Let’s Work Together – Pastor Chris Ogden – First Baptist Orlando

See, I think we (as a church) we can have a tendency to to go back to our childhood days when we’re playing in the sandbox.
And we start drawing lines in the sand and we kind of go, “Okay these people think like me, and and these people don’t.” “Or these people look like me, these don’t.
These people read the same dead authors I read. And so they’re good with
me, they have the same theology.” And all the while the Kingdom of God is
suffering because we’re not united in Jesus name to reach a lost world and
listen. Amen. Listen. Jesus said in the first century that’s not how the kingdom
of God works. That’s not how the kingdom God works. And I got to tell you in the
21st century it’s all the more true. The forces that are against Jesus, that are
against the kingdom of God advancing, are strong enough, loud enough, and together
enough that if we claim the name of Jesus, and we are truly His followers, His people: let’s work together!

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