KKK Snowman With Noose

this episode of the ancestors brought to you
by three list the games day in haiti in ohio who’s identified only as mark uh… is it a little bit of trouble because
of a k_k_k_ sill man that he created in his front yard and because of the aryan nations of flag that
he puts up in front of his house another terrible things she’s the first as
watch the the uh… news reporting of this and then we’ll give
you more fun details including my favor i came bank in the limit there’s a new sunday
disgusting at the following this isn’t a run-of-the-mill frosty the snowman him for his office whatever if you
look at it i mean that about the column that in the black i’ve added inside of the flying
but the man and his friends who built it say there’s nothing sinister about the school
sits now it’s no man is not uh… there’s nothing he forgot that i can see for about a week now the snowman sax powering
on marks from on in hebrew but i’m here at the new spending removed it’s
a disgrace to neighborhood units it’s something that and we definitely don’t want your and and
it puts a black mark on all of us and that i mean there’s no one else around here that
thinks the way he does white-painted glorified or by email butterfly on that level our cameras rolling went to the county sheriff’s
deputies showed up neighbors called authorities to complain the sheriff’s department says it was like
that this plane is violated idaho state law that’s when mark a friend decided the non-profit
pointed hat minority on this subject feeling their pictures people two pictures
at her itself this isn’t the first time a person
in our age tend to like xa y for news interviewed mark about a collection of controversial white
supremacist flags you know those people who know what they are in favor of present and
it’s no question whether the many if you’re just happy for small victory on what was once a quiet block thinking and
a half an experiment uh… first and love the guys at for what worked there’s only this year at this time is on
their belief that the picture that sells everything is on that’s fine but i don’t see it now below
the uh… he he he he seemed like you might think
this is that the folk over an hour uh… there is a confederate flag yeah i know
i gifted and many of their initial flags but get a lot of this day it’s hitting it just to get in trouble for
that right industry for with the news that that uh… neighbors that earlier uh… he was not in trouble because uh… during a halloween neighbors were saying that he was passing
out boats for the care right i mean in his defense is any passout
bullet shells uh… because he had run out of candy yet that swagger party said that it was a
boats whose full casings that only after i uh… adikted that prompted itself no what what should be done about circuit one you’re passing a bullet casings on government
few on should have the cops run your okay value not several cases the cats ok so that’s that’s to me that you collected fit in idaho they have a long about misses
you can display the news okke that’s clear enough delegate relatives uh… if you build like a_t_t_ so many my
yard would have dropped you know that i had a hard honestly i again
why the neighbors are upset and god bless them and i love that everything but it’s america i think it’s a bill the k_k_k_ uh… summit happy you know and a lot of neighborhoods
in the united states you their roles regarding didn’t color that you can pay your
house their roles regarding what kind of signs and if it’s political signs obviously you
get past that you can have like banners at random banners on your absolutely zoning laws
it so i thought that we have sold and like when they say oh no i don’t like your house
the pic locating calypso routes pattern on the night you would all europe along is that not motogp offending limo that lowers the property that
yes i know i know i know that some people say but i’m not by i’ve never like that argument because that’s the way of your neighbors deciding
what you should do with your life instead of you now on the second this through this many more
than i ever needed ride but i think he’s got a right to flyer stereonation
fly again and he’s got a right to build up clown s k_k_k_ snowmen that’s his problem not my problem and you don’t look the mid-eighties just passing
up most of my kids that we got a problem today he should have sent but it’s america what can you know the you know it is america and the right that
i have quite a enjoyment of your house which means you neighbors can’t fought with enjoyment and one of the ways
of doing it is to make a house really like you know awful in terms of even making it really unattractive unknown long loud music so i mean regulations do make sense of course
i go over well with that but they do make sense so i decided if i could dismiss two
of is you’re probably where everyone that’s not
true he has a high note of course as with everything of the spectrum is a balance right the question for example if you have really
loud noise but that noise that comes out of my proper right so your rights and at the bridge of my nose is
all set by and so that if you’ve got me all the lights in the
lights coming out of my probably get it right and i understand there is an extreme where
i would agree with that position right i had to be on the end of the spectrum where
our respect individual property rights and speech rights more than others i’m gonna give them wide wide efforts including to the k_k_k_
guy who got would note would do god knows what uh… i just i think of freedom is more important than the community being upset undisturbed because of their upset about the k_k_k_ died
today really upset about something else tomorrow the third a day to be upset about the muslim
guy in the mosque and then they did it you know what i’m saying that no court they they
would be upset that there’s a liberty with a whole bummer sticker on his car it’s about their business and we have a new sponsor phyllis uh… they’re
very cool because they don’t get with uh… really interesting things going on in your
town or any kind you might be and they don’t know about right they also let you know where
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100 thoughts on “KKK Snowman With Noose”

  1. I like how the lady said that the KKK snow-man "black lists our whole neighborhood"
    ironic choice of words ..

    But the guy was obviously trying to play dumb about his snow-man

  2. how many racists rap songs are there about white people? alot. its a snowman as long as he doesnt hurt anyone or stand on a soap box preaching about racisim.

  3. Don´t you think he was playing a pratical joke with this vanilla pc suckers in his neighborhood? Nextime he should build a gaint cock. The moderator is cool.

  4. Can´t someone even make something in snow before the thought police will make a big deal about it? The Nanny State strikes again! In sweden we have to deal with these dangerous racist ice creams. Give me a break!

  5. I even think the idiot KKK guy has the right to display the noose. It's rude, tacky hateful,et akl, but if dudes can show gun stickers on their cars, what's the difference? It's called freedom of speech. Long may it exist.

  6. @LatinProductions I laughed at that too. But that's how our minds work, with suggestion, even hidden suggestion being part of which words come out. hypnotists use this a lot.

  7. lol these fucking people complaining.
    Stop fucking complaining, burn the snowman to hell, and kick his ass. Its not that hard, hes obviously a big-ass troll.

  8. You know what these White and Black sepreatist really do amaze me they think that their making a difference in the world by stinking up the air with BS. Some of the time it's the poor ignorant crabs that are racist; like white dude who made the snow man. What he needs to do is take his butt to a country that really cares.

  9. notice 1:41 the confererate flag hanging from the tree branch,lmao. I guess they can't afford to have another pole in the ground for the flag. Trailor park trash trying to play dumb is comical.

  10. my nextdoor neighbors did this i think it was 2 years ago and i saw a ton of garbage and some windows broken outside their house….looks like people didnt like it 😛

  11. Well "Jill Fuhrman" I feel like looking at your obese body with the cran canyon on the front of your shirt in the middle of winter,should be more of a disgrace to your neighbor hood.

  12. Ok if you run out of candy you pass out nickels or dimes or just don't pass out anything. hell golf balls are better than bullets at least the kids can sell em to their dads for 50¢ and golf ball…!

  13. Jayar and Jesus definitely laughed at Steve Oh as soon as Steve started talking. I've noticed that these two turn to look at each other and chuckle for a long time almost every time Steve talks.

  14. So pityful, how political correct can people be? Of course a snowman depicting a black man killing a white man would of course not be hate according to the doublestandard.

  15. Why would they take there kids there trick or treating in the first place? Spent casing? whats the big deal with that? If it was live ammo I could understand.

  16. @daemonowner the nazi flag is white supremacist and the confederate flag is not it was originaly a flag flown in battle so why do people think it is a white supremacist thing it was stolen by the racist faggs and now ignorance blinds people from the true history of the flag but still you have he does have actual racist flags so yeah you do have a point

  17. I totally agree with the guy in the suit. Where would you draw the line? A Klansman is a political statement just like an Obama or Romney sticker.

  18. You ignorant person..The KKK is not a hate Group that's what the media says and your wikipedia's of course would say it's hatefull. But you are just brainwashed to believe that.

  19. The people who came here didn't *Take away the land from them* That's a load of junk that was taught so we should feel bad

  20. That's racist and nobody flags it for spam? Wow that only shows what kkk say is true that what we say is *Racist* But what they say isnt.

  21. they have every right to display what they think they are on their property, however the people that claim they are a member of the KKK are some of the funniest ive ever seen. whenever i see or meet a kkk member i ask them one simple question. if there really is a kkk then why is the president still alive. you would not believe the mumbo jumbo i hear.

  22. Couldn't someone just destroy the snowman while he was out- I come from a middle class village in scotland, where it was unheard of for a snowman to last more than a few hours without teenagers smashing it- i doubt this racist structure would last. i would smash it and then trample on his snow to make it dirty and slushy. I hate the idea that black residents seen this in their neighborhood- if this community had any decency, they would get snow smashing!

  23. The man wants to be a bigot and a racist, that's his right. At least it used to be his right in America.
    KKK used to be able to march down the streets preaching their hate speech. I'm not into that but it was still a protected form of speech. Just like the new Black Panthers can apparently call for the murder of white babies in the nursery of a Hospital.
    I am not a fan of it. But if this guy can get in trouble for a KKK Snowman I want the nigger calling for the deaths of white babies arrested.

  24. If the KKK's not a hate group then how come they spend their time spewing hate and killing people over skin colour?

  25. Anything that angers the zionist media gets shit ton of attention, if he made a turd wich looked like a swastika they would talk about a new "holocaust"

  26. ku kulx the snowman was happy happy lad with a rope pull tight and doesent bite and very very glad

  27. It's weird that I'm black and looking at racist comments lol. I was a friend of someone in the KKK (albeit not willingly) and I respect all beliefs and all but… aren't we all equal people? That's like me saying black power… come on now.

  28. What's wrong with what a guy says? I don't agree with it, but we do have a free speech doctrine in this country…

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