KFC Car Mukbang Chicken & Waffles | Don’t Wipe Your Mouth Challenge by YummyBitesTV

if you have two eyes you’d be dead Oh
our service if you had two eyes you’d be dead cuz your first wife will give hi
everybody welcome welcome welcome to taste my taste my food tasting McMahon
looking a hot mess and she ready to eat y’all I am here today I am doing the
yummy bites challenge don’t wipe your mouth challenge I got some chicken from
KFC with the waffles with the serve yeah I got a lot of stuff that’s gonna be
missing and I got the biscuit theme with the serve and the honey and everything
on it and just let them just like to be messy
I tried to go live just now and I’m riding with my cousin and he is passing
the ship channel and it ain’t got no connection out so I tried to go live
to show y’all what I’m doing and sorry for this setup so here is the
food I’m hungry I didn’t eat nothing yesterday so this is don’t wipe your
mouth challenge I cannot I got to eat all of this and cannot wipe my mouth my
napkins are right here in front of me oh oh I forgot to send my grace father God
we thank you for this food that we’re about to receive you love your kindness
your mercy and your grace all the provisions that you have made upon my
life I thank your fishes Heavenly Father for
protecting me and keeping me from all hurt harm in danger I ask that you
continue to mean camp your angels round about me in Giggy is this Holy Name I
pray hallelujah thank you Jesus okay hmm yeah that girl if they’re wonder she was
so nice but that got too many choices she was asking me too many questions I
was like girls you’re professional wherever you want to give me just give
it to me seem like you want the two things white the three things dark the
faux chicken legs or the phone do you want one waffle or two waffles ah just
give me some food y’all I think Popeyes Church’s Chicken oughta
keep that chicken and waffle on the menu forever they don’t need to take it off
no more they be bringing it back for a limited time only by our understanding
of people or something why is you taking them out to me yeah hmm this chicken-and-waffle is the
bomb back home KFC chicken is in a league of his own my chicken is just so good so go leave
the two waffles I asked for in special sir you want piece of chicken closet of
course Thank You y’all I decided to share em
cuz he don’t give me my money back since boom I told me booyah
I say he don’t know he paid for my food he woke me up and got me out the bed I
ain’t ate in two days I had food at my house but I had playing at you today and look at this y’all look at this that’s
serious oh my goodness you want a piece I did you drink a piece
off mmm-hmm don’t like your mouth challenge without wiping your mouth by the way
this is the don’t wipe your mouth challenge by yummy bites TV I’m not tagging nobody but if yeah I
want to do this challenge make sure you put in the title don’t wipe your mouth
challenge by yummy bites TV mention her in the video and y’all go check out her
channel y’all okay we see the local Houstonian mm-hmm we got a couple of people here in
Houston yeah I don’t know if this message
nothing Albert and that a shake – this was the KFC they have a Taco Bell
together and so I got a mango something I don’t
even know what it’s called it’s a mango something yah we ridin taking care of some
business probably back to give out the car oh no but I’m eating my food right
now I love the cross on churches you like churches hmm Oh your favorite
chicken please chick-fil-a the churches is shit for
layoffs our children know fire – I won’t talk about chicken PFC is the best
chicken fried place I like mm-hmm chicken on the ball have you taught that Popeyes chicken
sandwich it yes you like there’s or or took four like that I like both oh we’ve got to pick one no
you do which one is the best if you so choose
between both of them to go get one right now which one would you go to to get and
and they both one across the street from each other yeah he sound like he got a sister wife
I got two wives I like both but one got to be better if I had two two wives if
you had two eyes you’d be dead if you add two eyes you be dead cuz no first
wife will give now I see going for their home and you’re coming if you ready to
rock what about that man I got like five or
six he’s out of control that’s taken Wow women to settle for
anything y’all it’s not his fault it is really not as well close first of all the way he thought getting away with it
was the first wife had to allow him to do it but she didn’t if that in the
world from day one he’d be doing that mess with somebody else but when she
accepted the first wife then he said she could accept one next time you know and
then he got two or three tickets for all of them oh my goodness that’s just nasty
y’all I know that in the old days that’s how me and lived to replenish the earth they was even there was no such thing as
incest back then they married their own sisters because that’s what they did to
replenish the earth but maybe the earth is replenished right
now you don’t need to be having multiple wives multiple husbands a women I mean
children for different mamas y’all act like y’all have a happy family y’all
getting along but baby all them children growing up in the same house they’re
gonna be fussing and fighting it’s gonna be some animosity between them at some
point and I don’t care what you say if you
married to six different women or guys sister wives or whatever you want to
call it something children in the house gonna feel like you treating the other
children better one wife don’t think you treat her another one better than her and two sisters came even live in the
same house high sums women just mean that man must want to die of a heart
attack cuz didn’t gonna be fighting argue what
night is it of my night yo night all night don’t even sound godly to me don’t
even sound like that falling from God nope it got so much confusing in y’all my cousin saying you can come my chicken
but this would but you brought up that conversation okay y’all my battery car
it was full I did not wipe my hands on my mouth my cousin sitting right here
here to you I was about to show you how these
biscuits I’m not gonna be able to eat them cuz I get food really fast
y’all I written know that so I’m gonna let him eat what he want
and I still got my own I still got mine and you could have me
take the top and put it down I ain’t gonna say later cuz I don’t you see fuck
good but God just waffle whoo yeah I’d like to try the shooting and wife y’all I’m gonna have to do this video again
when I got my we go number computer yeah I’m full I’m through I took you through
the chicken and glad I gave the other piece that my cousin said my hands are I was trying to think of what I could
eat bad food to do don’t wipe your mouth challenge
and then I was watching it it’s a more man channel with the five million
subscribers and yesterday he had KFC chicken and waffles and I was like the
chicken and waffles are back I remember I think it was last year or
earlier this year when I tried to chicken-and-waffle for the first time
when I went back like a week later to go get it again and they said it’s gone I’m
like gone what you mean gone it was like we don’t have it right now
it swivels a limited time only I said do you know when it’s coming back this time
I know we never know when it’s gonna come back oh that’s definitely something
they need to keep on the menu forever then if they need to work out the kinks
and keep that on the menu forever pachow they see that sound I’m through and I’ma wipe my hands I appreciate
y’all joining me and today don’t forget to thumbs up the video leave lots of
comments down below press the subscribe button and come back for another video
so you can see more of than anybody over here in anybody some days I’m nerdy
enough then mom with others I’m just chillin like a villain I’m gonna talk to my cousin why are we
sitting here waiting on somebody but I will talk to you guys later thanks for
watching bye now you hear go tell your knee bites TV they’re tasty
much bang feet did her don’t wipe your mouth challenge and I’m gonna do it
again and again and again and again and again until I get tired of doing ok tasty my face tasty my face tasty my
baby my baby monthly taking my baby

30 thoughts on “KFC Car Mukbang Chicken & Waffles | Don’t Wipe Your Mouth Challenge by YummyBitesTV”

  1. That looks so good. I'm surprised you didn't tell him "Yo eyes might water, yo teeth might grit but non of this chicken and waffles you shall get"! Lol lol

  2. Tasty mukbangs โ˜บ Vanessa ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Žโœ”๐Ÿ’ฏ had to come by and show love โค food looks delicious โœ”๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž

  3. Popeyes and chikfilet are right across the street from eachother where the nearest one to us is I will always choose Popeyes, it would be hard if Churchs was across the way cause if have to get both ๐Ÿ˜‚.

  4. hi good morning great video the food looks good and also shoutout to the both of you yall did a great job thumbs up thanks for sharing this it was a good one i really enjoyed watching peace

  5. I love that you are doing a mukbang while someone was driving the car lol. Makes it an interesting and fun video. Those waffles look amazing. I really need to try some.

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