#KeepOnAmazing: Jim Moore, El Dorado – Baptist Health Orthopedic Patient

When I was a boy growing up I was in boy scouts and this property was 175 acres and Burns Dairy and Mr. Burns used to
let the Boy Scouts come out and camp in this back
portion where I live now. So I knew the land, I knew what was here we built this house as a grandparents
house its peaceful out here. You can sit on the
deck and you don’t see any houses and your reflect on the
pasture and it’s just a very peaceful place. What I like most
about being outside is the freedom and lack of confinement I would never be an office guy. I love
getting out and fishing and hunting and I like going to the barn, I like working with animals, taking care of them I have a workshop there and piddling in it taking care equipment and it’s just a good place
to go and relax. When I realized that I had stopped doing some of the things I really enjoy
doing because of the knee pain, at that point is when I sought to get it corrected. Getting a knee replaced is not an easy procedure but the thing that I liked about Baptist Health was that it had a team approach and they gave you
a playbook they told you what you were going to expect and what the surgery was going to be like and what to do after the surgery to be successful with it. Part of the rehab focus was to be able to get my grandson involved in hiking. I set a goal during his spring break that I would be able to take him to some places that unless somebody took him there, he might never see Arkansas has some beautiful places and most of them you can’t drive to, you’ve got to hike into you can describe it, you can see pictures of it, but until you actually get there there’s no way you’re going to know the feeling you’re going to have. The first place we started out to go to I had not seen in decades and it was a great sense of accomplishment to turn and see that at a distance and then be able to get up on that point and view it with Drew. As pappy, I can show them things take them to do the things that I want them to see and learn from me that’s just a good feeling to have.

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