Jessica’s guide to the Parish Share Survey Form 2019

Hello, I am Jessica Cook, Parish Share and
Stipends Officer at the Diocese of Bath and Wells. This video is here to help you complete the
Parish Share Survey form. It is an important form; the information provided
is used to calculate your PCC’s next year’s Parish Share, so please complete it as accurately
and fully as possible. If you have not yet viewed the guidance booklet,
please do so. It includes thorough information on who to
include as a member and how to determine your socio economic category. So this is what the survey form looks like. The information at the top of the form will
be completed for you, so starting from Box 1, please enter your current membership. A member is someone, over the age of 18, who
comes to church at least once a month, or would do so if not prevented by holiday or
illness. Membership is not Electoral Roll, Average
Weekly Attendance or October count. Include people who attend mid week services
or have home communions, and people who are in care homes or a Fresh Expression and are
considered to be a full member. Do not include children under the age of 18,
people who come less than once a month, visitors, holiday makers, and people who consider their
home church to be somewhere else. Do not count people twice. More information on who to include as a member
can be found on pages 3 and 4 of the booklet. Box 2a; new members. Please write down the number of brand new
members in your congregation since the last survey. These are people who are new to faith; not
people who have transferred from another church. We bring new members into the Parish Share
calculation over 3 years; 1/3rd in the first year, 2/3rds in the second year, full member
by the third year. So it’s in your interest to record these
figures accurately. Box 2b; the number of new members declared
on your last survey form is recorded here. Please enter how many of these are still part
of your membership this year – this is to enable them to continue to be phased in over
their three years; these members will be classed as 2/3rds in the calculation. Last year’s membership figure is provided
at the bottom of the survey. The Worshipping Community and Electoral Roll
figures from the latest Statistics for Mission are also provided for information. If there are any significant changes in membership,
or big differences between membership and the Worshipping Community figure, please provide
an explanation so that it can be discussed at the Archdeaconry Scrutiny Group meeting. Turning over the page we come to the choice
of category section. Last year’s category choice has been provided
for information, but we do encourage the PCC’s to look afresh at the choice of category each
year. The category must be based on your church
membership; not the local community. You may live in a less affluent area which
would indicate a lower choice of category, but if your congregation does not reflect
the local community, the category may be higher. Categories range from A to G, where A is the
most favourably placed and G is the most unfavourably placed relative to others in the diocese. Pages 5 and 6 in the booklet provide more
information on how to choose a category. Moving on to the declaration, we request that
the survey form be signed by the Parish Priest, both churchwardens and the PCC Treasurer. If there are any vacancies please enter “vacancy”. If there are any missing signatures I shall
be returning the form with a kind request for the signature. I have also requested the name and email address
of the person completing the form. This is who I shall contact if there are any
queries to be raised. There are around 500 surveys for me to collect
and approve before they are scrutinised by the Archdeaconry Groups in July. It is not a small task so the fewer queries
I have the better all round. So there you have it, that is the Parish Share
survey form. I hope that you found this video helpful. If you require any further assistance or information
after viewing this and reading the booklet, then please do get in touch with me at the
diocesan office.

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