that skin on the outside and a very
nice wholesome type of rich flavor this is really tasty I’m really surprised I
waited this long I’m glad I’m giving it a shot right now
yeah very tasty drumette let me grab one of the main wings and see if I could
take it down in one bite minus the bones mmm first shot nicely done
man these are really good finger licking good as well whoops wrong review all
right let’s go for a dunk in a little buffalo ranch and see how that goes
nice coloring on this buffalo ranch it looks like a nice combination of buffalo
and ranch together and naturally on top of his wing I think I’m in for a treat
let’s do it it’s nice and thick too mmm wow that thick rich flavorful tang that
I’m getting from the ranch on top of a slight spice from the Buffalo itself is
a beautiful situation guys the consistency of the sauce itself is very
similar to BK sauces actually and I have to say it goes amazingly well with the
oven roasted goodness of these wings and I’m so glad that I got this sauce to go
with this one mmm yeah I’m definitely gonna be getting
these again super flavourful on these and if buffalo ranch is not your sauce
of choice you have plenty of options to choose from on their menu
but guys buffalo ranch honestly that really is the perfect pairing with this
just saying one more quick shot because as you know i’m all about the detail in
my reviews I got to say I really love the tender love and care that Little
Caesars put into this order right now these are definitely cooked amazingly
well they have a beautiful oven roasted color on the outside and the seasoning
is on point nice and juicy and definitely a decent price for an 8
piece order highly recommended you know that’s really the key at least for me
when it comes to something like this because you want the cooking time to be
primo you definitely want to have them nice and juicy and of course you want
them hot and fresh from the oven and these definitely delivered across
the board and when paired up with that Buffalo ranch absolute flavor heaven so
overall I’m gonna have to give the Caesar wings here at Little Caesars an
awesome 9.5 out of 10 the only way this one could be more perfect
is if they had additional sizes on the menu to give you a little bit more bang
for the buck with more quantity of those wings because believe me 8 is not gonna
do it guys you will want more pizza pizza but of course that’s just my
opinion what do you guys think have any of you tried the caesar wings
already in the past and if you have what are your favorite dipping sauces a
choice along with telling me if these are some of the best wings you’ve ever
had drop us comments down below and definitely let me know and with that
this is Ian K closing out another episode of peep this out and like I
always say I’ve got brand new content every single week here on my channel so
while you stay tuned for the next review coming real soon in the meantime stay
frosty hey wings always go great with pizza and
I think Little Caesars knows just a little something about that wouldn’t you
say alright guys until next time I’ll talk to you soon

49 thoughts on “Little Caesars® | Caesar Wings® | Food Review! 🍕🍗”

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  2. Wow these look super yummy! I'm definitely picking up me some. I bet that caesar sauce would be great with some garlic breadsticks 😁. Great job man & I'll tell you sent me 🌠. Stay cool

  3. Those look pretty good for little Caesar’s and the sauce looks like it’s creamy might be worth a try

  4. Quit making me hungry Ian lol! Although in all honestly I always eat while watching your food reviews anyways!

  5. Jeez, I'm in my mid 40s and I never even knew they had chicken wings at Little Ceaser's lol They sure look good though, might pick them up in fact. Thanks Ian.

  6. I haven't tried Them but they look really good Also the Buffalo ranch it's a sauce I would go for as well😎🍻👍

  7. You should try this place called wing stop it’s really good they have wings with different sauce and if you want them boneless or not they even have fries and celery and carrots and more!

  8. This got me thinking that I never had the Caesar Wings at Little Caesars. I grew up with just their pizzas and crazy bread. That's what I've always loved at Little Caesars and I still do. I should give the Caesars Wings a try. I won't lie. They look very good.

  9. I had these recently and they were so disgusting.. soggy and undercooked, I was about to throw up. Idk how you liked it

  10. I've had them. Been years though. My niece was a big fan and would always get the bbq sauced ones. This was way before the app. They would just be sitting in a warming box and they would sauce them when you ordered. This new way looks interesting.

  11. I just got these and was somewhat disappointed. Flavor was great, but the wings were REALLY small. Like the smallest I've ever seen. Not bad for 6 bucks and change though.

  12. Wow, they must have improved the size of their wings. I had their wings a year ago and they were small and overpriced. Those look real good great review Ian.

  13. I love your reviews!! I'm always thankful you are checking these new items out and rating and commenting which persuades me to peep it out!! Thank you always bud!!

  14. I have had those chicken wings they so amazing chicken wings are always good when I eat the on the weekends from eating healthy during the week I eat them with just ranch keep making clean crispy YouTube videos still love it

  15. Mmm, those do look good. I haven't had a bad experience yet with Little Caesars but then again , I've only tried a handful of items. That crazy bread though! 🙂

  16. You can't go wrong with anything from "Little Caesar's" and as far as their "Caesar Wings" goes, they looked tasty! I'm sure that Buffalo Ranch sauce is a great condiment! Thanks for another great review, Ian, Stay frosty, my friend.😎🍦

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