Is God Racist? Pastor Rants Against Biracial Babies At Happy Valley Church

recently video came up involving a
Tennessee pastor by the Madonna reagan he’s from the Happy Valley Church
although he doesn’t seem very happy in videos were about to show you he goes off on a rant regarding biracial
babies he has a really really big problem with an old man calls himself rather than brother my brother Don
mother died up so let’s go ahead and watch him rail
against but children that our product by
regional natural there’s there’s a move in the message All Blacks
Merry Wives watchman blacks I’m folks think it’s alright but you know what my god still has nationalities outside the city not just my mom says hi breeding how
Britain how terrible how breeding that happen to people there’s a big
molding but I got hundreds are precious colored Francis born-again Christians but on this line of segregation and
things that they’re talking about operating the people what tell me what a fun cultured find
Christian colored woman Ripon Christian colored woman 11 our
baby to be a model by a white man nosair it’s not a ride here what in the world is he talking about
what nationality is outside the settlement me that lol but the one thing
I really do want to know what I bring with me but I have no idea what my the Holy Family Guy yeah but I mean if
anything doesn’t this video prove how wrong MSNBC was about that tweet about the Cheerios commercial and how
right-wingers would like the interracial cheerios commercial world UK maybe he’s a liberal I I like to there’s a movie the message a
blackberry whites white where the blacks but that’s the same thing yeah nobody like you want to be sure all of
us but he’s not everything is okay no up so let’s go ahead and watch the
number for where he specified how much he loves
black women well received tell me what good smart intelligent
don’t fall colored woman and you tell me what KKK gabbard Allah
black woman beautiful you tell me a water on white supremacist
for calling me a bike woman a beautiful this is not from a white supremacist is
in operation desert from a profit of God watching my honor and give respect not
putting a wide about the %uh daughter back about the other beautiful color woman what I want to
have a baby now want men to make and model not saints me thank the card Melissa white folks
may find a collar people have espy beyond here the white man this is not a
white supremacist fire missus is not alright just signed this this is a man
who loves jobs yeah more i watch the whole I heard it
the same way again this is a man who loves jus that can be
wanting something I need a girl truths so yeah and I don’t know where in
the Bible it says that you can like makes two races and but idk in this
argument this make about how it’s not natural rate but according to WHO if it happens in
nature it is by definition natural sold him he tries to claim
another video that doesn’t happen in nature that like white corn yellow corn
shouldn’t make I absolutely insane he likes so some things are a natural luv if a
lie inmates with a zebra you not get anything right apparently got did not
intend that if you believe in God right hand but when white people and
black people may big you can step in and get a bigger birthday by and get it so
that you know that we’re not the same spooky if the morning and I love his
argument like what the reason they brought the second video
up is so that he could really prove to us that he’s not great for us right I K a member what a white supremacist or the
Prime Minister whatever you’re at a previous Supreme is that yeah would wouldn’t
would call a black woman beautiful maybe that type like the plantation owner was
fucking raping his black slaves the entire I mean come on that’s not new
argument either you can just come out in front in today
I think black women are beautiful so I’m not a bigot yeah but you’re the worst fucking kinda
by her not me I K david guetta the work we can take this guy seriously
but even though he’s got his nationality out that that yeah I believe he called
himself a problem got AP did God wouldn’t want him I want to whisper in
his ear about his clothing selection collection also the way that he
communicates is that really successful way of communicating and if it is should
we also use that in our brought a hacer don’t like this
yeah understand why people find that
appealing but by the way that’s so it’s not just him in his basement though
there is some congregation there to share your mom down small but yeah but there people there yeah
he’s got a lot of Michael I don’t think it’s just try talking like
I did well might no longer be gonna reagan Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ yeah
right here if they lose on every day by the way here’s a telltale sign the
something about toys are racists when they preface by saying now listen
this is not racist yeah that’s the same thing Sarah Palin did about the slavery
the infamous labor econ yeah she said twice this is not racist
this is not racist but having debt is like slavery mix over
the rape part in the Impreza me hard in the kidnapping part in all other parts
yeah um so I what I can get love this goes to
one more let’s do video sex art mister an image a
around on Friday young people you wanna marry a black man you girls
don’t ask me to do it cause I will not I refuse I cannot do it with the conscience
toward God and look these quotes face you are brothers you back by shisha you
wanna man Africa no one ever more known as brother Donny of aperture search ourself I’d rather
you quiet may get in trouble with gone well glory well love you love black people but
obviously they’re not and its congregation because the that all you white man you wanna marry black
women or all you white women you wanna marry but there’s no fucking way a black person
would go to bed thermal okay states too surprising
things I love my last one blacks are known as congress your wow I
didn’t see that coming and then number two I love that he
stands says all this up as if it’s a dramatic
announcement at their right now by the way if you want me to marry you after this massively racist speech
writing the new races should mix I won’t do it know all yeah really
imagine is it nineteen year old girl in Johnson City Tennessee white girl that
congregation falls in love with twenty-one year old
black guy and I think they are you married she’s like I know out there will be a
good about this but i love u wanna spend my life with you but let’s go to brother Tommy Hill yeah
I don’t know I don’t think that part of the conversation taking place yeah also I like be i’m looking quote in
the face I can look is go to the place to put the
talk about with you

100 thoughts on “Is God Racist? Pastor Rants Against Biracial Babies At Happy Valley Church”

  1. Many false prophets will deceive many people (Mathew 24:11) Beware of false prophets. They come in sheep clothing but inward, are ravenous wolves (Mathew 7:15) Because of the multiplication of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold (Mathew 24:12)

  2. I believe in freedom of speech and religion. The very foundation of what made America. If this Christian group doesn't believe in interracial marriage, I think we should let them be, it's their right. If you believe in interracial marriage, it's your right. Let us not mix religion with politics, it becomes a mess. If this group has not threatened or hurt people because they are in a mixed or interracial relationship or marriage. I think we should leave them alone. I think comparing this group to the KKK or some White supremacist organization is a little bit of a stretch. The KKK were torturers, lynchers, genociders, murderers, this group isn't. We should always equate with fairness, if this person was a Black person and said the same things and didn't believe in interracial marriage or relationship. Would we have the same response? I think tolerance of difference is important.

  3. this is extremely sad but on the other hand the most hilarious part is when the racist congregation like holler out oh yeah amen when he says black women are beautiful…

  4. Long past time for so-called Christians to figure out that Yeshua and Yeshua alone decides who His people are. Calling yourself a Christian means nothing to Christ. This entire clip (including the tacky panelists) is one prime example why.

  5. marriage between man and woman regardless of color has no problem,pastor….please complain about people marrying animals.. that makes more sense..

  6. This is why one should read the Bible and ask for discernment from the Holy Spirit so as not to get caught up with cults as such.

  7. Find it interesting how you all ridicule him without any meaningful critique. As you’re saying,” It’s not even worth the effort.” There’s nothing funny or amusing about racism; the violence that stems from it is always extreme.

  8. Ok… I suppose I'm going to hell. I'm half Sicilian Italian, and a half "hodgepodge" mix of every northern European nationality that there is. My wife is of Spanish and Jewish descent. Add that in and I'm going to double hell.

  9. If Mr. Reagan believes the bible he ought to know that everyone on this planet comes from Noahs family, wherein 8 souls were saved after the great flood. With the help of hindsight if the bible is true we're all from the same family. Why should we have such divisions then? Look at Moses and Ziphorah for example in the book of numbers.

  10. I am Black and Native American Tribe mixed with (Dna proof too) I agree we should not mix races i would not marry whites or some others too. I do not hate them whites just what they did and still are to my two ethics. I just do not like whites much. Not hate! Yes i also have 15% white dna too and i still say no!

  11. Why is he saying why would a black woman want to have a baby by a white man well the white man must want to have the baby to by black woman wow.

  12. yall are getting it wrong. he wasnt calling himself a prophet, he was referring to william branham, and yall are picking out these clips without context. just watch the whole sermon, study william branhams sermons, then youll know what he means. im black btw

  13. Hes right. Black people need to stop degrading their offspring by mixing with the non colored people. Stay away from the devil.

  14. I’m a…..meh, chaotic neutral Christian black woman, and all my boyfriends have been white. But I’ve never been pregnant. So I can still come to the potluck, right Donny?

    His wife’s poundcake aint racist. It’s just fire. XD

  15. Having debt is like slavery. There are many other kinds of slavery other than the Atlantic slave trade fat ass. Like the Ottoman slave trade your people did for example.

  16. This is my kind of pastor he is telling the truth from thy lord – I want to go to his church – segregation now tomorrow and forever if you are not white then you are not right white pride forever

  17. If gawd didn't want interracial babies being born…. wouldn't he/she/it had made it so that interracial procreation not be able to happen ?
    It's as bad as the old argument that buybiletards used to spew out about men are supposed to have short hair on his head. Well if that's so, then why does a man's hair on his head grow long ? Obviously gawd didn't want people to have long arm hair, long underarm hair and long pubic hair…..but must have forgotten to make sure that men's head hair didn't grow long.
    How odd.
    Buybile thumpers are MORONS….one and all.

  18. Theories, 1) he was turned down by 3 beautiful, warm, nice, kind black women who he fell in love with, and then got angry. 2) (someone else suggested!) his wife left him and found a black male.

  19. He could never quote the book or verse of the Bible he's using. Some black woman spurned his advances, or some black man stole his woman.

  20. I have met a lot of Christians who have told me that black folk and white folk should respect each other but should keep their distances. So yes this is nothing new.

  21. Jesus ISN’T WHITE! These people give completely destroy those who hold Jesus Christ in glory. How very sad.

  22. I've never seen this type of discrimination where the white guy feels like he's the inferior one. This man was obviously rejected by a black/dark woman LOL. Serves him right.

  23. Lucifer sure has that pastor right in his cross heirs. This is the scariest part here is when Lucifer uses Pastors as a tool to very easily manipulate people into believing in his lies to lead millions to eternal suffering with him. This Pastor is definitely not reading or saying anything from the bible. The scary part of this is the amounts of people he is misleading in his church each day and the very sad part is that the people with not so strong mind believe this which they have no clue how lost and misled they are and where they are headed when they die especially their kids who attend that Pastor's church as well he is misleading them and taking them to a very dark place in the afterlife when thy die. I will pray for him and for all those people especially the kids in that church and hope one day the Pastor and all the people there find Jesus Christ in his hearts.

  24. He is right. Hybridization weakens our blood and immune system. Culture and race being different can cause conflicts too. Nature teaches this … Learn about effects of hybrid foods…Nature is God's University. Let every fruit bring forth of its own kind (The Bible). Mock and laugh now…remember they mocked and laugh Noah to scorn for many years…the Bible says….then came the flood…only 8 were saved. 3 is God's number of Perfection…3 races …Black…White…and Asian…keep it that way….not condemning the mixed…they didn't know ….now You know.

  25. I love this pastor – this is my kinda pastor – it says in Bible stick to your own kind – gov Wallace segregation now tomorrow and forever- white pride-white lives matter

  26. What you are overlooking is that the most high told his people which are black, not to mix with whites. You guys don't read your bible at all. He was putting whites in there place. His rant was against whites, pay attention…..

  27. If William Branham, the prophet he is referencing was alive today he would change and regret what he said back in the 60s, he was a product of his time and its straight up racist.
    In fact William Branham was part Native American and said it himself so……
    Most white Americans aren’t “fully” white. If he did a DNA test I’m sure he’d find out he’s got some “slave blood” in him, would love to see that reaction on his face 😆

  28. Lol, this guy and those people in the building already have harvested a place in hell, cause they will really feel uncomfortable realizing Christ is not a "white man."

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