LA Vlog – Tennis, Church Camp, Dog, Youtube Space

Today I’m with Josh the bassist. – I’m José today.
– Look. It’s your new alias – José! I’m with José Jong today. I got my alias – Aladdin. Call me Aladdin Lim. See you soon. Hello. 4 Tacos – two, two. Thanks. Two each – pork and beef – two each… It’s not really busy in LA city on Saturday. A reason why I came LA is for my vacation. Also I was to visit Riot Games and interviewed some musicians. It’s very restful in LA on Saturday. In California, the climate is always dry and temperature is very consistent. Therefore it’s very easy to maintain the guitars. Humidity and temperature are just nice to live with. Most of all, lots of guitar makers are commonly located in California. I guess the climatal factors may be the strong reason. Having a lotta guitar companies here, music tends to grow with the musical instruments. That eventually causes growth of population of guitar players as well as listeners. Those music lovers living together, I guess it gradually formed this good environment which you can get closer to music. Again, LA on Saturday, it’s quite restful with no crowd. Though I don’t often play sports, my favorite sport is tennis. A rumor said you play better if you shout when you swing. Sally: “Hello doggy woggy. So cute!” Hello doggo. Let us show you two guys’ conversation. Jeremy: “Try goat’s sound.” Hey, let’s talk. It’s Day-3 in LA. I’m drinking coffee and eating apple at this cafe. My brother, this is my brother. Hi, I’m at Youtube Space LA now. This place is designated place for creators. You can use all the facility and gears here to make the finest video. If you have 10,000 subscribers you can unlock this space and use it. Since my channel have more than 10k subs, I can book and use this place after I attend this orientation. So here I am to attend the orientation held at Youtube Space LA. Youtube Space is for creators. Youtube themselves built it. This place provides facilities and studio to film, record and post-process. This spaces are also in Tokyo, London, New York and etc. Today I’m here LA in particular. I wish you keep crushing it till reaching 10k subs. Then make sure to use Youtube Space. Hello. Sally and I just finished visiting Youtube Space. We’re heading to the airport. Today we’re departing to Korea. Before we fly, let’s check that Youtube sign – Youtube! It was a meaningful US trip. We visited here for our vacation. At the same time I’ve got a new dream. I’ve been thinking about my future pathway. I’ve been thinking in quite philosophical way about how my life story is going within other people’s stories. A good friend of mine lives here, also a pastor, said, “A story beats a specification.”. Each person should live to embrace their own stories, I thought. It was a sweet meaningful vacation. Let’s get Uber. This font on the panel is quite classical. Hi. Now I’m leaving LA heading to Korea. Watch out here. LAX is one of the busiest airport. You might get lost if you’re not cautious. And most of all…

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