Lake Gregory Community Church • Welcome Video

Hi, I’m Dan Moving to the mountain communities And becoming a part of Lake Gregory Community Church has been one of the greatest gifts that God has given me and my family There’s something about the mountain and this church in particular that is great for getting your heart back For gaining fresh perspective For restoring things that you value And in an on-going way, being prepared for the very real opportunities and challenges of everyday life We are building life-changing relationships through Christ As we’re doing that together, I’m seeing people experience God working in them from the inside out We’re learning together how to love more like God loves, which is deeply impacting the quality of our relationships And every week we are encouraged to keep our hearts open to experience the positive change that God is bringing in our lives What is happening is too good to be kept to ourselves And that’s why our vision is to keep expanding our circles of relationships By helping others to connect, to grow and to begin to serve God’s purposes with us We came to the mountain about 13 months ago And in that time we were looking for people to connect with. We eventually found ourselves in this church. We’ve recently been baptized here, reaffirming our faith and we also have the pleasure of being married here really soon in a couple months We were welcomed with love and it was such a great experience I forgot what I’m talking about. I’m sorry. See this is why I could not be an actor. Not only are there Bible groups and study groups for men and women here but there’s also the ability to personally connect with everybody here Whether you go to lunch or go to each others house We would love for you to come and join us here at Lake Gregory Community Church And we would love to connect with you like everybody has connected with us Hi, I’m Nadia Phillips My husband and I joined the church 17 years ago We began with a young marrieds ministry And we were mentored by several of the senior couples at the church Years later we were involved with men’s and women’s ministries and we attended retreats, bible studies, small groups In fact, we’ve been in a small group with the same couples for about ten years now I’ve grown so much sitting in Sunday gathering, listening to my pastor teach. He has such a gift for conveying God’s word to us and making it applicable to our everyday lives. And we know that the journey’s never over, it’s always ahead of us. So we look forward to what’s ahead. And how we can grow with our church What I really enjoy about serving here and with the people of Lake Gregory, that it’s men, women, children, teens Coming together, pulling their resources to serve those who are in need Taking that initial first step I really feel like God honors our service, God honors our first steps towards him If you’re looking for an opportunity to connect and grow Service is a great way to do it You can come as you are and be used and be useful in the community We are all still learning what it means to have a life with God at the center And I just want to encourage you to take a first step, whatever that looks like for you To check out what God is doing here We are such a diverse church, we are such a diverse community And I believe that if you’ll take that step, you’ll find that this can become a place and a people that feels like home

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