Kelly Clarkson Weeps Watching Garth Brooks’ Acoustic Covers Of James Taylor And Bob Dylan

– What’s like your favorite song to cover? – I think it’s the stuff
that they’re not expecting. I’m the last of six kids. Mom and Dad had their different tastes. So yeah, you’re gonna hear. You’re gonna hear George Strait. You’re gonna hear Haggard. But you’re also gonna hear: ♪ Sittin’ in the morning sun ♪ ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ I’ll be sittin’ when the evening comes ♪ You know, you get to sing
“Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay.” (crowd cheers) – How does he? – You get to do anything you want. So you can do: (guitar intro) And everybody knows this intro. Right?
– Yes. So you get to do Seger. That’s Seger, right, you know? ♪ I was a little too tall ♪ ♪ Could’ve used a few pounds ♪ ♪ Tight pants points hardly renown ♪ So as a country artist, they’re really surprised to hear these kind of things – I love that you’re like so… (crowd laughs with Garth) That was like my favorite
part of your show. I was like, that’s not easy for everyone, like what just happened just the milliseconds that you just went in and out of character like literally the Meryl Streep of music. It was like so crazy, but– – It was fun ’cause you
got to, you got to do the James Taylor ♪ Just yesterday morning ♪ ♪ They let me know you were gone ♪ Right? – Yes. – So that lick, that
famous James Taylor riff. (plays guitar lick) I’ve ripped it off a thousand times. It’s stuff that we do, right? (Kelly laughs with crowd) – We call that inspired. – (laughs) Like ♪ I will sail my vessel ♪ ♪ Til the river runs dry ♪ – Ooh! Oh my god I never even knew that! – Right, there’s the lick. – Yes!
– Yes. – So, okay, my favorite
cover was part of the, it’s Fresh Horses album, right? You did To Make You Feel My Love? – Ooh.
– So here’s the thing: I just recently did that
song on the show, right? With Ben Platt. But here’s the funny thing. He knew of that song because of Bob Dylan. I had no idea that Bob Dylan
existed when I was a kid. Nobody around me listened to Bob Dylan, but I sure as hell knew your version. And I, and I thought it
was a Garth Brooks song, like until I was 20. – But it was so sweet ’cause the guys at Hope Floats, so Don Was–
– Oh, good movie, yeah. – Came out and talked
to us and really sweet. – Will you play some? – Sure.
– I mean, sure, okay. – Forgive the voice. ♪ When the rain is blowin’ in your face ♪ ♪ And the whole world is on your case ♪ ♪ I would offer you a warm embrace ♪ ♪ To make you feel my love ♪ ♪ When the evenin’ shadows
and the stars appear ♪ ♪ And there is no one to dry your tears ♪ ♪ I would hold you for a million years ♪ ♪ To make you feel my love ♪ – Okay I’m fine. (cheers) – Beautiful song, beautiful song. – If you would have told me like, – Very sweet, especially coming from you. – If you would have told me, as a kid, that that moment would have happened, I’m sorry, woo, I just can’t believe my life sometimes, and you’re just like
sitting here serenading. It’s fine.

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  1. Mr Emotion, that’s why we love him, “cause we can feel his love,” in every song. I have a scar from slicing roast beef for sandwiches so my sons could spend the night on the sidewalk to get tickets for his concert. They’ve even driven straight thru from Seattle to LA to be there to hear his love. Recorded CMA appearances. Bought tickets to afternoon and evening performances at a Seattle date. We hope you “feel our love’, too, Garth!!! You’re more than just a part of our story in life, you have played a major role. My three sons sang ‘The Dance” to my niece at her hospital bedside in November of 2007 before she passed away on the 5th of that month 10 days before her 21st birthday. We all will never forget that small moment of great joy for her as she too loved you, and the love it allowed them to show to her. Truly eternally indebted!!!

  2. Every time Garth has come to perform near me I miss out on tickets, they sell out so damn fast! One of these days, before he retires, I WILL see him perform live!!!

  3. I have been to 1 concert my entire life and was Garth Brooks in San Jose , CA in the 90's. Worth every cent I paid for the tick n the time.

  4. I don’t know if Garth knows it, but he is the voice a lot of us 90s kids heard growing up. So many memories of my childhood are tied to his songs and voice. If I was in Kelly’s shoes at this moment, I would have teared up too- and I’m a 35 year old man.

  5. I knew it was written by Bob Dylan when the "Hope Floats" soundtrack came out, but I had never heard his music before (I was 5); that's a really popular song to cover… Adele's done it, Boy George's done it, it's been covered on "The Voice" numerous times… It's a great song, no matter who sings it!

  6. I grew up wanting to be like Garth Brooks. But evidently God had other plans for me. Kelly you always know how to make a grown man cry with your caring and love. God bless you all. Always stay humble and kind.

  7. Simplicity & class. Love when Garth Brooks just puts his utter musicality out there without embellishment. Talent personified.

  8. I saw Garth in concert in 1997 and it is still one of the best, if not the best concert I ever went to. He did 7 days straight in Philly…and I saw him on the 5th day, and he still did 2 1/2 hours singing and ran around. Such a great musician.

  9. I sure cherish my Garth CD collection. Actually, I have most of his vinyls & cassettes too! Love listening via all mediums. However, Garth (imho) should make his music more accessible across streaming platforms. Yes, it's on Amazon, but that's the one music svc I don't care to have. If his music was less restrictive it would open him up more to newer generations, ensuring longevity. Either way his music is timeless.

  10. I just love Kelly. She is beautiful and more important she is a beautiful soul. Down to earth. Fame and fortune don't ruin everyone.

  11. Can you please 😥 upload the "Ain't goin down til the sun comes up" performance of Kelly and Garth Brooks…. I love it 🥰

  12. It’s great to see Tom Segura promoting something other than his comedy, but had no clue he played the guitar😲😲😲😲

  13. That song always brings tears to my eyes. It's so beautiful, I always remember my late dad everytime I hear this song 😔

  14. My best friend got married two weeks ago. Her sister sang the Adele version of “To make you feel my love” I can not hear any version of that song without crying now.

  15. I was today years old (35) when I found out that he didn’t write that song haha!!! I too didn’t know it was a Bob Dylan song

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  17. Garth Brooks is better than ever. Kelly you have a beautiful voice and spirit but please learn to stop saying "like" ALL the time. I counted TEN times in the first minute and fourteen times during the 3 minute piece. It's a terribly annoying habit that so many people have today. "I love that you're LIKE so; that was LIKE my; LIKE just what happened; LIKE the milliseconds." Everyone stop it!

  18. Tears so many tears! I would love to hear Garth in person, or even just have a good heart to heart. To make you feel my love is the song I know about a broken lover's heart. But every time I hear it I think about my troubled son who has broken my heart. Crying now just thinking about it, he is addicted to drugs, been in and out of detention, boys homes, and behavior health facilities and is now just 18 and still doing so much more. I sat with him so many times and played this for him to let him know he will always have a home and people who love him. This song means so much to us thank you Kelly and Garth y'all are true good hearted people. 🤟❤

  19. I can never get enough of behind the scenes videos of Garth brooks like this. I always like to see the real personality come out when they are not on stage

  20. Why is Kelly Clarkson has a show??..(she is..sitting all show.on..if nobody knows about her could think she wheelchair bound!!?? Boring .that is the problem with A can have a show without offering much!?they should use their $$$better..(bad example:Michael Strahan/Sara Hines..👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼Rachel Ray .overdone!The View worst hateful show..20/20…old&boring..Ellen D. Offers nothing..except buys audience with gifts!! 😴👎🏼😴😴😴😴🙄😜🤡🤑👿😠😵💩

  21. I find her extremely annoying. But I must admit, Garth probably does the best cover, actually the best version of this song of anyone.


  23. I subscribed to your channel when it first came out. My favorite part is the ending. You have a very interesting way of pleading for subscribers!! I laugh every time and make the fam watch it with me!! So good and so Kelly!!!

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