JOHNSON: The Incredibly Polite Detective

What? Who’s there? Uh, yes, hello there, sir. I am Johnson, the
incredibly polite detective. Well, what do you need? To, like, search my
house or something? Yes, sir. I’m investigating a case about a
stolen writing utensil. Well, no! But, um, sir, I have a, um, search warrant. No! Oh. Um, alright. I’ll just wait out here then. Hey, hey! Would you, um, go down and wait
in the lobby quickly? Okay. Sure, sir. I shall do so. What a lovely day. Hey, Johnson! I tripped! Oh, no! I dropped it! Sir, this seems to be the stolen writing utensil.
I place you under arrest. No! Oh… well, sorry about the thought. Oh, no! I tripped again! I’m sorry, but I must place you under arrest
now. Ah, drat!

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