It’s about how you get there. | Pastor Steven Furtick

There’s something more important than where
you started, and there’s something more important than where you’re going. It’s how you get there. I found out that how you make money means
more than how much you have and the priority it has in your life. If it becomes your god while you’re getting
it, it will not serve you; you will serve it. You will wonder, “Why am I rich and miserable?” There are miserable rich people in the house. They feel bad about it too because they thought
if they got it, there’s a certain expectation attached. “If I get it, I’ll be…” But when you get it in a way that is empty,
when you cut corners to get it… If you miss your kids growing up to be successful
at your job, you will have the success you sacrificed for, but what you will have sacrificed
to get it will make you wonder if any of it was worth it. David had a moment. It says he was conscience-stricken, and he
remembered who he was. He remembered, “This is not the way I do it.” He picked up with a motivational speech to
his men. Now remember, these men are an army in formation,
but he turns to his men and says in verse 6, “The Lord forbid that I should do such
a thing to my master, the Lord’s anointed, or lay my hand on him; for he is the anointed
of the Lord, and I don’t cut corners. That’s not who I am.” He said, “That’s not how I do it. I will not become something I’m not in the
pursuit of what I want. Yes, I’m called to be a king, but not like
this. I didn’t get here cutting corners. I started as a shepherd. I did start at the bottom, but I will not
climb to the top on the back of my principles and my morals. If I do this myself, I’m going to be responsible
for the outcome, but if I leave it up to God, if I don’t cut corners…” David said, “I’m better than this. Not like this. Not like this.” Sometimes what you want isn’t the problem;
it’s the way you go about getting it. There was nothing wrong with David’s desire
to be king. God gave him that promise, but David knew
God can’t honor the promise if he didn’t honor the process. My applause is dying out. Boy when I was preaching about promises, we
were about to take off. We were going somewhere. I just shut the whole thing down because we
had to go back to the sheep pen and remind ourselves of who called us to begin with. And if he called me and if he made the promise,
that means it’s not just important where I end up but how I get there. It’s not just important if I get it; it’s
how I get it because the way I get it will determine who I am when I get there. “I’m not this kind of king. I can’t do it like this. I want it, but there are certain things I
won’t do to get what I want.” Those of you who are single need to make this
a part of your pre-dating relationship speech, okay? Tell the next guy you enter into a relationship
with right off the jump before anything gets too serious, before you get lost in love,
before you start naming babies together at Ruby Tuesday, or any of that… Tell him: “I just need you to know because I think you’re
cute, I need you to know because you might be special, I need you to know I enjoy spending
time with you, but I don’t cut corners. We’re going to do this God’s way because I
tried some other ways, and I watched what happens when I do God’s will my way.” Oh, I’m preaching this thing. Touch somebody and say, “I don’t cut corners. I don’t cut corners. It’s not just important to me that I get there. I want to get there the right way.” I suck at this sometimes. I try to get the right thing the wrong way. I want to fight with people on Facebook, and
I’m right! They’re wrong! I have this thing in me to where there are
times where I just want to say some things, some things you would say too, but I can say
them real good because I do words professionally. That’s my job. That’s my job. So what I do is I go on and write comments
back to people. I cut corners. Then while I’m writing it, I know I have to
delete it, but I still complete it. Then I delete it. Then I realize, “You know, you can’t respond
to critics with the same hate you despise in them and expect to change anything. Not like this!” Not like this! Tell somebody, “Not like this.” Yeah, God wants you to have it, but not like
this. That’s why we need to be so careful, church. There’s a lot of hatred in the world. There’s a lot of bigotry in the world. There’s a lot of ignorance in the world. But we can’t fight ignorance with ignorance. We can’t fight hate with hate. There has to be a higher law called love. I want justice, but if I have to sink to the
same level of the people I’m trying to change… Not like this! Not like this! I feel God on that. Not like this! I honor process. I put my sword away because the kingdom will
not be established by my cutting off Malchus’s ear. It’s established with a cross. When Jesus went to die, all his disciples
could say is, “Not like this. We have to take over. We have to make it happen.” Jesus said, “Not like that.” You have the right robe but the wrong way. You have the right desire; there is nothing
wrong with your desire. There is nothing wrong with your desire. What you want is from God, but it is what
you will do to get it that will determine whether or not you can keep it and walk in
it when you do. “I cry out to God Most High; he fulfills his
purpose for me.” Do you know what that means? I don’t. I’m not saying that I don’t plan, that I don’t
strategize, but I recognize that every opportunity is not God. I want what God wants me to have, when God
wants me to have it, how God wants me to get it. That’s it. Not like this. I don’t cut corners. I don’t do it my way. I don’t retaliate. Not like this. Sometimes I find myself parenting my kids,
and I’m trying to get the right behavior by demonstrating the exact behavior I’m trying
to correct. (Shut up, Elijah. Don’t say, “Amen” to that.) I’m screaming at my kids to get their emotions
under control. Figure that one out. At the top of my voice, “Control yourself!” Not like this, because now the very behavior
I’m trying to correct is the spirit I’m exemplifying. I found out something. I found out you can do it. You can actually control an environment with
anger. You can actually shut an argument down just
by being the loudest one. You can actually manipulate people into going
where you want to go by pouting, but what will you have when you get your way? You’ll be lonely, you’ll feel guilty, and
you’ll have a corner of a robe when God wanted to give you the whole thing. Come on. Not like this. I honor the process. Here’s the promise…If I honor the process,
God will honor me. If I honor the process, God will honor the
promise. If I honor the process, “He who began a good
work in you will be faithful to perform it.” I don’t cut corners! I want God’s will, God’s way. I want God’s will, God’s way. If I try to make it happen, I’m responsible
for it. But the Scripture didn’t say I have to fulfill
my purpose for God; it said he fulfills his purpose for me.

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  1. Amen! I honour God.. I honour process . . I do Gods will God's way.. I will have what God wants me to have when he wants me to have how he wants me to have! Hallelujah! Thank you for the message pastor!

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    Thank you for using my earthly Shepard to council me!! Pastor You always #SpeakToMyHeart you are indeed my brother!!!

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  7. I love this message. There is so much positive emphasis on the vehicle to a happy life. I learned its truly not about what I have but how I get it; what is also important WHO I become on that journey. I know I don't want to be wealthy and miserable so I will be applying these principles into my life. 🔥🔥🔥🙏🏾🏆‼️

  8. I know I’ve seen bits here and there of this sermon on the internet.. but i needed this right now more than ever before, and it feels as though it was the first time I had ever heard it. Gods timing is always perfect.

  9. He Does fulfill his purpose in US. And if your not awake he wakes you UP and if you need to be still that will happen also. Love my kids thru my circumstances and his word does not return void and our words and actions matter. Matthew… Love my sheep.🐑🐑 Amen Amen Glory be to Yawhey! Hallelujah Amen.

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    God's will God way
    He fulfill his purpose for me.

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    I know I have to be better and to improve…
    Thank you Pastor Furtick…
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