K2 The Church’s Fall 2011 Baptisms

I was just, at my lowest point, at a breaking
point. I was into drugs, I was into alcohol, I was suicidal… How old are you now? 19. 19, and how long were you in that dark place
would you say? About three years. Like, I’ll do anything,
and he said to come to church, and I found God. From that moment on, you know, I knew I didn’t
want to live the life I was living. Um, three months into rehab I was thrown into jail.
Today, I am a full-time mother again. I am clean and sober. I run a meeting for women
in recovery. I’m, I’m just on a new road, and I owe it all to God, truly. This was just
a chance, an opportunity for me to become closer to Jesus and um, to God. And I had all this pressure being like this
perfect person and I just, I couldn’t do it by myself, and like right there I just, I
just gave it all up to God and Jesus, I’m like, “Ok, I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you
forever, I need, I need you, I need you “and from then on I’ve just been growing in my
faith, and I’ve seen Him work so much in my life and I’ve gone miles, and I just don’t
want to stop this, this is great! Doing alot of drinking, doing drugs, involving
myself with people in gangs. I hit rock bottom I was in a camper in the dead of winter with
no heat with just the clothes on my back freezing to death, no money, estranged from my family,
my son, my daughter and I don’t know what it was but God somehow came into my life.
I wasn’t put in this world to live the life I was living, you know, that’s the power of
God’s grace is that it was through Him that I shine and I couldn’t shine before because
I didn’t have Him in my life, and um, and I’ll never, I’ll never forget it, and I’ll
thank God forever and today was a step towards that thankfulness. Towards my savior, for
taking me out of the, out of my rock bottom and giving me a life again. When I walked into that church and saw everybody
wearing sandals and shorts and no ties and everybody was just kinda casual and then,
of all things the pastor himself has a tattoo on his forearm, and I was just like, “This
is the place for me.” My heart caught fire, you know? I lived a miserable life and a miserable
existence because, as much as I believed that there was a God, I didn’t have any faith that
He had any good things for me, because I’d sinned so much that I was beyond hope. Me and my husband started coming to K2 a year
and a half ago, and I finally understood what it meant to have that full relationship with
Christ and to know just how much He loves me. I’ve accepted Christ in my life, He is
my savior. We were making personal choices that just
weren’t, had nothing to do with God and it was probably one of the hardest things I’ve
ever done in my life to follow that road and I’m ready move forward and follow in the light
of Christ and walk in His footsteps and walk near God and move forward. Now I’m getting baptized, I just wanted to
publicly come out and say that I love Him. I will live it and I’ll try to get other people
to see what it is, because it is my life now, Jesus is my life.

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