Kids Church Videos – Trusting God

Hit the CC button if you want to turn off subtitles. Hi Larry! Oh, Hi Tom. Uh, what are we looking at? Oh, uh, nothing, I’m just a little worried
about… something. Well, what is it? I can’t tell you – it’s TOO scary. Larry, just tell me. Okay, fine. I heard my parents talking, and they said
it’s going to start raining… Raining?! You’re scared of rain? You’re like, “Oh no, water drops falling from
the sky!” No, it’s not just that, I heard my parents
says It’s supposed to starting raining CATS AND DOGS – and you know how scared I am of cats! They’re terrifying, with those little whiskers
and cleaning themselves and all those little “meow meow” noises they make. You know that’s just an expression, right? Say what? Raining cats and dogs means it’s going to
rain really hard, but just water. So… no cats? No cats. Does that make you feel better? A little bit, but… I heard something else that’s even scarier. What was it? I heard my dad ask my sister — Oh, I can’t
repeat it, it’s TOO AWFUL! Just tell me. He said, “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?” Gasp— the horror! Oh, I see. Aren’t you scared? Did you know cats can steal your tongue? They probably sneak in at night when you’re
resting and wiggle those awful little whiskers and make that terrifying purring sound and
then they steal your tongue and then you try to talk and all you can say is, “pleth gibbee
mo thaltha fwith thith buwwiito” and no one can understand you because of the evil kitties
of DOOM! Uh, Larry, can I say something? You can until the cats steal your tongue! And then what do they do with all those tongues? Why do the cats need so many tongues? Are they going to make a tongue weapon and
take over the whole earth and make everyone chase balls of yarn all day and drink milk
out of tiny saucers? Larry… ‘cat your tongue?’ is just a saying
that means, ‘don’t you have anything to say?’ So… cats don’t steal people’s tongues? No. And they don’t fall out of the sky when it
rains? No. And they don’t have those terrifying little
whiskers that stick out of their faces? Uh, well, yes, cats have whiskers. I knew it! We’re all going to diiiieeeeee! Oh boy, you really worry too much. Maybe the guys from Spyence Headquarters can
talk to us about worrying. If the cats haven’t got them already! Aaarrgghghhhhh!!!!! Hi, I’m Bob the Dragon, here with… Hi, I’m Secret Agent Michelle, but you can
call me Steel Dragon. Oooh, cool code name! And I’m Secret Agent Tim. Ooh, what’s your code name – the Silent Tornado,
the Golden Panther? You can call me P.T. What does that stand for? Tell us…Tell us… Pink… Pink what? Pink… Tinkerbell.It’s not funny! Sorry. Anyway, today we’re talking about worry-
Like when you’re late and have to rush to get to class! No, that’s hurry, we’re talking about worry. Oh, that’s what rats do when they run around
looking for food. No, that’s scurry, worry is-
When you can’t see very well! That’s blurry, Bob! Worry is-
Oh! I got it! Like a cat, or a bunny rabbit-
That’s furry! We’re talking about worry, when you can’t
stop thinking about something that you’re afraid is going to happen, like-
When Larry was worrying about those cats attacking him. Yes, or kids might worry about getting picked
on at school, Or they might worry about someone in their
family getting sick, I guess we could worry about a lot of things. But we don’t have to. We don’t? Why not? Because the Bible says, “Turn all your worries
over to God. He cares about you.” What does that mean? It means that we can talk to God about all
those things that worry us. And we can remember that God is in control
and knows everything and can do anything. So we don’t need to be afraid at all, because
God is taking care of us. Wow! That’s great. I should go tell Larry he doesn’t have to
worry about those cats, but first – can we play a quick game? Sure, what game? The quiet game. Okay, how long do we have to be quiet? Until I count to 3. So we can’t say a single word while you count
to 3? That’s easy. Do you promise? Sure. Okay, here we go, 1… 2… What’s happening? I’ll finish counting when I get
back in a couple hours. Just sit tight, Tinkerbell. Meet Egg-bert. Egg-bert worried about a lot of things. He worried that he wasn’t smart enough, and
that during his math test, he would crack under the pressure… Get it – crack? During his eggs-amination? He worried that his teacher would call him
to the front of the class and tell him how bad he did and make an egg-sample of him. Egg-sample – I love egg jokes. He also worried that he would have to tell his parents he got a bad grade and they would get egg-stremely hard-boiled. Egg-stremely hard-boiled – hahaha. Never mind. Anyway, Egg-bert also worried about what the
other eggs at school thought about him. What if he said something embarrassing? Or what if he didn’t wear the right clothes? Or what if he lost the soccer game for his
team? Just thinking about all the ways he could
mess up left him terri-fried. Terri-fried? That joke quacked me up. Anyway, Egg-bert worried about school, and
home, and friends, egg-cetera, egg-cetera… But Egg-bert didn’t need to worry. I Peter 5:7 says, “Turn all your worries over
to God. He cares about you.” Listen Egg-bert, God cares about everything that happens to you. Do you believe that? Um-hmm. Then what are you worried about? Cracking under the pressure of a math test? Um-hmm. Turn that worry over to God, because He cares
for you, and He’s… got you. Even if Egg-bert doesn’t do well on the test,
God will help Him through that. And God will help him with his teacher… He doesn’t have to worry about his family
or his parents, because God loves them all, and is there for them… And when it comes to friends at school – God
knows how hard it is to be a kid. And how much pressure there is to be cool,
and smart, and dress right, and be good at sports. God loves you just the way you are, and he
will help you deal with all the friend issues that come up at school. He’s got you. And we’re not really talking about eggs here. We’re talking about you. Turn all your worries over to God, because
He… cares about you. Okay, see you later, I’m egg-zhausted. Turn all your worries over to Him. He cares about you. Oh! What are you doing? I was getting worried, so I started reviewing
the verse about turning your worries over to God. Yeah, we face a lot of danger as the Shark-Rat Super Sisters, what with the evil robots and all that. And the chipmunks-from-outer-space and the killer-cotton-candy gang. Anyway, what if the next bad guys we face are too much for your super-ninja-skills and my lightning-fast-reflexes And your crazy-fish-eyes. My what? Never mind. Anyway, we train as much as we can to keep your ninja-skills and my reflexes And fish-eyes!
As sharp as possible, but… What if we’re defeated – Spyence Headquarters won’t be protected by our Shark Rat Super Sister powers And crazy eyes There’s only one thing we can do… Yes. Give up! No. You’re right, we need to be brave. Yes. And run away like heroes. No. Then I have no idea what to do. Ah, we could follow the advice in 1 Peter
5:7 Wait, I have an idea! We could follow the advice in 1 Peter 5:7.
Good idea. I’ll teach it to you – how does it start? Like this: 1 Peter 5:7. Okay, let’s try that: 1 Peter 5:7. This is fun, I’m a good teacher. And then it goes… It goes like this. Turn, like you’re turning a steering wheel. all your worries over to Him. Okay, good, do that with us: Turn all your
worries over to Him. Great, and now we’ll teach you the next part. Go ahead… Oh, uhh… He cares about you. Awesome, do that with us: He cares about you. And now I’ll teach you the next part. Oh, that’s it, we taught them the whole verse. Wow, I’m good! Should we say it all together one time? Wait – Let’s say it all together one time. 1 Peter 5:7 Turn all your worries over to
Him. He cares about you. So you were saying that verse to yourself,
to remind you not to worry, because God cares for you. That’s right. I’m going to do that too. I’m going to let God worry about the evil
robots… The chipmunks-from-outer-space. The killer-cotton-candy gang. And those Crazy fish eyes. What? Crazy fish eyes. Excuse me? Crazy fish eyes. The Spyence Lab is under attack from the Evil Robots. Answer these questions and help our heroes, the Shark-Rat Super-Sisters protect the Spyence Lab. Good luck! Rat-Attack Special: Ratatoille! Shark-Bait Attack: Fin-Blast! Rat-Attack Special: Rat Marks The Spot! Shark-Bait Attack: Is it a shark, or is it a volcano? Yes, it’s a Shark-Cano. Shark-Bait Rat-Attack: Crazy Chipmunks Attack! Good job, Spyentists! The Secret Lab has been secured.

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