Jakarta 2018 Episode 2: Church wedding

Did you know your alarm interpreted into my dream? We still lost We lost It looks like my finger-long Somebody handcrafted How many meters? 6? Yeah 600 meters 600 6 hun…is it 600? Do you know the history of this statue? Ahhh… I don’t know Let’s keep asking people Okay haha Excuse me Do you know the history of this statue? I don’t know… I am sorry hahahaha For not a hundred US dollars But please continue to tell us the history As far as I know It’s crafted by a Muslim artist Paulin Hey guys is going to tell me about this wedding dress Okay (Church choir singing) Isn’t it gorgeous? Okay We need to tell a story so what happened yesterday about the AirAsia (…) flight Ahh Yes AirAsia Okay You want to tell them You can tell them No My English is not good I don’t want to talk about it No, I’m just joking No So I’ve flown from from KunMing to KL And I when I landed, I went to the transfer service that’s That’s for the transfer from KL to Jakarta Yeah And they told me the guy couldn’t find my flight and he eventually found it and he told me that my flight was cancelled and I was like: YO! I just landed nobody told me he told me to take the train to Terminal 2 after he said that my flight was cancelled to confirm it And so I went to Terminal 2 to try to to…I guess to confirm it but then I went there they just told me that yesterday was cancelled so yesterday was cancelled but they just pushed it back like two hours so instead of departing at 10pm when I supposed to and meeting up with Paulin at 11(pm) where we supposed to, originally I left at 12pm and I got here the day after 12am am so instead of getting here on Friday I got here on Saturday Woke up in our pyjamas and then went downstairs next door to watch the departure of the groom was really pretty and beautiful but in our pyjamas it’s okay I don’t think we have evidence for that true it’s okay I want to show you guys the eyeshadow you see, look at her eyeshadow and this is the one she did mine too right? can you see it is it focusing no (shocking) anyways Oh my god So Her uncle just told me that this this what she just told you is simple simple! I want a simple wedding like this simple okay? It’s incredibly beautiful really and these are all real flowers she’s gonna take some home hopefully I might I have space in my luggage for that so I might She’s gonna steal flowers now You’re really taking it? YES!! Alright! Here’s Paulin Would you like to steal some flowers with us? Man, you’re really like persistent with this I don’t know how to You gonna keep twisting it actually I tried it already No, it doesn’t work it does, it does, it does This thing is (…) hard man No no no Watch See Okay Now I’m watching her stealing the flowers I’m helping you steal I’m helping you steal a bouquet of flowers we’re gonna steal this but then the lady told us that they’re using this for the next wedding event in the evening so we can’t steal them ya… what’s this this is the shredded beef I think it’s cooked with the coconut butter and there are some palm sugar and herbs and this is the potato fritters perkedel and this is the spicy eggplant and this is chicken everything is spicy? yup that looks so good so like who gets to decide like the menu? actually it’s a package if you order this they will give you some choices of the menu Indonesian food always coming with many dishes that’s why I love weddings to eat! Wow it’s like Christmas christmas see, this is the potato so basically it’s mashed potato and they make it round and you fry it with the with the white egg I think this one is the celery or they put some veggie inside green onions it’s really good

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