Kingsman: The Secret Service – Pub Fight 60fps FI experimental – sub ESP

So before you was a tailor,
was you in the army? Like an officer? Not quite. So where would you posted?
Iraq or something? Sorry, Eggsy, classified. But my dad saved your life, yeah? The day your father died,
I missed something. If it weren’t for his courage, my mistake would
have cost the lives of every man present… so I owe him, Your father was a brave man, a good man. And having read your files, I think he’d be
bitterly disappointed in the choices you’ve made. You can’t talk to me like that. Huge IQ, great performance
at primary school. And it all went tits up. Drugs,
petty crime, never had a job. Oh, you think is a lot of jobs
going around here, do you? It doesn’t explain why you gave up your hobbies. First-prize
regional under-tens gymnastics two years in a row? Your coach had you pegged
as olympic team material. Yeah, well, when you go around someone like my
stepdad, you pick up new hobbies pretty quick. Uhh, of course, always
someone else’s fault. Who’s to blame for you quitting the marines? You were halfway
through training, doing brilliantly, but you gave up. Because my mum went mental banging on about losing
me, as well as my dad. Didn’t want me being cannon
fodder for snobs like you. Judging people like me from your ivory towers,
with no fault about why we do what we do… We ain’t got much choice, you get me? And if we
was born with the same silver spoon up our arses, we do just as well as you. If not better. What the fuck you doing here?
You’re taking a piss? Some more examples of young men who
simply need a silver suppository. Nah, they’re exceptions. C’mon. Nonsense. We haven’t finished our drinks. After you nicked his car,
Dean says you’re fair guy and I don’t give a shit what your mom says. Um, listen, boys: I’ve had a rather emotional day. So whatever your
beef with Eggsy is, and I’m sure it’s well-founded I’d appreciate it, enormously if
you could just leave us in peace until I finish this
lovely pint of Guinness. You should get out of way, grandaddy.
You’ll get hurt and all. He ain’t joking, you should go Excuse me. If you’re looking for another rentboy,
there are on the corner of Smith Street. Manners Maketh Man. Do you know what that means?
Then let me teach you a lesson. Are we going to stand around here
all day, or are we going to fight? YOU FUCKING DIRTY FUCKING DIRTY- Sorry about that. Needed
to let off a little steam. Heard yesterday a friend of mine died. He knew your father too actually. Now, I do apologize Eggsy. I shouldn’t have done this in front of you. No, please I won’t say nothing. I swear. If there’s one thing I
can do it’s keep my mouth shut. You won’t tell a soul. Ask the feds, I’ve never grassed anyone up. Is that a promise? On my life. Much appreciated, Eggsy. You’re right about the snobs. But there too, there are exceptions. Best of luck with everything.

100 thoughts on “Kingsman: The Secret Service – Pub Fight 60fps FI experimental – sub ESP”

  1. Why I see the difference btw 30 fps to 60fps if human eyes see only 24fps. I mean is it the fps who was change or something in this video

  2. Someday in the future if I have boys, I'll raise and teach them to be like Collin Firth in this movie

  3. It's obvious the scenes at 60fps but… This feels like it should only be at 30fps otherwise the fight happens too fast

  4. I got into a fight at the bar yesterday. I guy pulled out a gun. I grabbed my umbrella and opened it to defend myself. They all laughed at me. I don’t know why.

  5. When I was watching this movie for the first time I thought meh….then I saw 2:48 and I was like…..*gulp*

  6. That's the perfect way of how to clean up the mess in a place(and filled in your mind as well) where people come to destress themselves.

  7. 0:05 eggsy hunched over
    4:12 eggsy sitting up straight
    the fucking continuity in this movie is incredible

  8. Chav: You should leave grandaddy or gonna get hurt an all.

    Eggsy: He ain't joking, you should leave.

    Harry: Hold my Guinness

  9. Last time i saw him he was a teacher devoted to catching fairies now hes a highly trained killer in a cool suit

  10. Now in Canada, if you call 911 and then the line dies, they still check it out. And you can’t tell me that if, (it’s 999 in the UK isn’t it?), if the emergency line was called from a pub that a gang like Dean’s frequented that cops wouldn’t come around to check it out.

  11. Harry i have new partners for you
    Harry this is agent 47 and this is james bond and this is john wick…. Your choice, harry…..

  12. 5:06 Vaughn cleverly calls back to this sleight of hand camera move when Eggsy takes down Caine's character.

  13. Back when Harry wasn't a weak idiot like in the second. They tried to remake that fight but instead of making him badass they humiliated him and ruined his character.

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