Join Messiah Echad Messianic Congregation in Georgetown TX

(peaceful music) Shalom and Hello. I’m Jonathan Dade. The Senior Pastor or Rabbi of Messiah Echad. A Christian, Jewish Congregation in Austin, Texas. We are an inclusive, multi-faith group that loves God (Deut. 6:5) our neighbors, and believes that Christ was Jewish (Mat. 12:31) So our worship includes Hebrew and Israeli dancing (Luke 4:16) We are on a journey of discovery for truths not fully revealed, by Traditional Synagogues, nor Mainstream Churches. – Messiah Echad is a place for Jews, Christians, Non-believers, everyone just to come and be fed and feel welcome. – There is no condemnation. There are mixed people there, and you’re accepted. It’s just family oriented. It’s wonderful. I really do enjoy it. – I remember the first two months going there. It was so powerful because the presence of God was just there. That spirit never left and so I’ve never left. I’ve been there ever since. – While living near Washington DC my wife Melinda and I experienced a strong spiritual revelation. A calling to leave our home, our careers, our congregation and begin anew. We arrived in Austin in 2013. We planted our flag. And started the Ministry at Messiah Echad. – They are very genuine people, you know. That Rabbi Jonathan is just a loving character, you know. He can just, reach out to everybody in such a way that I’ve never seen before, actually. That’s a beautiful thing. – He has a teaching that just touches home. I’ve never really experienced before you know, going to so many different churches. – We are so grateful to God and proud to be part of this fast growing Messianic Jewish movement. Which we now represent in every state and 138 countries. – I enjoy Rabbi Jonathan’s teachings because they’re so different. – The way that he teaches is so applicable to life. It’s not just like he’s preaching at you. He is teaching you and really like, hitting that core of… What is the Bible tell me, that I’m suppose to be doing, in following life? – We have plans for a 200 student Day School. And a 1,500 seat Place of Worship. For that we say thank you. – Toda raba (Hebrew) Bal’shoye spaseeba (Russian) – To all our listeners stateside and around the world we pray our audio recordings and live video streaming find you blessed and in good health. – In Jeremiah 30:3 and Matthew 23:39, we see God putting Israel at the center. An admonition to create unity between Christian and Jewish culture. – We’re all together and we’re very diverse. That’s one thing I really love about the congregation. – I get so charged on Saturday and it helps carry you through the week like I have never experienced before in any congregation. – So we invite you to be part of this Echad or oneness, and help bring this prophecy to pass. Please come and listen. Experience our uplifting and growing ministry. All are welcome. CC by Messiah Echad and Rabbi Jonathan.

6 thoughts on “Join Messiah Echad Messianic Congregation in Georgetown TX”

  1. what an amazing video, I rejoice in know what our Abba is doing with you and the saints that are united with you…may He continue to bless and expand your ministry. Shalom

  2. Bless you guys thank you for loving all who come to seek the things of the Lord and bless each other with the gifts He has given! Kyra's songs sweetly annointed as Jesus (Yeshua IS the Light shining thru) -it truly was a blessing to meet you all and will look forward to seeing you around as i visit the town…

  3. It brings joy to my heart to know that a true black isrealite is teaching the heathen the truth about our lord yahshua . keep up the good work faithful isrealite

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