Is God pleased with our Churches? – Francis Chan Sermon Jam

Almost all the churches in the Bible drift and get screwed up. Paul tells the Galatians. He goes, “Who bewitched you? What happened to you guys? Because I feel like I wasted all that time with you.” Then you read the book of First Corinthians, and he’s telling the Corinthians, “What is wrong with you guys? I heard there’s divisions among you.” He goes like, “Some are saying, ‘I follow this guy and this guy, this guy…'” He goes, “Was I crucified for you? Why’re you following me? Didn’t I tell you it was about Jesus?” He goes, “I hear that you guys sue each other? Seriously?! I hear that there’s immorality in the church, and you’re PROUD of it?! I hear that people are getting drunk during communion? Drunk? Communion? Really?! I hear that some of you don’t even believe in the resurrection anymore? What in the world? Are you kidding me right now?!” And so I’m reading about all these churches that drift, and we can look and go, “Yeah, the church in Ephesus. Yeah, the church in Laodicea. Yeah, the church in Galatia. Yeah the church in Corinth…” Hey. What about us? What about the church in America? Do we really think we’re one of the good ones? In America, we have buildings that we call “churches,” and you go to them and you sit for an hour, hour and a half and someone teaches you a message, and then if you don’t like it, you can go to the church down the street. That doesn’t make sense biblically. You don’t think about that. It’s not about you. You don’t go, “I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like this.” You go for Him. Because we’re concerned about what pleases Him. That’s what the gatherings were supposed to be. You think the high angels in Revelation 4 saying, “Holy, holy, holy,” at the end of the day go, “I didn’t really like it today.” They got it. We’re so self- centered. When’s the last time you made a decision based upon Him? Where you go, “What would please You most? What would make You happiest? Cause you’re my God. You’re my master. You know what would please You?” He says that the ones who actually tremble at his Word. You know what? Let’s grab a couple of friends, and let’s just read the Word and tremble at it. Let’s read through the book of Revelation. Let’s just get together and read it. We don’t need a great speaker. Let’s just read it and tremble at it because His words are so much higher than mine. He wants us devoted to prayer? Let’s get together, and let’s just seek His presence and see what happens cause that actually is more exciting to me. That’s more exciting. See what we did in the church was, “No one’s showing up for prayer meeting? Well then, let’s change the prayer meeting. Let’s make it shorter. Let’s bring in a band. Let’s bring in a speaker. And we’ll save a few minutes for prayers so that we can still call it ‘prayer meeting.’ Let’s change the prayer meeting.” And now I’m at an age where I go, “You know what? No, let’s change your heart. Why don’t you wanna go to prayer? It’s not a problem with the service. The problem is you. Do you not understand who He is? Do you not understand the price that was paid so I can come into His presence? And I’m talking to the One that’s keeping us all alive right now. And He can change everything. How is that not exciting to you? Something is wrong with you. Nothing’s wrong with the prayer meeting. I think we’d be blown away if we simplified and went back… The early church… Don’t you read about Acts 2 and go, “Oh, I wish I lived there.” Where they just devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, to prayer, to the fellowship, and the breaking of bread. We have an opportunity right now at this time in history… I am so pumped about it… But it’s time to change the church and say, “You know what? Enough of this consumer garbage. I’m gonna devote myself to these things.” Because I think it’s gonna actually become better as we strip away all these things we think we need.

12 thoughts on “Is God pleased with our Churches? – Francis Chan Sermon Jam”

  1. I'm loving the message!

    Can I say though….it's happening not just in America. I hear so many American people who are Christian say America you need to wake up when actually the 'Church' across the globe needs to wake up….it's world wide this issue…right here in England too! I don't support Torben Sonderggard's idea, but I'm in support of how you are going about it Francis because it's more bibically sound.

    I really think what you're doing kingdom wise is great in sending a message to the churches, I'd like to read your book. The Lord is coming soon and tribulation is about to kick off. God is definately saying to the Church wake up!

    God bless you Francis Chan for your boldness and submission to Jesus and may many churches hear the message the Lord is saying, it's for our own good.

  2. We had similar message last week at Bethel World Outreach Church in Olney MD..Our Covenant Partners Pastors Ray and Wendy message "We are Better Together"

  3. This has been THE message for 2000 years, but since the world has become smaller, people just go somewhere else to tickle their itching ears. Too many pastors have changed the strait and narrow into a wide highway of grace without repentance and godlessness without consequences. If the church is not salt it is only fit to be trodden under foot. FC's message is not a happy message that blesses our socks off, but it is much needed.

  4. Amen in Spanish Amén I see it and I don't know what to do and I run to my heavenly Father and ask for forgiveness and say were can I go were you are the center of the church and I turned to the Bible and pray and pray God bless brother Chan

  5. We went from church to church. We searched for a Jesus loving. Jesus proclaiming. Jesus serving church. Lead by the Holy Spirit church. And we had a hard time finding it. Football was talked about. Jokes were said. Story time was a weekly occurrence yet the Bible was barely not opened. We didn’t like it. Sometimes … we will wander to find the right church. And we did. It was so so hard. But we found it. We call it our tiny church. A church of 50 including kids. A church where God’s word is taught word for word. Verse by verse. It is not the pastors opinion. It is the truth as it is presented in the pages of His Book. And we like it. And I pleases Him greatly! Sometimes we won’t like what we see in a church. When we look for a body of believers to call our own. And that is very ok. I think this needs to be prefaced in this message. Because not all churches love Jesus. They have an agenda to get people in chairs. It’s a show to entertain & draw the masses. I’m done with this kind of gathering. Just as Chan was when he left the mega church. And it is ok to go and not like a church. When your heart is seeking the true Word of God! I know Pastor Chan would agree with what I said. But it isn’t quite coming through this way in his messages.

  6. The question is not whether or not we like the church we are in, but whether or not God approves the way we serve Him and what we do when we are together. The modern church values so many things that did not even exist in the early church, such as praise ministry and a Christian temple. At the same time, we do not care about some of the things the early church was devoted to: prayer periods, house meetings, eating together, breaking bread, making disciples, healing the sick, casting out demons, baptizing people in water and the Spirit. . Despite the errors of the early church, they lived God's will much longer than most of the modern church. We need to imitate the way of being the church of Jesus and the apostles, not the mega churches or "good churches" we have today.

  7. We have moved from the evangelical church to an Anglican house church. We have fellowship, scripture discussion, breaking of bread, and THE prayers ( liturgy). Our walk with the Lord has been revolutionized completely! And we have been in ministry for decades! Thank you for this post. It corroborates our own experience. Blessings.

  8. Come out of Babylon! Drop the divided denominated divisions, names, rituals, reverends, titles, traditions and follow Jesus, Eph 4:1-6, Sound Doctrine Titus 2:1-10 Gal 4:15 one rule to follow! the rest is religion.

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