It’s Not Good, It’s Not Bad. It’s Both | Pastor Steven Furtick

we always want to separate the good from
the bad you know we want to talk about I’m in a season of blessing right now or
I’m going through a really hard season right now let me tell you the truth all
of us are going through a season of blessing right now and all of us are
going through a really hard season right now
it just depends on which angle that you catch me from as to what season I look
like I’m going through if you see me from one side from my good side I might
look like the most blessed man in the United States of America in the
continental United States of America but on the other side I yelled at one of
my kids who shall remain nameless right before I came to preach to you but you
didn’t have to see that so now I’m a man full of the spirit and wisdom up here
give him a praise let it be done receive your rain like a flood I was
coming through like a flood but a different kind of flood just a few
minutes before I got on the stage it’s both I could preach the Bible and
wanna beat your behind both in the same two-hour period in the same 120 minutes
cause I’m a pastor but I’m also a daddy and if you disrespect my wife I will
turn into something else cuz I’m a transformer I’m a gobot I’m both you gotta know how to be both wow
that wasn’t in my notes but he kept trying to describe the
kingdom he said it’s like the seed was good and the weeds were bad but they
both grow together isn’t that so true they both grow together the opportunities
grow and so did the responsibilities God take me deeper in my walk with you okay
as you go deeper you’re gonna you’re gonna gain intimacy with Christ and then
you’re gonna also gain awareness of your ignorance because the closer to him you
get the more you’re gonna realize how much you don’t know so it’s like I want to
know you more but the more you come to know Christ the more you’re going to
know that you didn’t know him at all that’s why I liked Ecclesiastes 11
I was reading that how Solomon had chased things that he called vanity or
meaningless it was like the sense that in the context of having success and
fulfillment if you have one without the other it’s problematic what you really
want is both see like if you have success but not fulfillment or wholeness
that will feel to you like the ultimate failure because to chase what you
thought you wanted and to get it and it didn’t do what you needed done makes you
feel like well what do I do now that’s the point that he was writing from where
he said that there are certain things that you just don’t know and he mentions
two things in Ecclesiastes 11 because all of us struggle from time to time
when we are sowing when we are investing when we are living our lives and doing
the things that we believe that God has called us to do without knowing whether
it’s making a difference at all there’s so much you don’t know Solomon says if
you if you watch the wind to see if it’s blowing right you will never sow and if
you watch the clouds to see if it’s dry enough you will never reap
your mind will always find an excuse for you will always find a reason will
always find an indication that this is not the right time and so Solomon is
giving advice he’s saying just like you don’t know how the breath enters the
bones of a woman in the womb now granted we have ultrasounds now but it still is
true to be said today that there is a part of the process of human life
that we can’t put on a sonogram there’s a part of it
he says there’s the bones and then there’s the spirit or the breath Hebrew
word ruah it’s the same way that God breathed it’s the Spirit of God the
ruah of God in the Old Testament he said there’s the bones and there’s the breath
there’s the structure and there’s the spirit and if you have structure but not
spirit you don’t have life if you have spirit but you don’t have structure you
don’t have life in a few weeks I’m going to be teaching our staff on our annual
staff advance and I’m doing a whole session just around this verse for
leadership because in church you can pray for the Spirit of God to come but
if you don’t have structure if you don’t have any capacity to manage what God
brings you it will simply be irresponsibility and wishful thinking
on the other hand you can have organizational charts and resources and
all of the things that would tend to make people think you are successful but
without the Spirit just without that thing that only God can do can I tell
you something I can get up here with an outline and an outfit and think that I
have something to say but there’s a part of me that knows because I’ve been doing
this for 14 years now on this stage well not this one we had different buildings
but at this church as the pastor and there is a certain thing that God has to
do that I can’t do and I don’t always know what he’s going to do
so there’s a part of me that came in today excited to preach to you because I
had a structure I have some scriptures but there’s a part of me that knows that
God if you don’t blow on this if you don’t breathe on this if you don’t do
that thing that you do that I can’t do if you don’t tear open somebody’s facade
and speak down deep into places of their heart then I’ll just be a clanging
cymbal I’ll just lose my voice but I won’t say anything
God I need you to breathe on my life I need you to breathe peace I need you to
breathe joy cuz God I can get a big house a nice car the right clothes and a
lot of people but if you don’t breathe I won’t be fulfilled if you don’t do it it
won’t be done I need both I need the bones and the breath I need the
structure and the spirit I need I need here’s what I love about it I need the
friends and the enemies I need both I was amazed how Jesus when he was putting
together his kingdom Dream Team knew that one of them was a devil and kept
him anyway John I understand the disciple that Jesus loved at least
that’s what he put in his own bio of course you chose John he’s gonna take
care of your mama when you’re gone and of course he chose Judas because Judas
was the one who got him to the cross where he paid the price that he came to
pay you need both you need wheat and weeds and if you try to pull them up if you try to
get the stuff out of your life that you don’t like you’ll tear out the wheat the
substance you’ll tear out the thing that God is growing because see what would
happen if you planted this particular type of weed or some versions call it
the tares the wheat and the tares it looked the same on the surface
but but but where it was really difficult was underground where the
tares would intermingle with the wheat and the root systems would get
intertwined and sometimes what God is doing in your life beneath the surface
the pain is intertwined with the purpose you hear me
the thing that you don’t like about yourself is sometimes the thing that God
is using and we ask God to use us and we ask God to do his will in our lives
unless we don’t like it and then we want to root that out and so then it’s like
well God I want you to do this but not that and what Solomon said is what Jesus
said you don’t know which one is which and so we have to be very careful when
we are trying to do our own gardening because I don’t know about you but I am
not a horticulturist I don’t have a lot of agriculture experience I was
preparing this message and I had this weird memory of being a little boy and
my mom had this little flower bed outside our house and one day I decided
to be helpful and I came back to the door and I was so proud I was like mom
and I had my hands full and I said I got all the weeds out of your flowerbed and
she looked like she wanted to slap me but she restrained herself she said
those were the flowers but I didn’t know the difference because I was too
immature to know the difference and sometimes we are spiritually immature
and we are running from things and removing things and resisting things and
in the process of trying to pluck out the weeds you’re removing the wheat if
God answered every prayer you prayed right now I’m sorry Bruce Almighty was a
pretty good movie it would screw up the universe it would ruin your training
look can I teach a little bit all right so I just did not be able to do a
pull-up I’m not gonna lie to you I was 22 years old and I had never done a
pull-up in my life so I start training to do pull-ups and I could do some
pull-ups one day this guy told me that I had to
do not only pull-ups which was a feat of accomplishment for me that I worked my
whole life toward to this point a culmination of my entire life’s effort
in the realm of exercise he’s like now I need you to do a
negative I said what’s a negative he said well there’s two parts to every rep
there’s when you’re going up and there’s when you’re coming down but there’s just
as much benefit in coming down as there is in coming up I’m gonna give you seven
seconds because if that hits you right you will start to see that the things in
your life right now that you perceive as negative might be a crucial function in
building your strength and your stamina and your hope there are some things
about God that you can only learn going down
ask Peter beginning to sink when he felt the grip of the grace of God through the
hand of Jesus of Nazareth and he said now I know that your Lord hey thank you
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78 thoughts on “It’s Not Good, It’s Not Bad. It’s Both | Pastor Steven Furtick”

  1. Thank you Lord for the season of blessings, I connect with Pastor Steven Furtick, I believe and receive every prophetic word spoken in this broadcast, I want to go deeper and get to know Jesus more and more and give me the courage & boldness to speak about the Truth, breath on me Holy Spirit of God and speak through me in Jesus name amen.

  2. Awesome God we serve hallelujah great word today glory to God hallelujah thank you pastor Steven for this word needed to hear this thank you Jesus God bless you shalom shalom

  3. This word is good to hear right now and I'm blessed to be alive I'm watching this word coming from God and i love God no matter what I'm going throw in my life

  4. Pastor Steven it talks about isolation in the Bible Iโ€™m gonna threw that just because I refuse to be around people I used to because the way they are is how I used to be so I am I wrong for that

  5. There are some things about God that you learn ONLY when youโ€™re going down! Now thatโ€™s a Word!!!!!!๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ๐ŸŽ‰

  6. Great message. Been in the waiting status for a long time. I was feeling down, which I have to be very careful of. Thank you for spreading God's word.

  7. Hey everyone ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ
    Thank you Brother Steven for your gift from our Lord God Almighty๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ•Š
    I am presently going through a huge change medically for my depression. I have bi-Polar Manic depression and I am having to tapper off of one medication so I can start a new one thatโ€™s supposed to be better for me. This has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through. I feel like Iโ€™ve lost myself and that Iโ€™m shattered. Hardly any of my family understands what Iโ€™m going through. I feel so alone, but I know that Jesus is my strength! I depend on you Lord for this deliverance from satanโ€™s grasp๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ•Š I praise you Almighty Lord ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ•Š. Please pray for me I have been so despaired. Thank you and Bless you!

  8. I needed this
    There is things I don't know and sometimes it's both
    I need god to lead me now I'm in a season of prosperity but also in a storm as well
    I just want the storm to pass but the pain could be used for purpose

    Peach Preach
    God every word you say is true

  9. its amazing how every sermon really really really (lol) touched your heart. like its exactly what you've been going through and God is sending you message through this. :))))

  10. H.o.l.y. c.o.w……lol boy did he remind me of my dad when i was a kid when he went off about his kid at the pulpit. .lol That was like so weird for me, bringing back memories haha. Where my PK's at!?

    Good word though.

  11. Thank u soo much steven ds msg is awesome.v need to Gav both good n bad.breath n bones. Friends & Enemy both are useful.weeds n grains.
    There's a lot to learn.. May God breath in my waste places..

  12. Thank you Holy Spirit for your message. For the uplift. The courage to have hope and keep going. โค๏ธโค๏ธ

  13. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
    OMGOSH! When God says listen, listen. I can't even handle this word right now.
    In 2014, I worked in a place where I had a boss I refer to as "my Saul." I do several things in fitness (more now than then). My Saul had an intern. A new personal trainer she was to train. She did no such thing, so he trained himself. Pullups was something I had never been able to do. While there, I was fighting with a calling into fitness, the industry. And while there, he taught me negatives. "You wanna learn how to do anything, do negatives. Sometimes you gotta do it backwards to get it right." The revelation that came from that day and that situation has stayed with me. Today, I'm sitting listening with Crash The Chatterbox in front of me–given to me by a woman who took one of my classes. She said she felt that led to give me the book. She said she was going to get something else, but she really felt like she should get that for me. Now a personal trainer myself, my battle is doing it because of God's orders in an atmosphere driven by only ego, coveting, and greed. Oh folks have plenty to say. I lost weight because God got on my case. Over 100lbs, so my background is different. Never was an athlete, and narcissists attack anything and anyone that's not like them.
    In the chapter "Keep Rolling," pastor Furtick references U2's Elevation tour and the church name. One of my favorite things has become getting people to do what they think is impossible. Years ago, God showed me Hid people people have to physically strong to endure the assignments they have.
    I teach a format called "STRONG". My challenge with that one is Elevation. Yes the song by U2–pushups and plank-work that make your shoulders cry. So I'm listening to this message…been trying to crash the chatterbox, "Did God really call you into this? If He did, why are you struggling, fighting like this?" Listening to a message from the author of the book my student was led to give me, who says the same message from 2014 about negatives and pullups, who is pushing people forward to be stronger, in the church, with the same name of the song I'm building endurance with, sitting with the book in front of me right now at the conclusion chapter. MY GOD! Who can do this, but Jesus. Okay Lord, I'll question this calling no more. Glory be to God.๐Ÿ™Œ

  14. I listen to you every morning on my way to work. Even though my struggles are small, they are a lot to me. You keep me going and keep my faith intact. Your messages are everything I need to keep my spirits up! Everything has a purpose ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

  15. Isaiah 5:20ย King James Version (KJV)

    20ย Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  16. Thank you Pastor. The race / rush of life – I think like in a football game. Blocking, rushing, juking – altogether to finish strong in your end zone determined by the Lord.

  17. Yes this is soooo good!!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—โœŒ๏ธโœŒ๏ธโœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  18. Pastor Steven, I notice in a lot of your sermons you make comments joking about basically how annoying and disrespectful your kids can be. And I can tell from your energy that your discipline mode is aggressive like my fathers was. As a former kid, I can say with confidence that having a father publicly humiliate and shame me for my personal growth challenges (that are normal to face as a kid), would damage their self-esteem, self-worth, and self-image. Can you talk more about how much you love your kids and how they special they are instead of trying to relate to an adult audience by grumbling about what annoys you about kids and teenagers? I would feel much more comfortable watching your videos. This isn't meant to be a criticism of you as a parent, I don't know your life, but I know how those comments make ME feel, and I think your kids and other kids their age who watch you, would appreciate being built up in church instead of put down.

  19. Hmm, thank You Lord Jesus for this message.
    Thank you P. Steven, what you spoke makes sense.
    Lord Jesus give me endurance and build me in You.

  20. These always pick me up. It's like God knows what I need to hear . Just moved and haven't had an opportunity to find a new home church. S.F. always comes through. Thanking God for always making sure I know what I need to know when I need to learn it

  21. Please pray for my husband has his ways and his attitudes overwhelming me my attitudes his ways my ways his soul is lost my soul is broken my husband is having trouble with his apereance he's just having attitudes all day 24/7 we argue every day and yet he doesn't look at me the same he's always trying to teach me like a father I don't want a father I want a husband and wife supposed to be it's like we argue and he doesn't know how female is I've been sick all my life and he has to but he doesn't understand and get it I don't understand and get it he doesn't help me around the house and need alot if prayers for him his name is Jeff he stuck in this loop of his for many years and he doesn't get off off I pray for him he doesn't let me he takes care of himself but barely and God help my husband to change for your purpose and change him show my husband who God is show his life to him help him take more care of himself to take care of his things and breath fire in him in his spirit and his in mature ways and his mature self and his family and help him let go of no good friends and the bad friends help him with his songs he listens to and the temptations he has the lusts that he has God come here in our home to change this home and us change my ways and our enimies and our mothers and fathers help him change and his ways in the almighty name of jessus amen

  22. God is miracles God told his love story for all of us and still is we are all sinners do we have what is takes to tell Jesus love story

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