It Happened, But There’s Still Hope. | Pastor Steven Furtick

some of you are standing in front of
something that has hurt you and disappointed you and you can’t make
sense of it and the question tonight is do not interpretations belong to God
because in this moment of your life the way you interpret what is standing in
front of you whether it’s in the form of an opportunity or opposition will
determine the momentum that you have going forward into the rest of your life
and now Joseph is in a position of power but what happens next in his life
depends on what he does in this moment and the Bible says in Genesis 45 verse 1
then Joseph could not control himself before all those who stood by him he
cried make everyone go out for me so no one stayed with him when Joseph made
himself known to his brothers and he wept aloud so that the Egyptians heard
it and the household of Pharaoh heard it and Joseph said to his brothers I am
Joseph up until this point they didn’t know who he was because he looked so
different than he did the last time they saw him sometimes what God will take you
through in your life will make the people who used to know you unable to
recognize you but the test comes when you have to decide what you are going to
do with the people who did not recognize what God had put in you and in many
cases resisted it now Joseph is in this moment and he identifies himself I am
Joseph is my father still alive but his brothers could not answer him for they
were dismayed at his presence so Joseph said to his brothers come near to me
please see it’s really hard to interpret your situation from a distance and when
you keep things at a distance and deal with things at a distance and keep it
out here and refused to call it closer I want you to think about the magnitude of
this moment when he calls the the the same brothers who almost destroyed his
life close to him so that he can speak to them the question is how will he
interpret this moment Joseph said to his brothers come near to
me please and they came near and he said I am your brother Joseph whom you sold
into Egypt and verse 5, verse 5 is my assignment he said and now do not be
distressed or angry with yourselves because you sold me here you see that
for God sent me before you to preserve life again and now do not be distressed
or angry with yourselves because you sold me here for God sent me before you
to preserve life I notice two things in that verse and they contradict one
another on the surface Joseph said you sold me but then he says
God sent me and when I was studying the text I was asking the question well
which one is it you sold me or God sent me and what God spoke to me about that is the first one is the event but the second one is the
interpretation the first one is what you did but the
second one is what I decided about what you did it is not the event that
determines the direction of your life it is not the event that determines the
outcome of this season it is not the event that determines the trajectory of
your ministry it is your interpretation do not interpretations belong to God so
I’m not downplaying what you did to me you pushed me into that pit it’s a fact
it happened I can’t take it back I can’t change it I didn’t like it it wasn’t
right you broke my heart you left me alone you should have been there and you
weren’t there you talked about me you left me by
myself you said you would and you didn’t you sold me but God sent me and all at
the same time it’s not two separate realities it is
one event two interpretations so I came to ask you a question tonight do not
interpretations belong to God do you want to live in the reality of the event
or the revelation see I used to always expect God to respond to my prayers with
an intervention and the more I read the story of Joseph I realized that in many
different situations God chose not to intervene for Joseph
and God chose not to change the situation at all
silence silence this should have been a this should have
been a breakout session really I’m telling you this is this is this is the
kind of message that this is the kind of message that that I never wanted to hear
because I thought that God would always change the situation if I had enough
faith to change it and then a few situations came into my life that no
matter how much I prayed about them or no matter how much I fought the
situation didn’t change but the more I prayed the more I started to change I need an interpretation I need an
interpretation of what I’m going through in my life right now I need I need God
to show me why my children are acting crazy I need God to show me if you don’t
learn to interpret situations that’s the the greatest gift that the Spirit of God
gives is the ability to interpret a situation according to your faith not
your feelings and I I am learning this more and more that my interpretation is
so off sometimes because I interpret other people’s reactions through my own
insecurities and so I keep trying to judge people’s responses to me but if
I’m interpreting it through my own insecurities I look like grasshoppers
in my own eyes not in theirs that’s an interpretation the first time I preached
internationally through an interpreter I was so nervous that I called one of the
men in our church who had preached internationally more than I had and I
said you got any tips for me he was like yeah pray for a good interpreter
and I said well what what makes a good interpreter and he said a few things but
I said how will I know if I’ve got a bad one he said well when you finish talking
if he talks a lot longer than you just talked you’ve got a bad interpreter if
you say one sentence and he says three then he’s adding something to what you
just said you’ve got a bad interpreter and I came all the way from Charlotte
North Carolina to tell you you’ve got a bad interpreter because you keep adding
stuff like you keep you keep hearing things that aren’t there and seeing
things that aren’t there and thinking things that aren’t true some of you need
to fire your interpreter because you are interpreting your present through the
lens of your past and so you’re dragging all of that pain and all of that
resentment and all of that regret and you are in the prison of your own
perspective and so what God is giving you really is good and and and it really
is a reason to celebrate and you really could be content but your interpreter is
telling you stuff based on what other people have you know it is a terrible
way to interpret your life through somebody else’s Instagram post because
that is not their real life that is not their real family their kids only acted
like that for three seconds for them to take the picture and then they started
biting each other it is not real it is an illusion and Paul said pray for the power to
interpret now I don’t just want the power to interpret tongues I want the
power to interpret my trials and and and my tests and my trauma because if I
don’t interpret it correctly if God doesn’t give me the power to interpret
it I’ll fight all the wrong battles on all the wrong levels and I’ll send my
brothers away because they hurt me when they were the very opportunity that God
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100 thoughts on “It Happened, But There’s Still Hope. | Pastor Steven Furtick”

  1. I am in a space in my life where I speak to God about something in my situation that bothers me and I'll go onto YouTube and up pops a message that speaks right into my confusion! My God is awesome

  2. Such an amazing msg. Man that's on point! Lord, please help me to interpret things on the right level and how you want me to understand it. Thank you for Your patience and grace, AMEN!!! 😍😊

  3. Amen. Lately I have been so resentful and angry living in a prison of what happened and who left or gossiped. I needed to hear this. I miss me and want me back

  4. I love watching you!!!! I have a hard time comprehending the Bible sometimes but you just make it so clear to understand what Gods trying to tell me thank you so much!!!!!

  5. 😯 I am going throw something like this and this is the perfect message for me at the perfect time. I’m sorry Lord for loosing trust in you;I know and believe you love me.

  6. "Sometimes what God will take you through in your life will make the people who used to know you unable to recognise you." 🔥

    Would you LOOK. AT. GOD!

  7. This sermon just brought me to tears. Pastor, thank you for this message just when I needed it. You’re absolutely a blessing and I appreciate your ministry.

  8. How do you these sermons always arrive right down to the EXACT nanosecond I needed to hear it. Always!!!! THANK YOU GOD for this Pastor and online ministry.

  9. This message spoke to me I am in a marriage and my husband is seeing and texting another woman and continue to lie that it's a make friend of his but you said something that let's me see why I am going through this the more I pray about it the situation doesn't change I change and I realize that during all of this I am gaining strength and trust in God and so it's not the situation the fact that my husband is lying to me or the fact that he is doing something this circumstance is placed in my life for god to show me that he is there strengthen me and that I can overcome whatever it is that comes my way I use to cry but I don't do that anymore I handle this in a different way now thanks to God almighty

  10. By god's grace, i found this video of yours Furtick! By god's grace, i found you and by god's grace, from this time onward i will change the way i interpret things.

    Thanks Furtick and hence, thank god 'coz this time i seriously found god dwelling in u. 🙂👍

  11. This is my favorite part about Joseph’s story. Forgiveness only occurs after you have shifted your focus. God’s plan can only be fulfilled after that changed perspective leads you to submitting to God’s will. Betrayal is difficult to deal with because of the trauma is causes, but God is the only one that’ll help you avoid acting on your emotions and making this work! This message is literally speaking to a situation that happened just tonight. Love the way God has used your ministry to speak to me time after time. Blessings from a first year seminarian at Yale divinity school!

  12. i lost the job of my dreams and the amazing people i met. i didn’t deserve to be let go and the situation was unfair. but i’ve been reminding myself that there is a reason why God took me out of there.

  13. I wonder if those that dislike Furticks messages actually listen or do they take preconceived notions and others interpretation, even their own, and dislike before they even hear?

    There was a time that I was snaked deep into Calvinism and it completely muddies our mind and ears towards Christ and thus produced pride. For quite sometime, before I had ever listened to Mr. Furtick, I always had taken what others on Yourube had made videos about him, people like John MacArthur and many other randoms, that would take random exerts of what he said and turn it into something it wasn't and labeled him a false new age teacher, and of course, I believed it. The first time I ever listened to A message from Furtick, it was on Television, and during the thing, I was literally looking for anything to dispute Furtick and immedeately was labeling him a heretic. Now that time and refinement has passed, The Lord further working and refining me, humbling me, removing many things that I had built myself in that were not of him, like Calvinism, I have come to listening to Furticks messages and nothing of what I accused him of before was remotely true. Furtick does speak the word of God. Those that call him false, aren't listening, but are trapped in their own traditions and interpretations.

  14. I'm 4REALS beside myself. It's like your preaching my life. Everyday I wake up to a new message or snippet (some of them are older sermons) and your preaching not only EXALTLY what I need to hear which is a given when your starving for the word and wanting growth, ?!, no you're preaching EXACTLY what I'm going through. Right now God's placed my heart back on fire for Him. Which I thought as I had mentioned in another comment I had been placed on a shelf. Unfortunately, EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY time I get on fire for God my unbelieving family thinks I've went nuts. So I've got this court thing. It's gotta a pretty lengthy testimony life story to go along with it. I hope to be blessed to be able to share it with peeps one day. BUT so right now I just GOTTA SHARE THIS🙌🙌🙌 so I was texting with my Aunt the morning asking for prayers about this continuous thing I've got going on with disability. It's been ongoing since February of 2012. It's been in limbo forever. So prayers appreciated 😉All of my doctors are backing me. I'm prayed up and lots of seeds have been planted. Also, now I have been further injured from another car wreck that occurred last July (so maybe there's a reason for that.) There's always a reason for everything right! Anyways this is the second hearing on this. So I think they have to make a determination. (PLEASE Pray for God's will and God's favor🙏🏼 at this hearing. It's Tuesday FEBRUARY 5th! )
    Anyways I got SIDETRACKED there LOL😂so back to my Aunt's text. She knows allllllllllllllll of my story/testimony and then some. So in the text I said my gosh I've been going through this for 7 years. And while I was texting her the holy Spirit was like and IN GODS EYES 7 REPRESENTS COMPLETION 🙌🙌🙌 MY HEART WAS and now IS RACING! I was like WHOA!!!!
    That's deep right?!? so no matter what I can't be rest assured that it is finished it is done. This chapter will be complete and justice will prevail 🙌 AMEN I'M CLAIMING VICTORY! I'M BELIEVING!!!! NO MATTER WHAT THE OUTCOME IS I'M VICTORIOUS IN CHRIST✝️
    This is the year and season for harvest and I'M CLAIMING MINE!🙌🙌🙌 Thank you Lord! Thank you Lord! Thank you Lord! Pray for me believing! And be still and KNOW! This is the year for the LATTER rain, rain on me Lord🙌❤️🙏🏼

    HOWEVER, because I mention the number seven my family thinks I'm nuts because I believe numbers are important biblically. So I'm like well I dunno go watch Steven Furtick on YouTube Don't Stop at 6 . Maybe you'll understand. I pray so!

    #ubettapreach #wordofGodSpeak #StevenFurtick #hegetsmeerrrtime

  15. Woman are the most basic Biutifull creation that God has ever done I love them what makes me sad is that pornography is introducing a bad idea and a false idea of the way woman should act and also creates fantacies that make you depart from your wife because you need flesh not a real soul you look for an OBJECT of satisfaction instead of mutual fulfillment in love.

  16. So hard to be like Joseph. Lord, speak to me through dreams, circumstances or whatever it takes.  I need you to intervene in me!

  17. Elevation, could you please tag or link the original sermon in the description for all of these clips? Thank you. I need more than just this

  18. And again I listened to this powerful word from God! I needed to be reminded in my current PIT of despair.
    "You pushed me into that pit!

    You sold me but God sent me and all at the same time!

    I need the power of God to help me interpret my trials, testing, and traumas!"
    #thankyou @Steven Furtick

  19. WOW! Another awesome message! I have listened to several pastors over the span of my 72 years but never have I heard such powerful messages that explained so much in detail about biblical situations and personalities. Thank you Heavenly Father for giving Pastor Steven such incredible messages!

  20. in other words,prophets are bad interpretor.
    they are adding every thing to predestined life.
    this is what jesus warned.

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