Kings College Chapel

The building which is a stunning reminder
to all of the University of Aberdeen’s historical origins is King’s College Chapel. Indeed,
it was Bishop Elphinstone who in 1495, founded the University. The name itself recalls the
College’s main patron, King James IV of Scotland. As you wander along the cobbled High Street,
you can admire the majestic Crown Tower which has become an icon of the University. Passing
the main Chapel door and the Elphinstone monument, you turn off the High Street to enter the
original College buildings. Continue through the arch, and enter the serene quadrangle. Turn immediately left, climb the aged steps
and enter the Chapel at the north-west door of the quadrangle. You are now standing in
the antechapel which since 1928, has been used as the University’s war memorial. Some
five hundred and twenty-four students of the University are commemorated on its walls,
having fallen in the two World Wars. The Douglas Strachan War Memorial Window, installed in 1920 adorns the north wall. From the antechapel you pass through the rood
screen gates and into the Chapel. The Chapel retains more medieval wood work than any other Scottish church. Particularly notable within the chapel are the 52 choir stalls which dateback to around 1509. One of the newest items within the Chapel
is the Aubertin organ, the first Aubertin organ in the U.K., built and installed in
2004. It towers to the roof, with pipes on all four sides enabling its sound to speak
to all four corners of the Chapel. Worship continues to this day within the Chapel.
While the University continues to observe Founders’ Day, the Seven Incorporated Trades’
service and Remembrance, every Wednesday during term, we hold a service at 5.15pm which includes the superb University of Aberdeen Chapel Choir. As you’d imagine, we still conduct weddings,
funerals, memorial services and other services as needed. We also ensure that there is a
quiet hour, for prayer and meditation, each day from 1-2pm.

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